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    Unpopular (but good) Custom Maps

    Every time I host or join a not so popular map it takes a damn long time to get players. So I am wondering about what do you do to get people whenever you play unpopular maps? I also wanna know if there are any clans for the good but underplayed maps of any genre.
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    Searching for a map (sort of)

    WARNING LONG TEXT AHEAD WARNING Once upon a time i stumbled upon a map called DotA Nobunaga this map I played it a few times and absolutely loved it. Then i decided to google it because there probbly was a newer and better...
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    I miss theese games!

    Does anyone here know where can i play some DoE (Desert of Exile) and AotZ (Advent of the Zenith) games? Those maps were totaly fun and i can't find anyone to play them with now. Does anyone even remember those?
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    Yet another silly question from Mr.ME

    how can i make some units a player owns uncontrolable by him? i mean like in castle fight or any other map which has it so they are still owned by that player and stuff but he cant control them they only correspond to triggers which tell them to do certain things thx thx thx everyone who...
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    i make an aos - like map and i got a problem when a wave of creeps defeat enemy wave of creeps they just run back to the base hapily =) when i change creep owners to neutral (empty) player slots they stop coming back and walk normaly forward but there is another problem here: neutral player...
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    Small maps WITH music

    Have you ever played run kitty run? Or maybe slide ninja slide? Of course you did! And you know what? Those maps a small. They download fast and do not take much space. AND THEY DO HAVE MUSIC! how? how are they so small and still have music? Can someone explain that to me or maybe ask the...
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    need some help

    i change attack range for units but it does nothing in game. help
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    Spell scrolls

    i want to make spell scrolls (item, you use it, spell happens, it is gone) in my map but the problem is: when i give some abylities to an item sometimes they just do not work you can click on the item but the spell is not working. and some spells work the wrong way. like the chain lightning...
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    Creeps waves

    How can i make the game check if every unit in the first wave dead and only then send out the second wave of creeps? I use only GUI. Help me plz. If you help me i will give you cookie :xxd:
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    Noob question

    hi i wanna ask a noob question. sorry if it was answerd before but i didnt find anything about it. how to change the loading screen picture and the minimap preview picture? and what format the pics have to be?
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    help help i need help! really stupid problem =D

    how can i make kill limits? like first to 30 kills win. i tried to find a tutorial on the site but i didnt find it. sorry if this question was answered earlier..
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    i need some help! PLZ! =)

    i have a question about trigger editor. there is a "remove from the game" trigger there. does it removes the unit and forgets about it FOREVER? or is the unit still somewhere in the memory of the COMP? PLZ help! i need it because i am going to use "remove from the game" often in my map. and...