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    Gungan Fambaa shield

    ...guys remember Star Wars episode1? ...the Phantom Menace.... well, remember the Gungan's shield that protected them from AAT bombardment? It was a type of kinetic shield made of the Gungan hydrostatic technology. Well I may need that in the near future... I basically need the effect of of...
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    super Load/Unload spell

    if I am not mistaken, the current load/unloads are 8 and 10.... I'd like a spell that can load and unload up to 30 units. this is going to be used on a huge drop ship type vehicle... in case anyone was wondering... Thanks :D
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    gmax help, need a tutorial or something

    I need to know how to use gmax... this is my 1st time. things that would be helpful would be: -links to tutorials -a tutorial with an example -definitions of words like mesh, geomerge(?), etc. -how to animate -anything else that would come in handy Thanks...
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    Space... the final frontier (Dalaran Dirt actually)

    I am a novice in the world of skinning... well skinning models... not creatures, or food. But I do not know how to change the skin of a tileset.... Here there is a space skin for Dalaran Dirt. How do I get it to work?
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    Inkjet request

    this is for the Permian / Paleozoic Survival map. That can be found here. What I need is an ability that can jet the unit backwards to whatever destination the player has made. it will be similar to blink except that the "Art- Special" will be like the buff for cloud, and the units will shoot...
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    Trigger help and requesting info

    ...I need help with some triggering, or at least I'd like some info on this certain thing.... In Ice Trolls Tribes and Jungle Troll Tribes, there is body temperature and other factors replacing the resources, now I need to know how to do that since I am making a Permian / Paleozoic Survivor...
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    Permian Survivor

    Thhis is the name (for now) of the survivor map I am making. It involves the evolution and competition of existing species. The fish have evolved from placoderms to become more efficient hunter of the water. Amphibians are in their prime and reptiles are a new evolution. basically, I need...
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    need a lotr watcher in the water & moria goblin

    it should look like the movie one... 1 have the death animation like a sinking squid. 2 about 10 tentacles will be fine. 3 make attack like the tentacles smashing the object. 4 moving animation will be like tentacles pushing it along, or if you choose something like sludge monstrosity's it...
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    draco lich gone

    the ....draco lich not in "Models" anymore..where can I find it? I did get its wings in "Skins" Freakazoid...but i think i need the model itself.. :( So if anyone can get it for me, put it up for download, or whatever, I would really appreciate it. :D