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  1. W

    Beginning JASS Tutorial Series

    Contents Overview Introduction to JASS Lesson 1: A Simple Function Lesson 2: Variables Lesson 3: Functions Lesson 4: If/Then/Else and loop structures Lesson 5: Triggers in JASS Lesson 6: Memory Leaks Lesson 7: Starting a Spell in JASS Lesson 8: Continuing the Spell This tutorial...
  2. Malhorne

    [vJASS] Dynamic Indexing Tutorial

    Hi everybody ! Today, I’ll explain you how to use properly dynamic indexing with structs (so in vJASS :D)! I’ll not explain how struct works (it is not the goal of this tutorial) but how to properly index them to render spells MUI. I – Introduction Okay I hope you know how works struct...
  3. GhostWolf

    Jass, or "What the func?"

    ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD. Jass, or "What the func?" Functions, arguments, and return values I will begin by talking about math. More specifically, the mathematical function called Sine, usually referred to as "sin". You can use sin in any decent calculator, it looks like this: sin(x)...