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  1. Gath_Stormer

    The Dragon Roleplay Roleplaying

    This is where all the roleplaying will take place for the Dragon Roleplay. This thread is ONLY to be used for ROLEPLAYING, any suggestions, comments, new characters, conflicts, anything other than roleplaying must be done in the...
  2. Gath_Stormer

    The Dragon Roleplay Construction Thread

    This is the Construction Thread for The Dragon Roleplay. Any thoughts, questions, concerns, comments, ideas, anything other that roleplaying about The Dragon Roleplay must go here. Roleplaying is here...
  3. Gath_Stormer

    Futuristic Tile

    Well upon searching anywhere I could think I couldn't seem to find any tileset that would work as a space station or a futuristic military base or something of that sorts. I was wondering if anyone knew of any or if they don't if anyone could possibly make one. Its got to be metal based and also...
  4. Gath_Stormer

    Space Orcs vs Marines: The New First War of Azeroth

    Well I was searching through the models and maps of this site earlier today and I saw the lack of substantial futuristic maps and campaigns and the abundant future models that are based on warcraft races. So after pondering this and working on my lust to create a campaign of some sorts I wanted...
  5. Gath_Stormer

    Official {Unamed} Futuristic Roleplaying Thread

    From the makers of World of Darjis and World of Darjis Part Two come an exciting, unimaginable, fantastic, thrilling, and overall an astrordinary and unbelievably awesome ROLEPLAY! Please help me welcome into the Forum! DRUM ROLL PLEASE! CUE EXCITED OVER JOYED GREEN FANS...
  6. Gath_Stormer

    Future RP Construction Thread

    Ok this is a branch off the New Roleplay Thread for the construction of the brand new soon to be !!Space Future Rp Thingy!! If your new please read end of New Roleplay Thread (note this includes only the last several pages since the one before it are a completely different dead rp). If you've...
  7. Gath_Stormer

    World Of Darjis Roleplay Part Two!

    yes it has finally come Part two this takes place 8 years after part one (8 years after Bel'Zammon is destroyed) new char/for info come here for new players please read over the World Of Darjis Roleplay!!! thread...
  8. Gath_Stormer

    Dont know if its a bug but..

    When i got on 12:57 PM USA Central time the front pag is umm switched it used to be: new things on this side Then on this side is the news now it is This side news New things on this side
  9. Gath_Stormer

    Yall please don't kill roleplaying!

    I'm concerned about a problem called roleplaying. The Hive made this thread to get people more intrested in roleplaying. Everyday hundreds of people around the world get on battle net and host rps (me one of them). Roleplaying is dieing everyone has known that for awhile they blam it on Halo 3...
  10. Gath_Stormer

    World Of Darjis Roleplay!!!!

    The World Of Darjis Mapping project has begun the rping rules below. If you are saying something out of the rp use OOC: and to continue back into the rp type Name: and before you jump into rp I need your charecters to be submented and approved in the rp information thread...
  11. Gath_Stormer

    New Roleplay?

    World of Darjis the info below is pritty acerate but not intierly for more updated info ask me Gath_Stormer for a updated version.V Also please vist our ongoing roleplay thread for this On World Of Darjis Roleplay thread May I start a new roleplay. If I can this is what it will be...
  12. Gath_Stormer

    Map and Model Links mixed

    Everytime I click on a model link it come up to a map instead of that model. Thought the Admins should hear about it.:sad: Edit: Opps when i looked around a little i found out this hould be in the bugs forum sorry.
  13. Gath_Stormer

    Need Cyborgic Creatures!

    :eekani: Does someone know where I can find cyboric creatures or if there is no place make one for me.:eekani: :bored: examples: cyboric wolf,cyboric giant scorpien,cyboric human,cyboric bear, etc. :bored: