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  1. The Nightmare Book

    [Campaign] Scourge of Lordaeron: TD Edition

    Scourge of Lordaeron: TD Edition "The warning has been given. Their fate is now their own. - Medivh (c)" OVERVIEW "The original Warcraft 3: Reign Of Chaos Alliance campaign, completely redesigned into a tower defense genre. The inspiration came from Ironhide Studios' acclaimed series of games...
  2. The Nightmare Book

    Can't upload campaign

    Hi all! Recently I tried to post a campaign (~5 MB), but HIVE can't upload it and other campaign's from me too. It starts uploading and after 1 sec stops. Please, how to fix this problem on site?
  3. The Nightmare Book

    [Defense / Survival] Battle of Darrowshire

    BATTLE OF DARROWSHIRE "And your spirits once again may be at rest in Darrowshire…" OVERVIEW "A defense map, sharpened for the effective management of limited resources and control of various units. Thanks to Blizzard Entertainment for their mini-campaign for Zeratul in Starcraft 2: Wings of...
  4. The Nightmare Book

    [Campaign] Call of the Swarm

    Call of the Swarm Overview "Campaign inspired by the official Blizzard Entertainment campaign - Founding of Durotar. Missions are presented in the form of "acts" and "subzones". At the moment, Act 1 is ready." Patch Issues: Story Features FEEL THE OTHER SIDE Call of the Swarm wants to...
  5. The Nightmare Book

    [Trigger] Problem with Cache

    Hi all. I working on RPG Campaign and using Starquizer system for Transitions (Transitions in Campaigns Guide). My problem is trying to transist "quests" beetwheen my maps, using same method (integer value as quest progress). But when my hero goes to optional map (from main map with quests)...