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    [Trigger] Trigger not working help urgent!

    I have a spell from Marvel vs. Capcom SP v1.1 : Berserker Barrage X So i have a Boss in my map, i want Boss have that Skill. and i want trigger if enemy units come near the boss then from behind each enemy units from behind them (1000 range within the boss) i want create dummy then order each...
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    help instense lag on my own map

    i know about leaks but i didnt manage to find whats causing intense lag on my map the lag : the longer the game the more lag it become its not based on how many players on map i think something about increasing every sec or every unit die or something like that help me leak pro master :)...
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    tinker rearm

    in dota he channeling 3 seconds how to do reset ability cooldown after finish channeling 3 seconds? based on channel with 3 second channeling if i refresh ability cooldown when unit start effect ability , its will refresh before the channeling finished?
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    shield system 3.0 doesnt work on my map

    this i already copied everything but its doesnt work here my map i already got the ability code right but when the ability clicked the shield not active
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    damage engine broken

    this i intent to making if i hit certain unit, its only take 10 damage per hit the trigger should be like this If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions...
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    Question about attack splash object editor

    as my knowledge remember range attack splash can be achieved by attack type = missile splash and edit attack of area effect small medium large (give the value) but doesnt its apply to attack type of normal too? (you know there are attack type of normal, missile , missile (splash), missile...
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    My map Lag

    for unknown reason my map lagging the moment entered the game my map leakless i must kill 1st any unit to removing the massive lag why is that? too many units in my map? or too many trigger? whyyyy
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    sound in cinematic

    why my sound cant released when i play cinematic and use custom camera? play sound its not active? the sound is not out
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    Chronosphere bugged

    my chronosphere suddenly dont have cooldown (i already set cooldown to 200 seconds) the chronosphere ability based on cluster rockets the ability when cast is not cancelled (the proof is my mana is decreases after cast and the ability is worked , its just dont have cooldown i dont get it)...
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    trigger attacked using skill

    if unit A get attacked when attacked or take damage i want this unit use example shockwave to attacker but if atk spd too fast he will repeat cast till he dead even with damage detection system this wont solve this problem any clue to prevent repeat cast? this prob didnt applied to no...
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    Frost Attack, Envenom weapons

    i try to making frost attack slow targeted attack 1st i try gnoll assassin and brood mother both have envenom weapon (neutral hostile) and its worked the dps thing (but its not slow movement speed) then i try making my hero then add that envenom weapon but the skill not work (even the dps...
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    what ability give passive hp regen but not on %?

    example i want per lvl +10 hp regen passive lvl 1- 10 regen lvl 5 - 50 regen
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    Removing select unit icon

    in goblin shop or market etc shop i want to removing select unit icon just like in dota 1 there is no that icon how? nvm the one have icon is select hero select unit can hide icon xD
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    Sheep and Human

    when i click sheep i can heard his sounds while he is not my own unit how i applying that to other unit also? example neutral passive footman when i click the footman i want hear his sound too
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    blind skill

    i want making skill blind, target unit and making their attack misses with % chance when i attack enemies creep, the creep cast that skill to me or there are passive ability in object editor WE but i didnt know of it?
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    Simple trigger why not working?

    this trigger worked sand buff Events Time - Every 7.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Set SANDGROUP = (Units in Region Sand <gen>) Unit Group - Pick every unit in SANDGROUP and do (Actions) Loop - Actions If (All...
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    help making transformers

    check it out i try making that ability what i have achieved is till this point and i dont know which animation the robot right hand can shoot a punch and how to add cool sound like in the video i want it so much help :vw_death: (we and i feel the...
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    reducing model or texture size teach

    teach me how to reducing model or texture size greatly with mdx squisher only reducing a bit but i seen in chaosrealm they can reducing the model size more than 300 kb
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    Terrain Class

    teach us how to making good terrain on our own map not just flat terrain class started
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    Map size

    already tried compress using optimizer, remove any icon and model i didnt needed mdx squisher any model (if model once squished its cant be squished anymore, even if i do the size only decreases 1 kb) blp optimizer (tried compress around 9 blp files only decreases around 10-12 kb so i think...
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    New issues about bear form

    guys i have terrible bug if i acquired item and after got that item, permanently using bear form on my hero (remove bear form). i cant use any abilities anymore everytime using any abiltities its stop casting any clue? before acquired that item my abilities still work and i test my hero...
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    ability swap to illusion

    swap to our own illusion :) come
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    request help

    someone help me making evasion or critical strike with cooldown please basically like jinada ability in dota
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    The Mystery of Enginering Upgrade

    i tried upgrade metamorphosis to bash ability its work but i can clink the bash icon (though is passive ability) when i click my hero hp - 100 and the dmg increases around 200 i can click the icon till my hero hp below 0 and died what happen
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    learn Events Unit - A unit Learns a skill Conditions Or - Any (Conditions) are true Conditions (Learned Hero Skill) Equal to Void Shift (Learned Hero Skill) Equal to Void Singularity (Upgrade) Actions Set VOID =...
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    special effect bug help

    when i acquired item A i created dummy behind my hero every 0.1 second with the mode of my hero it self (90% transparent) and expired in 1 second but there another special effect on the dummy like blood bleeded from my hero right hand, i never set that up. my item have ability upgrade...
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    Special effect training

    i want turn this trigger into MUI pls current trigger only apply to 1 unit only (not to multiple same unit) Bats Events Unit - A unit Acquires an item Conditions (Item-type of (Item being manipulated)) Equal to |cffff8800Necrotic Claw|r (Unit-type of...
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    Help mui item trigger

    i want a system in my map example i have hero and there are a shop sell legendary item if i buy that item that item have ability; every xx second call whatever spell (example: frost nova or storm bolt to within 1000 aoe from my hero) here is the hardest part if i playing alone its still...
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    Collision advanced stuff

    i want passive spell making my hero turn off collision BUT my heroes cant go through doodads like trees, gate, etc bassicaly i want like item phase boots in DotA. only pass through unit. also i want when used cant pass...
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    help translate type of variable

    this i dont know what type of varible listed on that jass (the spell is in chinese WE so i cant copy it in my WE nor i can open it) please translate i will gratefull if someone will rewrite entire that jass to english...
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    im helpless about my spell, help!

    i want making item,, the item having passive spell: every 9 seconds enemy units within 800 AoE of my hero (item equipped) deal frost nova ability to 1 random unit i have making trigger wonder why didnt work already try and over thinking for 2 hours still not work take a look Frost Nova...
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    UMSWE what is this? there is this menu in my JNGP WE
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    Help dont understand this spell

    i already copied, all variable type already right, but after done, the function of this skill is different from his map, the random impale should be generates to all degrees possible, but on my map its only generates to 1 direction only (to south direction only) the original spell link -...
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    Brush List: a simple way to greatly reduces lag in WE?

    unchekced window>brush list will reduced lag in WE but its doesnt have negative effect when i do this? i just worried though if unchecked this will bring some error on future?
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    hero name error, help!

    suddenly my one hero of my map changed name and cant be changed anymore the hero name gone and the proper name changed to Galaxy2 wtf? can i fix this with any way? help thanks =) nevermind, looks like the unitdata raw (ctrl+D on object editor) my hero with other dummy is same so the name...
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    Question: is this leaked?

    is this leaked? if leaked, teach me the right things to do :vw_love: shd blink Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Treant Hide Actions Unit - Create 1 Dummy for (Owner of (Casting unit)) at...
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    Jass risk of fatal error?

    1st try JASS and after configure it and use on my map , later my map unplayable anymore, caused fatal error (after removed the jass trigger my map back to normal) from this abilities of jass...
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    Dark Impale

    im not experienced skill creator please give me trigger of this completed skill (the giff image) if possible in GUI thanks =)
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    Help Making Skill: Dark Impale

    anyone the pro map creator can help me making this skill on this link? the gif image i mean (GUI) he is chinese guys, so he use different WE with us (chinese version) so i cant use his map for my WE :grin:
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    Help Newgen WE newbie

    all this whole time i always using standard WE warcraft 3 version 1.20 but i want to learn Newgen WE using JASS and i downloaded this spell i dont understand when i tried save...