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  1. Doomlord

    [Snippet] DelayedDummyRecycler

    Extension for Nestharus' Dummy that addresses quite a few annoying issues. Thanks to Geries and BPower for their help in improving this snippet. library DelayedDummyRecycler /* v1.0.0.7 ************************************************************************************* * * Delay dummy...
  2. Nestharus

    Resources That Have Yet To Be Coded

    If you find yourself at a loss for what to code or want to contribute to the community, then try your hand at coding one of these highly useful resources that has yet to be coded. Furthermore, there are plenty of current libraries that deserve updates (not listed). Designs and specifications...
  3. Doomlord

    [Snippet] BlizzardMessage

    library BlizzardMessage /* v1.0.0.4 ************************************************************************************* * * For creating Blizzard-like messages with a variety of sounds. * ************************************************************************************* * *...