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  1. InStars

    [C#] Mapmaking in csharp

    Yes, I've tested it in the world editor and there is no bug. I just used the Sunken Ruins tileset and applied some elavation cliffs on small bricks texture. There was no MapInfo.Tileset property set in my MapInfo.cs Adding mapInfo.Tileset = Tileset.SunkenRuins; fixed my issue, thank you.
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    [C#] Mapmaking in csharp

    I followed tutorial and imported terrain from a base map, but my terrain textures are broken in-game when I run War3Map.Template.Launcher.
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    People can mod it to be better, it has the ultimate potential for improvements :)
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    They both are gay, the only reason why Dota2 is better - mod support.
  5. InStars

    [Aeon of Strife] AoS vs TD

    Currently there is no AI support yet since the map is still in developement. I might add AI support when it's more polished.
  6. InStars

    [Aeon of Strife] AoS vs TD

    Hello! I'd like to share the map I am currently working on, it's unprotected and triggers are written in GUI, so feel free to study it, suggest improvements etc. Map name:AoS vs TD Suggested Players:4v4 or 3v3 Genre:Mix of Aeon of Strife and Tower Defense "AoS vs TD" is a Warcraft III...
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    New Spyro Games

    I really loved the old PS1 Spyro games, but the newer ones on PS2 sucked :( Lost all hopes for any new good Spyro game...
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    A simple way to greatly reduce Object Editor lag!

    How to set "Above Normal" on the Win8.1? :O
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    Lol new CoD I'm gonna buy it

    I am planning to buy Titanfall for PC, was fun playing it on that "Origin free 48h weekend".
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    First video game you played

    My first video game was "Duck Hunt" on NES, I was 3 years old back then :D
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    Wc3 Fun Mapmaking Challenge

    I would like to officially apologise to all people who suffered from my bugged Resurection Triggers. We did our alpha-tests with only 3 people and never tested all the other players. I have fixed them, so if you are interested in playing our hardcore Escape map...
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    Wc3 Fun Mapmaking Challenge

    Escape from Mystic Ruins
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    Wc3 Fun Mapmaking Challenge

    Hey! I am gonna participate with my friends, most of them learned to use World Editor just today, so I am helping them too. We are going to post it on Google Code open-source SVN repository. So you can follow our progress :) Gonna be a...
  15. InStars

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for help with WurstWE!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for help with WurstWE!
  16. InStars

    [Release] WurstScript - A Wurst to Jass Compiler & IDE

    Thanks! I disabled Cohadar's Jasshelper and it works fine now.
  17. InStars

    [Release] WurstScript - A Wurst to Jass Compiler & IDE

    Cannot start plugin When I save my map with WurstWE I get the "Cannot start plugin" error message.
  18. InStars

    Wc3 Fun Mapmaking Challenge

    So Aeon and Misc genres are not allowed in the upcoming contest?
  19. InStars

    Modeling Contest #16 - Poll

    Ursa Major FTW! ...cuz its major...
  20. InStars

    What was the first programming language you learned?

    Pascal (Turbo Pascal) And it is great for learning!
  21. InStars

    Music Contest #1 - Poll

    I voted for VoidLordXtreme's Human theme -The Rise of Lords, because it fits WC3 and is powerful! And yea btw - i am human :D
  22. InStars

    What do you think?

    The original, because I really enjoyed the gameplay the way it is now! And I don't want it to be spoiled, I love the teamplay when I heal my teammates with my Witch Doctor.
  23. InStars

    Wc3 HD Skin

    Try making a HD user interface!
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    So this makes it compatable with 64bit Windows Vista?
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    Modeling Contest #11 POLL!

    I voted for Xatoga's Deepcrow ,cuz i like it :P
  26. InStars

    R32 Nissan Skyline GTR

    I just can't imagine where could I use it in WC3... Nice model tho 4/5
  27. InStars

    Terrain Contest #2 - Poll

    My vote goes to ~Void~ !!! Nice terrain !!!
  28. InStars

    Animating Contest #2 - Poll

    I voted for Skrab ,because nobody else votes for him :( And I like that animation too. Anyway I think both contestants deserve to win.
  29. InStars

    Consoles and Games you Own

    Console games and consoles i legally own: NES I have about 100 of those so im not naming them :P Sega Genesis Sonic the hedgehog Sonic & Tails Sonic 3 Sonic & Knuckles Sonic 3D Blast Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate Vectorman Battletoads & Double Dragon Ristar Robocop Tiny Toons...
  30. InStars

    Favorite First-Person Shooter

    I voted for "Other" because my favorite is "Time Splitters : Future Perfect" on PS2.
  31. InStars

    Favorite Video Game Character

    Mario! Im still playing Super Mario bros and making my own personal speed runs xD
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    Warcraft 3 Item Creator v3.0.4

    Looks interesting :)
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    nope :P Nice icon GJ dude!
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    Nice icon 4/5 ,works great for my necromancer hero :)
  35. InStars

    Texturing Competition #6 Poll

    I voted for XS's SubZero ,because SubZero is my favorite MK character :D
  36. InStars

    (Least) Favorite Video Games

    Best: Tekken (all) Warcraft III Guild Wars Final Fantasy X Half-Life 2 Command & Conquer 3 : Tiberium Wars Burnout (all) Red Alert 2 Worst: 9Dragons Transformers Yu-Gi-Oh : Capsule Monster Coliseum
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    I registered very long time ago ,but i never actually cheked out all stuff i can found here :D
  38. InStars


    Hi ,my nickname is ''InStars'' and im a Latvian. I'm kinda good in Object Editor and trgiggering (GUI) ,i have made many turtorials about Warcraft III mapmaking in Latvian and many Latvian mapmakers know me. However i joined The Hive ,cuz there are cool competitions ,useful turtorials ,models...
  39. InStars

    On Trial to Justice

    Very Funny 10/10 :D
  40. InStars

    Modeling Competition 4 Poll!

    I have seen few star wars movies ,but i never liked ''the tank with legs'' idea :D
  41. InStars

    Modeling Competition 4 Poll!

    I voted for Kofi_Banan's UHI-0 ,cuz all the other models are too weird (weird bad). A mechanical centaur and a tank with legs... ...Come on!
  42. InStars

    Texturing Competition #2 - Poll

    I voted for Queen of Beasts ,cuz it's very original skin ;)
  43. I

    RPG Latvija (Warcraft 3 Map)

  44. InStars

    RPG Latvija (Map)

    RPG mape ko taisiju ,tagad ir pieejama ikvienam ,kas velas to parveidot/pilnveidot. -Terrains ,kas atgadina Latviju -Dzimuma izvele -Kvesti -Custom modeli -Custom itemi -Custom skilli -Automatiska laika apstaklu mainja Sho mapi jus varat brivi parveidot ka velaties ,mapei nav...
  45. InStars

    Red Alert Skirmish Demo

    Great Map! Can't wait for a multiplayer version!
  46. InStars

    Can someone give me a list of AOS maps that are better than DotA?

    I only found AOM ,where can i find the other maps ,I trided Hive's resourses and ,but i couldn't find them :( Chaos I'm searching for a map that is better than DotA ,cuz I need to prove him that he's wrong... I'm not starting any ''DotA sucks or DotA is the best map ever'' theard!
  47. InStars

    Can someone give me a list of AOS maps that are better than DotA?

    In one Latvian forum ,one guy said that there are no AOS maps better than DotA ,but I think there are ,so i ask you to give me a list of AOS maps that are better than DotA (In all aspects Terrain ,Balanse ,Gameplay...)
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    The skill icons ar too small =[
  49. InStars

    Screen Shot Fourm!

    This is going kind of Offtopic ,so here is my screenies :chaos:
  50. InStars

    Tell Us About Your Character!

    My GW Character Character Name: Instars Lv Location: Lion's Arch Level: 20 Profession: Elementalist/Monk Guild: Kurland Knights I have completed all misions in Tyria and almost all bonuses.