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  1. ThomasEddington

    [Solved] [redacted]

    edited: please delete thread, thanks
  2. ThomasEddington

    Cloud Tessaract - need help with triggered ability

    Hi everyone, I am trying to figure out the best way to make a leakless ability for the Cloud Portals (a flying unit, to be clear) in my map. The idea is to have an ability that ultimately allows the Cloud Portal to escort one's units/army from one location to another, with a single use of an...
  3. ThomasEddington

    Storm Cloud

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a model that is a unit in the shape of a storm cloud with some basic/simple animations. I looked to the model "Misfortune" by HappyCockroach, but when I tried sizing up the model it became scattered and no longer looked like a cloud. Also I couldn't select it...
  4. ThomasEddington

    Bizarre Glitch - Overlapping Cannon Towers

    I was working on my project and playing with the tilesets, and when I changed a few tiles (which did NOT change pathing anywhere that would remove any units, I made sure of that), it caused one of the cannon towers linked with triggers to get deleted, so naturally the popup message appeared...
  5. ThomasEddington

    Project Odin

    Hi guys - I have a copy of the model "ProjectODIN_byAnarchianbedlam_v2" - I saved it years ago because I wanted to use it, and I still intend to use it - but now it looks like it is not available. If there's so response from the creator, can I just re-upload it? Is there a certain amount of...
  6. ThomasEddington

    Creating expanded voice profiles for pre-existing characters

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have any experience with any of the "deepfake" type of programs that digest enough audio from a source to create new/unique audio that seems to be from the same source? I ask for the sake of my project - I want to make some customized sound profiles for some old...
  7. ThomasEddington

    Dark Portal: Heros' Return, Demo, v0.03a (Update - 12-26-19)

    Hi everyone - ThomasEddington here, with a project I have been working on for a long time, and I have a demo version available to test/play. This is Dark Portal: Heroes Return. This is a 1-player map. I was originally having this map hosted at Clan TDG (jx3) since about 2011 but it seems...
  8. ThomasEddington

    Editing Melee AI Difficulty with triggers (this is not about custom AI)

    Hi everyone, I have known the Hive for a long time but only recently signed on. I noticed that there were discussions years ago asking about modifying melee AI with triggers, and from what I can tell the code was not shared. So here it is. This is part of a simple tutorial I made many years...