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    Pyramid Escape v3.5

    Whoa, PE in hiveworkshop! This game were popular in the, Nice to see you here, with new ver of PE! Anyway, GJ and I hope PE will continue.
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    Undead Hunter v1.8

    Oh, no. Nevermind. My fault. Now I know the gold costs of 'Do the Process Combine' was 200. So the gold costs of all the recipe items (on Sear the Combiner and Faye the Imbuer) is the total of the gold costs of the ingredient items?
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    Resistance of Heroes v.1.6

    No descriptions about the skills? (In game)
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    Undead Hunter v1.8

    Agree. I find it's very fun and interesting, with nice effects, cool models, etc. Also I love the custom skill you made so far. But I wonder why the skills only lasts for 3 levels? Also it's kinda hard to learn the 3rd levels of 4th skill, since the game is already end without I learn it when...
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    Knockback Arena v0.8

    Map can be more smaller a bit, and like the other said, the terrain doesn't seems to be like "arena". And agree with the guy above me, what's the point of knockback? The point to win the game was kill others, yes, but that's not like "knocked out from the arena" or something more unique. I don't...
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    Why the clothes are stay clean?
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    Unholy Invasion v2.2b

    Checked, and nothing wrongs. Maybe last time I did something wrong with the feat. Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Unholy Invasion v2.2b

    Love this map very much, with unique systems, especially the gameplay. Like the new "Ranged Weapon" features. But it's start to boring when in the 10th+ rounds. Maybe you can add mini bosses every (..) rounds, other negative events, etc. And then the balancing, no imbalance seen in the gameplay...
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    Thank you for the greeting.
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    Nothing special about me.