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    Finding Certain Skins & Models in Forsaken Campaign

    HI Everyone, I've been searching the skins on hive from ( Resources in use by Curse of the Forsaken v3.0.1 ) however there is two specific models/skins I still have not been able to find for my map within World Editor. 1) Flying Valkyrie - I have been able to find the Pale and Dark Valkyrie...
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    Asset Manager - Imported Units Appear and Work but after reload go missing again

    Hi team, I am having very frustrating issues with the Asset Manager. I have been importing Forsaken and other models into my map ( Map A) - and at first, they work. They appear in the editor and when I ''test'' the map the models also appear and work. HOWEVER, if I close Map A after saving...
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    Turning off Trigger using other trigger

    HI guys. How do I turn off a trigger using another trigger? For example, I have a trigger sending waves of units to attack a base. However once the wave destroys the townhall - I want the waves to stop. How do I do this?