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  1. Rhevo

    WCIII 1.31 installation folder?

    Can't change the installation folder. Can't find the path of custom map.
  2. Rhevo


    Hi guys, with this post I would like to ask you for help about creating a tavern-like unit that allows you to buy units, but in proportion to the progress of the game. The Ideal would be a tavern that allows you to sell 12 different units, but that these are only available as you proceed in the...
  3. Rhevo

    Infinite Visibility Modifiers?

    Hi guys, i want to ask you some help about how visibility modifiers works: Does unlimited Visibility Modifiers could cause bugs/malfunctions/ weight on the RAM? In my project i need special visibility circumstances: i need to have a permanent black mask above the whole map, but i also need to...
  4. Rhevo

    Unknown error "Handle2AgentReg"

    Hi guys, I've been working for 4 years on Battles of Nayvimh, a hybrid RTS-RPG in which we are called to create our own custom army, and face increasing challenges, progressively unlocking new units and game mechanics. The project is still work in progress, but I would like to share it on the...
  5. Rhevo


    So, as i said in my presentation, i’m working on Battles of Nayvimh, a single player map that consist in a turn-based game where 2 armies fights, and each army can do a specific amount of actions in a specific frame of time. BON is an heavy project that uses an enormous quantity of contents and...