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    Making mercenaries available/unavailable

    I'm making a map where mercenaries are cards and I want that when I click on a mercenary the mercenary will completly dissapear from the building and after some time when some1 draws the card again the mercenary will become available again.
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    Ai prioritising lumber

    I'm making an Ai and the workers start gathering lumber instead of gold and only when the maximum number of workers set to harvest lumber have been trained the new ones go to harvest gold. They should do the opposite, how do I fix this?
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    Workers controlled by custom Ai don't collect gold

    Workers controlled by custom Ai don't collect gold. I made them collect gold in the ai editor and i've set the number of them to 5 but it still doesn t happen. Someone pls tell me what should i do
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    DH in WC3

    Were there any other death hunters besides Illidan in roc and ft? And from which point have begun to appear more or who was the 2nd?
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    [Solved] Free Roam Trigger

    I require a trigger which makes one type of unit roam freely around the map and be hostile towards all ememies. Like the creeps' wander but on a much larger area and be hostile.
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    Make inconsistent status for models

    Welcome to the Ujimasa Hoj- I mean substandard model section, a place where the vast majority of models have just inconsistent changes and aren't broken, but are still considered substandard. I say make a separated category where all the models which work properly in game but don't have that...
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    High Elven Archmage

    High elves have only 2 heroes: the ranger and the archmage and the archmage doesn't even look like a high elf. Can someone add the elven texture to his clothes, stick some long ears to his head and ad blue particle effects to eyes. He must be very simmilar to the classic archmage. If there...
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    Icon Related Request

    Idk where to go to make this request, but can you somehow ask for more seriositty for the tags that people put on icons and also make it mandatory for ppl to put as a tag the color/colors or just the predominant one?
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    [General] Where is the Charge gold and lumber in the order menu?

    So, when I make an event with ''button has been pressed for ability X'' it asks me to put the order there too. I haven't found the order for charge gold and lumber, so what do i do?
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    [Trigger] Ability Clicked event

    How do I do to make that: Event: A generic's unit ability is clicked?
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    Are Fel Orcs Considered Demons?

    Are Fel Orcs Considered Demons?
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    Are golems considered elementals in the lore?

    Are golems considered elementals in the lore?
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    [Trigger] Colateral targets

    Do all the units touched by chain lightning count as target of ability being cast? If not, what do they count as
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    Help in distance measuring

    How do I make the condition: If the distance between the position of a unit and the position of the ability being casted is bigger/smaller than X
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    How do i unhide the 2nd hero attack?

    How do i unhide the 2nd hero attack?
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    How do I change obj editor interface

    My object editor has started to look like this: Fel Empowerment2 by Null posted Nov 8, 2020 at 9:33 PM what do I do to make it normal?
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    If a unit is touched by ability

    I want to make all units touched by shockwave to get stunned, how do i do that?
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    Ballista in reforged

    How do I get the ballista model in reforged??
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    Modifying unit size

    I want to make a unit bigger after it kills a unit, and idk how to do the trigger. Can some1 help me please?
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    [Trigger] How to pick the unit with the lowest hp

    I need a trigger which makes the hero with the lowest hp on the map invisible and idk how. Some help pls!!
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    Nearby patron

    Every 3 seconds all the shops appear to have no nearby patron even if there's one. It is pretty weird and makes buying items anoying.
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    [Trigger] Making unit go behind itself

    I want that when a unit is attacked, it will go in the oposite direction of the attacker, but idk how to do that with triggers. Pls help me!
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    [Trigger] Weapon Index

    What is Weapon Index, and what is the default number of it?
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    [Trigger] Making a WinkWalked unit attack

    If a unit has the windwalk spell active and i order it to attack it doesn t attack. How do i make the unit attack?
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    Items randomly disspeari

    Hi so I've made a map where every player has an item shop with items and every 30 seconds a new item appears. For some weird reason random items dissapear when new items are added. What do I do to fix this?
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    If unit X does X action comparison

    Can I get a ss with where I find the ''If unit X does X action'' condition. I just don't know where it is located.
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    Altar of fire model in classic

    I've found a cool altar thing in wow and i really want a model for that in warcraft 3. If someone would be kind enough to make it i would be very happy. Fire Altar2 by Null posted Jul 6, 2020 at 6:07 PM Fire Altar1 by Null posted Jul 6, 2020 at 6:07 PM
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    [Trigger] Hide 'Select User' Button

    Hi so as the title sugests I don t want that button to be visible but i still want it to function, but i haven t found it in the trigger's options. Any idea how could i hide it? A visual representation would be very apreciated.
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    [Miscellanous / Other] Card Game balance test

    I'm working on a card game based on the warcraft lore. I've done like all the units from the first 2 campaigns under the form of cards. I don't really know how balanced this is. I could use the feedback of an expert. Images:
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    [Trigger] Zeppeling Group

    Hi, dear helpers! I want to make a group of zeppelins transport 1 unit each. The zeppelins can be in a minimum of 2 and they appear during the game, so i m using variables, but idk how to get all of them to do that. I would like a compact trigger with as less variables as possible. Ilustrating...
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    Simple card pack model

    Hi! I'm making a card game and i need some models with card packs. I don't want anithing fancy: Just some rectangles with some images on them: 1 with the sign of lordaeron(for scourge of lordaeron - humans) 1 with the sign of cul of the damned (for scourge of lordaeron - undead) 1 with the sign...
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    [Trigger] Array +1 with limit

    I'm making an array which must store 20 item types. Every time a unit buys an item, that item is stored in the array. I'm noob at arrays, can some1 pls show me how to do it.
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    PLant creatures

    Pls someone make a Lasher from wow with the old graphics. A lasher is that small plant creature. You could make it as a greener treant but with a flower head. I would also like the total colored version.
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    [General] Finding wc3 map directory

    For testing my ai i need a map from wc3 map directory. Idk how to access that. PLs help me!
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    [General] Nalorakk worshiper mage

    I'm making a troll tribe, which worships Nalorakk, that bear loah, and I need some accurate spells. For the ones which have played wow or simply know the lore: What spell does a Nalorakk forest troll mage have?
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    No research, ability's buff still appears

    I've made a spell, lets call it A, with a buff, lets call it B and as requierment, the research C. I've disabled the C and now the disables icon of A doesn't appear, but the buff B appears. When I enable the research the disabled icon A appears and there is the buff B. Pls help me with this.
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    [Trigger] Player owns 0 units of an type/0 heroes condition

    I want to make a trigger which makes that the 1st unit which kills an enemy becomes a hero. I want the player to have only 1 hero, but idk what's the condition. Can you pls answer to both questions from the title. Thanks in advance!
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    Downloading models problem

    When I download a model, it appears as a zip file instead of a mdl,blp or mdx model. How do I change this? Pls help
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    Computer doin nothin

    I ve seen teams which do nothing controlled by computers many times, so i m sure it is possible, so how do I make the ai do nothing? Like in chaos survival, for example, and if that is really that impossible, then how do i permanently close a computer?
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    Sylvanas top pannel

    me and the boys are doin some Warcraft co-op map (very cool), but usually the commanders have top panels with spells in them, and I have no idea what should I give sylvanas. based in the entire career of the forsaken, what ability could she have?
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    Is something wrong with this trigger

    I made this trigger, but it doesn't work. The triggering unit has the attacking unit ability and is moving and the zeppelin is near the unit.
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    Lost card game map

    I was working lately on a card game type of map. I really got engaged in it, but lately I had some problems with my pc. It had some memory loss and currently its not working at all. Saldy I haven t made a backup for the map and I ve lost it. I made some playtestings with random people. If you...
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    Warcraft wolk

    Hi ! I want to make a some sort of card game which should contain cards from all the events. I now am the wolk expansion from wow and I can t some good and informative video/page. On wowkipedia is a brielf description and many parts are missing and on yt I can t find a high quality series with...
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    [Trigger] Even Issue no Action

    I want to make a trigger which makes units which do nothing do something, BUT! the stop condition doesn't work, so is there some sort of ''unit starts to issue no action''. Pls help, lobe you! *smooch*
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    [Miscellanous / Other] Cards Ideas

    Hi dear warcraft comunity! I'm currently working on a card game. The 1st 'pack' I made is with human cards from:'Scourge of Lorderon'. I made only 20 of them, instead of 30 (my intended number), so I need 10 more nice cards with humans. The 20 cards I made (and are still oppened to...
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    [Trigger] Cooldown Comparison

    I know it's a pretty basic question, but what's the ''If the spell is on cooldown equal to true''. I can t find it. PLs help!!
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    [Trigger] Random Research

    I've got a map with cards, aka upgrades which get their level and max level set to 0 every time they are done. I want to make that every 45 seconds a random research from humans will become avalable for that player, BUT there are no research groups in the game (research-sism if you ask me) and...
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    [Trigger] Position Comparison

    I want to make a Paladin automated. The biggest problem I ran into is the Holy Light. I want to make that if the paladin is close to the attacked low HP unit, he will heal the unit. Pls show me the position comparison trigger.(If paladin is close enough to cast the spell and the unit is under...
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    Horror Maps

    The people have to use mostly resources from the game (no creepy photos nor icons being showed randomly) to make an experience as horror as possible, but still playable and enjoyable, with balance and all.
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    [Trigger] No attack on a specific unit

    How do I make a specific unit stop auto-attacking a unit type? Pls show me the trigger.