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  1. iristle

    Wild Horse

    Hello, everyone. I noticed, popping back after a long time of inactivity, that these models are still popular, which is nice. However, unfortunately, on the down side, I do not have these models or the extra skins any more. They were long lost along with my old computer and even if I still...
  2. iristle

    I would like some Criticism, please (Golden Guardian)

    I just got back into skinning, especially after alot of practise with things such as GIMP. (Using brushes and such) This is the first WIP of a new skin I am working on, Golden Guardian. Is there anything I should improve on?
  3. iristle

    I got me a shiny one <3 (100% legit hatched from an egg)

    I got me a shiny one <3 (100% legit hatched from an egg)
  4. iristle

    Texturing Competition #17 - Buildings

    I c what u did thar.
  5. iristle

    Unfortunately I no longer hold any model files or reskins. If you wish to have the reskins you...

    Unfortunately I no longer hold any model files or reskins. If you wish to have the reskins you will have to make them yourself.
  6. Module Background

    Module Background

  7. Module Header

    Module Header

  8. Main Background

    Main Background

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    Navigation Background

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  11. iristle

    Pyritie's Artwork

    Methinks the left foot is a bit iffy.
  12. iristle

    gray's artwork

    IMO, I still think you need some practise, study other pictures first, and try not to use too soft/large brushes when you are painting. As Pyritie said, I highly recommend you study perspective, as your drawings will look odd/flat otherwise.
  13. iristle

    Computer Randomly Shuts off while in use

    Recently I've found that the fan on the side of my computer has stopped working, I tried to clean the dust out the inside of my computer, due to an earlier problem which required a system restore to fix. Now, every now and again it seems that my CPU stops working, as the screen switches off...
  14. iristle

    War In Quel'thalas

    Ugh, fine, I shall Help with your terraining. Be warned, I am liable to crash/give up. Could the fourth race be like the Naga?
  15. iristle


    Including countless bugs(like the one in space stage where you can't go on the practise mission if you don't kill the drones on the planet, can't click the communications button!) Crashing, and being extremely short, i have only owned the game for 2 days, i have nearly obtained the top rank in...
  16. iristle

    Modeling Competition #10 - Elementals

    Er, am i too late? No wait, its till the 25th of september, I can still enter. A spirit/azure elemental anyone? Still gotta texture it
  17. iristle

    Undead-ier Death Knight

    Make the shadows more defined on his face(like wrinkles maybe, cracked flesh!), and give the edges to the flesh to bone thing on his face some darkness, so it looks like the flesh is hanging over the bone.
  18. iristle

    Favorite food

    Um, pie! And Texas BBQ flavour Pringles! *drools*
  19. iristle

    PokePlushies/FLYFF Evolve

    What about dragon cave stuff too? some people need some help with that too. My eggs are in my signature.
  20. iristle

    The Official Teewars (worlds) thread!

    The site name is called teewars, but the game is called teeworlds...?! I played awhile ago cause i saw some other people playing it too.
  21. iristle

    Is this good?

    Thirded. Mushy pieces of fish with no flavour and orange pieces of dough on it.
  22. iristle

    Lets Count To 10.000!

  23. iristle

    The Spore Creature Creator Demo

    Can't he roar? Anyway, animated avatars much? And some creatures to look at too. if you want to.
  24. iristle

    Lets Count To 10.000!

    317 thanks for nice words.
  25. iristle

    Lets Count To 10.000!

    315 Krijns toasted and eaten for what you said.
  26. iristle

    Lets Count To 10.000!

    313 times saying NO.
  27. iristle

    Lets Count To 10.000!

    getting 311 rep for me, naah!
  28. iristle

    Oinkerwinkle black screens

    Do you have Windows?
  29. iristle

    Oinkerwinkle black screens

    hmm, your desktop appearance settings may affect the background on oinkerwinkles programs, it happened to me because my application background colour settings was set to black., go to properties of your desktop and set the application background(if it is black)on your advanced settings on...
  30. iristle

    Terraining Contest #1 - Gloomy

    I shall join! I have practised a bit, I will hope i do good.
  31. iristle

    "On a cold winter morning... in the time before the light..."

    hmm, not bad, but the trees seem to be squashed together in one place, try spreading them out a bit.
  32. iristle

    5 Things You Like!

    1.Dragons 2.Drawing 3.Reading?! 4.Playing games. 5.Oohm, toughie, lets go with some food... Pasta?
  33. iristle


    I used 200, but i made the 3rd one, eco-sphere, 2000.
  34. iristle


    Ahh yes, I love this program. Some of my works are attached to the bottom, post your own when you make them!
  35. iristle

    Reputation (+1): (Post) All the work has to have a reward sometime, keep going!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) All the work has to have a reward sometime, keep going!
  36. I

    Cyborg Spider (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  37. iristle

    Cyborg Spider (Texture)

    I was bored, I had to skin, I thought this up and did it, enjoy! Please give credit if used. Keywords: cyborg, spider, mechanical, mecha, robot, droid
  38. iristle

    [Trigger] Forcing building to be built adjacent to another building

    Hmm, the only problem there is that I can't find the action (cancel constructed structure)
  39. iristle

    [Trigger] Forcing building to be built adjacent to another building

    Excuse me, but i have the same problem, If you have played the Map Heroes and Empires, we probably want to make it like that-where the houses and foundations can only be built next to roads- so the building cancels if not build adjacent to the needed structure.
  40. iristle

    A concept

    Not too good, and he has wooden boards for body parts...
  41. iristle

    Limerick Thread.

    I think no point for this thread, I very nearly wished it as a fly, but i like to have a funny cry, and to express my gigantic thingimummy. However I hate creating the spam.
  42. iristle

    Modeling Competition #7 - Siege Weapons

    Eugh, i try, I doubt its the best, but oh well. Behold the Mobile Goblin Defensive Missile Turret, or The MGDMT for short.
  43. iristle


  44. iristle

    New modding team

    I can do skins and icons and art and such, you seen my work in that compo yes?
  45. iristle

    Texturing Competition #6 - Northrend/Icecrown

    UPDATE! He now has Fur or hair to adorn him. Like his beard. (How the hell will they survive without trapping their own body heat? Shut up then!)
  46. iristle

    Lirch Unit Sounds

    One for what. 'Hhhhaaaaiiii!' One for pissed: 'I think i have to stuff a pancake over your annoying clicker thingie.'
  47. iristle

    Texturing Competition #6 - Northrend/Icecrown

    I had that idea earlier, but i scrapped it. O_o Another update, and Chriz., here is a difference between that skin and my skin.
  48. iristle

    Texturing Competition #6 - Northrend/Icecrown

    Its not going to be an ice elemental... It will look different, not full ice.
  49. iristle

    Texturing Competition #6 - Northrend/Icecrown

    euf, i reveal what I am doing now. Some of the naga stayed at Icecrown after Illidan failed and other stuff, they evolved into this sort of strange species adapted to the cold...
  50. iristle

    Signature & Avatar show-off

    I like my current signature, mainly because of the uber effects i gave it. :grin: