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  1. AlienArsonist

    Sure what changes?

    Sure what changes?
  2. AlienArsonist

    Thanks but i already have photoshop CS3

    Thanks but i already have photoshop CS3
  3. AlienArsonist

    Need city terrain!!

    I can do it if you want just send me the map with all the models imported and ill finish it in a few days( probably less)
  4. AlienArsonist

    Zombie Survival [Project]

    I can terrain if position hasnt been taken yet
  5. AlienArsonist


    thats what hes talking about opacity = Transparency
  6. AlienArsonist


    The words handle needs to be brighter
  7. AlienArsonist


    the icon looks too "flat" make more shades in the face
  8. AlienArsonist

    Need a Team for My Map

    I can do terrain send me a message or something i dont have an msn atm but if you want to chat i can do it via gmail [email protected]
  9. AlienArsonist


    add a third head it looks odd right now
  10. AlienArsonist


    It looks too cartoonish imo
  11. AlienArsonist


    The tails on the comet thing need too look like the fade out instead of stup randomly
  12. AlienArsonist


    make it a grunt instead of a blade master and im sure it will pass but right now its most likely to get rejected
  13. AlienArsonist

    need icon maker

    i cant find fire lord icon in mpq if you want i can make you one of any other unit? or if you can find the fire lord icons i could edit them.
  14. A

    BTNlighter (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  15. AlienArsonist

    BTNlighter (Icon)

    A lighter image. I made this as a request thought maybe it would be useful to other people making survival maps or something. This is 100%freehand no reference image. Keywords: lighter, modern, fire, survival, Alien, Arsonist
  16. AlienArsonist

    Lighter Icon Request

    I have a lighter if you need anyother icons just ask. This is 100% freehand btw
  17. AlienArsonist

    Star Wars Icons

    Ive made a few if you have any other SPECIFIC icons id be more then glad to make em for you. Also if you any problems with them dont be hesitant to FORCE ME TO FIX THEM!!!!!
  18. AlienArsonist

    Alpha Channel Tutorial

    We need a better alpha channeling tutorial. I'm trying to edit some terrain .blp's and i need to know how to do all that alpha channel thing but the tutorial we have on THW is really vague and hard to understand. I'm stuck on how to export/convert/import it Can anyone make a better tutorial...
  19. AlienArsonist

    Wall build system

    Doesn't that trigger leak though?
  20. AlienArsonist


    I think the steel parts should look more like steel and less like aluminum.
  21. AlienArsonist


    Im working on it but my main priority is this map im making ill have this icon done by the end of this month
  22. AlienArsonist

    Trigger Request!!!

    could you mabye send me this trigger in the map i dont know how to set the variable to that
  23. AlienArsonist

    Trigger Request!!!

    I need a trigger that defeats a player when all of a certain type of building in that players control are gone. I also need one that when a player leaves it gives all his armies to hostile Thank you +rep if you help me =)
  24. AlienArsonist


    Right now it looks like diamond shaped salt to me. Maybe make it look more transparent? a background would also be nice.
  25. AlienArsonist

    Worker Models: Who Wants Some?

    Could you maybe make a construction worker. For modern games like with the orange vest orange helmet and such.
  26. AlienArsonist


    Make the vial larger and use less blue glow
  27. AlienArsonist

    Project Z 1.22 Beta

    You need to make tooltips more clear and when a player dies it shares vision for eceryone. Also mid game it starts to lag craziness
  28. AlienArsonist

    Star Wars Icons

    Do you want free hand icons or simple "google" image icons
  29. AlienArsonist


    Make the outlines on the sword a bit brighter. make more Gray instead of having it black and itll look less cartoonish hopefully
  30. AlienArsonist

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thank you so much

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thank you so much
  31. AlienArsonist

    City Capture System!!!

    This is perfect exactly what i needed
  32. AlienArsonist

    City Capture System!!!

    No theres 7 building types and 10 players + the buildings that are placed on the map. Its 70 triggers in total times the amount of buildings that use these triggers
  33. AlienArsonist

    City Capture System!!!

    Im not so good at all with triggers can you post an example please
  34. AlienArsonist

    City Capture System!!!

    Could you also check it for memory leaks ? =)
  35. AlienArsonist

    City Capture System!!!

    I need a city capture system that wont lag when normal units fight each other So far what i have is this and it doesn't work right Hostile Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions (Life of (Attacked unit)) Less than 500.00 ((Attacked unit) is in (Units...
  36. AlienArsonist


    The scales look to squarish to me
  37. AlienArsonist


    I can always change the color. The way i make my icons is i have multiple layers and all the shading is done on its own layer a color change would take me 3 seconds. So if you want me i can change it to black or something or add pattern camouflage on it or maybe digital camo.
  38. AlienArsonist


    I dont understand how this is "The Red Snake Sword"... Either it needs more snake or more red...
  39. AlienArsonist


    What you need is a close up on the tip of the trident my good man
  40. AlienArsonist


    Listen if i had this gun and i would just take a picture of it modify it and post it as an icon... But i don't so i grabbed a scope i changed the gun and made this... I also didn't receive rep for this icon i don't under stand why you making all these remarks. Instead of telling me that it is...
  41. AlienArsonist


    It wasn't that easy i didn't just smudge everything I used the image for shape... anyways i redid the gun so i guess its fine now?
  42. AlienArsonist


    I cant really do any bigger I am messing around with the sizes and this is what i have so far I cant get it bigger without cutting too much out
  43. AlienArsonist


    Change the blue to what? The gun isn't aiming at anything and any other color would seem unusual to me. I'm not trying to be a dick or anything i just don't know what i can do inside the scope. The lens has been a problem since my original idea. If you could help me out and spit ball some ideas...
  44. AlienArsonist


    Looks nice! But I think you should flip the hook upside down and make the hook more "round" i.m.o.
  45. A

    BTNscope (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  46. AlienArsonist

    BTNscope (Icon)

    A Scope icon. Since my aimer was rejected i decided to approach this icon in a different way. Now that i have some experience i thought this would be some what good im open to suggestions. Please Critique Brutally. OLD..............................................................NEW...
  47. AlienArsonist


    I don't understand what you mean by this.
  48. AlienArsonist


    This is impressive to me i could never do something like this on paint =/ (i hate paint) Could use work =) ALOT OF WORK >:o
  49. A

    BTNearth (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  50. AlienArsonist

    BTNearth (Icon)

    An earth icon. I saw that there were some planet ones and one close to an earth icon but they weren't quit on the money so i made this. I made this in 5 min please critique brutally. >>>> EDIT: Took out most of the stars redid the shadow thing on the earth and made the atmosphere...