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  1. Starblind

    How to play Warcraft III without picture stretching (fullscreen 4:3 on widescreens)

    Sorry to necropost this but how can I fix this in Radeon card? I just hate the widescreen stretching and for some reason the game is running in widescreen now, I think the radeon thing was updated.
  2. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    YES! :xxd: it's gonna be this way: # Alliance Town Merchant: Reno Jackson Dungeon Merchant: Sir Finley Mrrgglton # Horde Town Merchant: Sir Finley Mrrgglton Dungeon Merchant: Reno Jackson Elise Starseeker will be the permanent Traveler NPC in Dalaran for both factions. Oh you, thank you...
  3. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    Sir Finley Mrrgglton!!!
  4. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    Thrall! in the Fate style of course :cute:
  5. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    Ok I've finished Orgrimmar and Dalaran (a small Dalaran-based temple actually), soon I'll start making Stormwind. Showing random progress: a training dummy.
  6. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    That would be SWEET! what kind of meshes would they be? :peasant-thinking:
  7. Starblind

    Panda Wukong

    This is very original. How did this never cross my mind? lol
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    I really like that you used different particles for each trail and not just a recolor of the same :infl_thumbs_up:
  9. Starblind

    Where are you from?

    Chile! probably one of the few members from south america...
  10. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    YES! :xxd: I'm trying to use the same character design that Fate has (less work for me as I don't have to make all animations and models from scratch which is a real pain!). I will be limited to implement the most "humanoid" races though... or do you imagine a tauren in chibi style? :ogre_hurrhurr:
  11. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    A first impression of the splash screen. I need to fix the direction of the light cast on the character; it should be exactly the opposite :xxd: light in the front and shadow in the back.
  12. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    The Dark Portal WIP Funny is that this is only going to be used in the splash screen but not in the actual gameplay :xxd: as Blasted Lands isn't planned to be included as zone. The portal to Outland will be within Dalaran.
  13. Starblind

    Fire Meteor

    This looks REALLY good!
  14. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    Working on this again! I'm trying to simplify everything in order to lessen the time this project is taking! the end result might be simpler than I expected but well, that's better than never releasing this. I may improve the mod over time if I see enough interest! Below a sort of Dalaran...
  15. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    Ok I knew this would happen (again! :xxd:) but this project's going on a hiatus. Mainly because I've started a sci-fi / cyberpunk city mod to work on! (I'm in love with futuristic stuff lately). Here a small sample of what's going to be included there...
  16. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    Thanks :D I'm trying to do my best for this project! Working on the Succubus:
  17. Starblind

    Coral Golem

    Cool design and execution! There's also a "coral golem" concept in my mind that comes from a chilean TCG: It would be cool to create a reskin for the Mountain Giant based off that :D
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    I really like her portrait!
  19. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    FATE hasn't any similar creature so I'm making my own Infernal. All those helper points are displayed as fire particles and glows in-game.
  20. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    Working on random stuff. This time I've done an imp (edit of the Fate goblin) and the shimmering portal.
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    Finally after many years we have a Ragnaros model! <3
  22. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    Working on Orgrimmar :cool:2 the buildings are done, but I'm struggling a bit on the landscape (too many nooks and hills :grin:) but nothing that patience can't beat.
  23. Starblind

    Reputation (+4): (Post) very nice art page you have there! definitely going to find useful stuff...

    Reputation (+4): (Post) very nice art page you have there! definitely going to find useful stuff for my project :3
  24. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    Thanks! :D here's a more stylized version (rendered). That's how it should look in-game. Still missing some fire particles and NPCs though... The next location to be created is Orgrimmar :smile: I'll be posting screenshots...
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    omg, this is beautiful
  26. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    Working on this again! I just can't let this get lost in the dust... Currently working on the tavern, where you'll meet Harth Stonebrew, Elise Starseeker and other NPCs to get quests. This place will be available to both Horde and Alliance characters.
  27. Starblind


    Looks very warcraft-ish. Excellent job!
  28. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    Finished Marrowgar, a Lich and Kel'Thuzad. They are all reskins of the Ghost Valkyrie, a creature from Fate. They don't look particularly badass so, idk, I think they will be temporary models; may eventually replace some reskins for fully new models. Especially Kel'Thuzad since he's an epic...
  29. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    Update: still working on re-skins. I'm trying to edit and recolor as much as I can to give Fate creatures a Warcraft looking. This will save me a lot of work later; the fewer creatures I have to create in 3ds max the better. Perhaps I'll just stick to create epic bosses like ragnaros or TLK in...
  30. Starblind

    Goblin Trade Prince Mech Hero

    That would be awesome!
  31. Starblind

    Goblin Trade Prince Mech Hero

    I've just realized that with a few changes, this could become Dr. Boom from The Boomsday Project! ;)
  32. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    Off topic: my Pirate themed mod has been released! :pir: Now I'm finally free to continue the Warcraft Mod project. Unless another mod idea comes up to delay it again! lol If you play Fate The Cursed King and want to get the Pirate Mod, please follow the link below:
  33. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    Hi Kevin! nice to see more people interested in mods for Fate! We are endangered! lol Unfortunately, this site is mostly about Warcraft 3 but I took advantage of this open sub-forum to post my project because of the theme (a warcraft mod). I'm also on a small forum for Fate (which is pretty...
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) 1st rep and thanks!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) 1st rep and thanks!
  35. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    Thanks. I'm discharged already and recovering at home, ready to play games and make mods lol. Do you know something about Fate Modding? send me a PM and tell what you can help with ;) After re-reading the post #7, I got to correct that information. Now there will be 10 races as usual (Human...
  36. Starblind

    Jaina Dreadlord

    Yeah the wings should have the same hue the skin color has. Other than that, masterful!! <3
  37. Starblind

    Thank you!!

    Thank you!!
  38. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    This might take a while due to having some struggle in real life. I was bitten by a loxosceles laeta (poisonous spider) and need to recover :/ I'm okay though. Fortunately, the antidote was supplied on time.
  39. Starblind

    Plate Armor Knight

    Hmm. I don't get how those models aren't "realistic". Do you mean to be historically accurated or something? art style maybe? This Plate Armor Knights looks cartoonish/warcraftish and that's exactly the reason it's beautiful and awesome :P
  40. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    From a regular skeletal dragon to a Frost Wyrm! another file I found useful for this mod. Hmm, the wing should have a light blue color. They usually look dark or messed up when vertices collide too much or rotate out of their angles. I'll see if it's possible to fix that. Also the...
  41. Starblind


    Nice one. This reminds me that I have to eventually include Thanos in my Avengers Mod for Fate! lol.
  42. Starblind

    Plate Armor Knight

    This is so @HerrDave lol I really like his sword, helmet and shoulderpads :)
  43. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    Just found this in my old files for fate mods (one of my many unreleased ones :D). It was supposed to be an accessory for a Gear Golem Minion, based off Tinker from Dota 2. If I swap both cannons for pincers (or just one idk) and add a little goblin under it, it would look like a Goblin...
  44. Starblind

    Sunken City Death Knight

    Sick! 5/5
  45. Starblind


    Neat lookin'!
  46. Starblind

    Reputation (+2): (Bundle) Good job

    Reputation (+2): (Bundle) Good job
  47. Starblind

    Scavenger [Diablo 1]

    I'll never forget the moment I saw a unique Scavenger in the dungeon named "El Chupacabras", I was like what the f***, in spanish! Diablo was released in 1996 and the whole Chupacabras plot was covered by international news for the first time in 1995, just a year before. Blizzard never ceases to...
  48. Starblind

    Pokemons I've analyzed in Hive's Chat

    That's odd, water-type Pokemon are my favorite. Now with poison it's even better! lol. Not sure how or why you reached that conclusion or description about me as a Pokemon but, thank you! ;)
  49. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    A lot of creatures in Fate are very, very similar to the warcraft ones. Taking advantage of that, many of them are going to be re-skinned to look like warcraft creatures. That means a lot of less work in 3d max actually :p Here an example, the Jackal King reskinned to look like an...
  50. Starblind

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    As long as the artist agrees that the resource is not for warcraft 3 it's ok then :D