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    "NEW ROLEPLAY" - Characters

    UNDER DAS CONSTRUCTION NO [NOT A CHARACTER] POSTS! This is the section where thou shalt post your characters to make it more simple for people to know who's who and making this place tidy. Information such as; name, race, age(?) [not necessary tho, but unless an illustration of the...
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    [Picture] Momo Aiya Mithra Aurora Sie Kara Just a regular god-infected, attractive, telekinetic,

    Momo Aiya Mithra Aurora Sie Kara Just a regular god-infected, attractive, telekinetic, soul eating, gluttonous, bored, later handcuffed, thing with four ears and two tails. After being unleashed to wreak havoc upon the world by the Allmighty Shadow as the new carrier, the Prophet Alagremm...
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    [Picture] Lord Xenox

    Lord Xenox
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    [Picture] Origin 23

    Origin 23
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    [Picture] asd

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    [Picture] BernPost3

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    [Picture] BernPost2

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    [Picture] BernPost1

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    In case anyone is alive in here. Come here. This way. I will bite.

    I have recently created a roleplaying group. Yeah, you heard me. 'But it's not forbidden!' I know, also fuck that. Sure if you want to argue about that, we can also discuss the national, wolf and pedobear -groups. Anyway. What I am talking about here is The Cinderfall, here's a heap of...
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    [Picture] SuruHivePic Will be a part of the actual group picture.

    SuruHivePic Will be a part of the actual group picture.
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    Creating our world.

    Allright. Not much has been made for it, not the areas or anything in it really. All I really know is some trashy kingdom who knows where. I want ideas. Wild ideas. Something abnormal. Yeah. Like boom! Here is some.. BASIS! The world of Aiya, the once so rich and fertile world. No more...
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    Character Introductions.. Biographies.. Whatever you want to call them!

    Post those thingies here. I will do that. You will do it too. Then we can all have tea and biscuits. The backstory -thing can be found in the Creating Our World - discussion. I don't want anything stupid. Be serious.
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    Talk Crap About Me (Among other things) -Thread

    Talk to me, pickles!
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    The Cinderfall Frontpage

    This ROLEPLAYING group is open for everyone who can bother to make a character introduction and not wreak Hell before I've come and given the opposite of a no-no. I'll be honest here, and say that I am expecting everyone to follow the proper rules of roleplaying, meaning no shizzle-whizzle...
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    [The Red Christmas] Terraining Contest

    In this contest there you are ought to create a special event that has occured in the roleplay, or a special place that has appeared in the roleplay. Practically. Just make something of what's mentioned above. The map is based on the Ultimate Terraining Map so it has a lot of models to...
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    [The Red Christmas] Writing Contest - 24th

    Write a .. To be honest I don't care how long - story of our roleplay world's events on the 24th. The story must be based on the already occured events of the roleplay, and the winning story will determine the actual events of that day when its time comes in the roleplay. Quality over quantity...
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    [The Red Christmas] Concept Art Contest - Happy Ending

    Depict the happiest possible ending for your roleplay character's Christmas digitally or traditionally. Imagine, create, exaggarate, create again! And last but not least, draw moustache on your grandmother's picture, unless.. She already has them. __________________________ Rewards...
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    The Red Christmas - Roleplay

    _______________________ Prologue ~ The Silent Night _______________________ I placed my hand on the frosty glass and stared out of the window. - Christmas.. Such a disgusting holiday.. A celebration without a purpose... The time of year when the sanctimoniousness of people is in its...
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    Hello, everyone. I am new on this site.

    Hello. I am a seven year old girl from 'Murica. I've been a warcraft fan for sixteen years now, and I just found this site when I was searching for resources for my map. So I thought I would join and maybe get a friend or two! Let me tell a bit more about myself. I'm a mother to a twelve...
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    [Picture] ' Crimson Awakening ' The wind echoed in nothingness, accompanied by the sound of cla

    ' Crimson Awakening ' The wind echoed in nothingness, accompanied by the sound of clattering steel. Slowly giving shape to a man emerging from the darkness, his body covered in cold steel, impenetrable by the light of day. This figure now stood in the warming embrace of the sun...
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    [ Concept Art - Contest ]

    - I forgot to add that for those who have not paid too much attention. The theme of this roleplay is a totally open theme so yes you can be a dragon with super-ice-ultimate-x2000 Destroyer -guns coming from your pockets, although for your own safety that is not suggested. To boost people to...
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    Character Introductions

    As for the (after all) low interest towards the post-apocalyptic RP, I will reroll this to Fantasy. So here's the place to introduce your character, and together we can fix up some sort of a backstory for this world.
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    Fine, I can try to remake the rp as a fantasy one, as that seems to be a more favored theme. I'll probably only participate as the evil overlord of all once again, as it seems it's the only way to bring in any action.
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    Final Character Biographies

    [ Do not post anything else but your finished character bio here ] Ira Gender: Female Age: 10 (in human years) (appereance of a 16 years old) Race: Unknown (Presumably genetically modified human) Appereance and Personality: Ira has yellow eyes, olive skin, black hair...
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    [rp] 2023

    This is the thread for roleplaying and the only place where you should roleplay in this group. Preferably you'll not discuss anything but roleplaying stuff in here, but if it's necessary then please say it like this (( gugugugugugu )), because else I'll get all the way mad and stuff. I do...
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    The Story and Rules

    Rules that are to be followed in the roleplay: 1. Game Master has full power over the roleplay. If something seems unfit to the GM, you have to follow GM's orders. 2. You cannot control the other player's character unless you have an agreement. 3. Do not make up backstories or plots...
  27. Bernkastel

    Character Biographies

    I would like the character biographies for the Post-Apocalyptic roleplay to be posted here. Whether you're showing a picture or describing your character, telling his/her whole life story or just some things that you find necessary to know. This pretty much sums up the events before the...
  28. Bernkastel

    [Picture] This is what I think of this contest. This is what I think of forests. This is what I th

    This is what I think of this contest. This is what I think of forests. This is what I think of terraining. This is what I think of my life.
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    [Picture] At Gyro's Final List of characters included in the drawing *Alagremm, the cultist play

    I actually appreciate you for leaving me out.
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    [Picture] ThisisfinalbecauseIcan'tdrawbackgroundsoranythingelsesotakeitandbeunhappythankyou.

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    [The Cult] Contest - Restoration of R'lyehmas

    For too long these ignorant whelps have been inhabiting this planet. For too long they have been celebrating their false festivals. But the stars will align, and the old ones shall awaken! The time has come to put an end to this farce. This contest is a combination of three, as it shall...
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    Kaelicious Frontpage

    Tea and biscuits Members:-Grendel Alireza Evil Amargaard animewidri2 Anknaton antari Arcisal Azsure BandolXD Bboy Moose benny Bernkastel bisnar13 Blue_Crystal bowser499 c.a.i 7 carlvic Chen Da Fist Daffa the Mage DaggerBreath DarkBro darkceus Darkdread Darklycan51...
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    Welcome to the Witches Tea Party ~!

    Here it begins; I am truly interested to see who'll be the first ones to spot this little gap here. Whoever makes it here first, the Witch of Miracles congratulates you.
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    Witches Tea Party Frontpage

    Kih~ What's there to say? Now that the higher authorities have allowed me to create a gap to the Metaworld, anyone can join me in my.. Most enjoyable and comforting tea party, it doesn't matter why you have come, what matters is that you're here. Here we can change our thoughts, giggle and...
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    None might be interested. But I must.. I must share it with such intelligent people!

    I will start from the very beginning. Some might still remember the fancy events in Supernatural Being's thread which had a lot of supernatural things in it. Ghosts and all. It's gone by now. A pity, though. Nevertheless. On with the case! The people who were present during this clash of...
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    [Picture] Episode 8: "The Secret Snake Cult"

  37. Bernkastel

    My SC2 Terrain

    Not Much to show yet.. But Here's some I hope you liked em Will make post moar laterz
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    Mah Terrain. Kekek

    Ok. Here is some terrain by me. Remember. They are not finished!
  39. Bernkastel

    Some stuff drawn by me

    Here is some stuff drawn by me..