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  1. Airandius

    How to make Professions

    What are we going to make? To put it simple I'm going to explain how to make a profession inside a wc3 map using variables and items. In this tutorial I will give you an example for the profession: smithing. It's not very easy but if you read this [How-To] good you'll be able to make your...
  2. cool_is_i

    Making Elevators

    Diffiuclty: 5/10 Quick Links: [click on a area of the list to skip to that point of the page] Introduction -Elevator Necessities- 1] About Pathing 2] About Elevator Levels 3] About Locating Elevator Doodads 4] About Elevator Walls -A Simple Elevator- 1] Making the Terrain 2]...
  3. Cheezeman

    Create a sucessfull timer with window (reuploaded)

    Create a sucessfull timer with window How to create a successfull timer This tutorial will show you how to make a successfull timer with a proper window using GUI. Prologue So the tutorial is done... not even close to what I hoped it would be since it's quite simple and short. Wish I could...