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  1. Septimus

    Map Genre Explaination

    The original Aeon of Strife originates from Starcraft and is believed to have been created by aeon64. It was a map that consisted of 3 lanes that connected 2 opposing teams that combated against one another until victory was achieved by destroying the opposing team's main structure. It can...
  2. N1ghthawk

    Special Effects - Manipulation and Modification

    Special Effects - Manipulation and Modification (WIP) In this tutorial I will go over some basic ways you can manipulate and modify special effects using only the WC3 editor. This tutorial was meant to teach beginners or people who are new to the World Editor tips and tricks regarding effects...
  3. N1ghthawk

    Polishing Your Game

    POLISHING YOUR GAME There are essentially three phases of the design process. The first is general concept creation. This is essentially when you get together with your team and come up with the basic ideas that will fuel your game. The second phase is implementation. This is when you gather...