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  1. Jattenalle

    Terrain: Forest Cliffs

    Step by step tutorial for creating a small mountain/hill range, using cliffs (Yeah I know, I like to make 'pro' map makers squirm in pain) Difficulty: Very Easy Tools used: World Editor Step 1 Lets start off by creating a new map: It's 64x64, 5 as starting cliff height, shallow water...
  2. Doctor-Pepper

    Basic Mapping Video Tutorial

    I've created a basic video tutorial for people who want to make maps but just dont know where to start. You can download it from the link below! Description: This first tutorial will represent The Hive Workshop and show you how to: Launch World Editor (WE) Create a new map...
  3. Bob27

    The Sound Editor

    topThe Sound Editor Basics The Sound Editor Importing New Sounds to your Map Using the Sound Editor Using the Import Manager Using a Sound for your Map Editing a SoundPlaying Sounds Using Triggers 3D Sounds Placing a 3D Sound at a Region or UnitDawn and Dusk Sounds Ambient Sounds Creating a...
  4. GST_Nemisis

    Using Chat Commands

    Using Chat Commands This tutorial will contain three tutorials when finished, all relating to doing stuff using chat commands. You may have seen on maps people being able to type –help to bring up a help menu or –kick (player colour) to kick a player. This tutorial will tell you how to do all...
  5. ragingspeedhorn

    How to make the game check who is the host

    How to make the game check who is the host. A tutorial by: ragingspeedhorn Note: I did not discover this code, the original author is "Tennis" from Many maps uses the "player1 (red) = guy who decides everything", that is annoying because the host might not want to play as red...
  6. ragingspeedhorn

    Basics of a Tower Defense

    Note: This tutorial will explain you the very basics of making a TD. This is in no way geared towards experienced modders but is made for the beginners within Warcraft III modding. What is a TD? TD stands for Tower Defense and is a genre of maps developed for the Warcraft III engine. In a TD...