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    Defense of the World Pillar v1.2

    Ladies and gentlemen, I have done what seemed was currently impossible, and that is beat the game on your own and in the Earthen Ring side. I finally cracked the code on how you can do this on your own as a member of the Ring and beat the game. Basically, it relies a lot on stall tactics but...
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    Hello, Zerox. Long time, huh?

    Hello, Zerox. Long time, huh?
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    QFTFT XD Awesome model. Can't say it didn't awestruck me.
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    This is a late reply but yeah. It is me, Marx!! XD

    This is a late reply but yeah. It is me, Marx!! XD
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    Nice one as always, my mistress! ^^
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    Zelda Model

    Try editing the Female Elf Villager's skin to match Zelda's outfit.
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    [MODEL] Female Beastmaster

    Sorry for double posting. Hey, Cavman, do you mind if the fangs of the B-mistress is removed? It kinda ruins her mystique.
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    Teamcolored Key

    The filesize's so low it's so useful, especially for those who wants to make RPGs and such 5/5 from me!
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) He gave me a model I needed. Thanks Cavman!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) He gave me a model I needed. Thanks Cavman!
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    [MODEL] Female Beastmaster

    Thanks man! Although the fangs are a bit overkill in the screenshot. Will give credit + Rep 4 You.
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    Kokiri Emerald

    Yo! Always with the awesome models, Zerox!! *votes for recommendation* BTW I'm Marx, really.
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    [MODEL] Female Beastmaster

    Well, both are no. I need the a girl with the Beastmaster's headgear. If possible, with the warden's ponytail.
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    The Cursed Heroes ORPG V0.08E

    If you are trying to restore this ORPG, then I suggest you make fixes on your own, solving all problems made by the former. I am one of those guys who goes by "No description, no interest" and the reason I clicked here is because of the title name. If one guy made a good reason of marking a...
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    [MODEL] Female Beastmaster

    Like the title says, a female version of the Beastmaster, with that headgear of his. Also, can she have a ponytail like the Warden's? Will give credits. Will link to map project when used.
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) It was useful for me. Thanks Blaxor!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) It was useful for me. Thanks Blaxor!
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    [SPELL]Non-lethal Transmute

    Thanks. Thou shalt not be forgotten. Rep points for you!
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    Don't worry. I will.
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    VideoGame RPG v2.0e

    I was frozen. In the words of a mapper, it means Cloud was paused while his model was in the air. Can't choose spells or use items.
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    VideoGame RPG v2.0e

    I got a bug: On the 2nd and last time I have to fight Sephiroth I decided to finish him of with Cloud's Braver. However, he died before that, Ganondorf talked, and Cloud was stuck frozen on the air.
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    Info on Klonoa I need a Klonoa model with the Blademaster's anims, including the ATK walk Stand Spin anim. Thanks in advance. Oh, if there's one already, please link.
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    [SPELL]Non-lethal Transmute

    I'm not sure how will I do this so I'm asking you guys. OK. Here goes. I need a point and click spell, single target, that deals damage to the target. If that target dies because of this spell, the user of that spell gains Gold equal to the HP of the target before it dies. I will give...
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    Power Lich

    Scary. Awesome. Will use, give credit.
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    Artillery Strike

    Since it rains down from the heavens I will use this. Don't worry, I will give credit.
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    Steam Fortress - The Vapourizer

    Will need this one. Credits will be given. Also, may I use the story for something other than Warcraft?
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    Model Requests - I think these are easy...

    Thanks. I can use that one.
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    Model Requests - I think these are easy...

    Game. I need: 1) A female unit who can switch from melee to a ranged rifle user. Race: Human or Blood Elf. 2) You know the Orc's Raider? I need him unmounted, and has the Blademaster's animation. 3) You know the Cluster Rockets' projectile? I need an energy ball thingy that moves the same...
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    Epic. 'Nuff said. Could get you 1st place. 5/5 I'd give 10/10 but I don't want your friend here to feel bad (w/o one other hand :lol:)
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    [Model] - Warrior Model

    Well, I kinda need it in a way that it looks like other models of Warcraft.
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    [Model] - Warrior Model

    I edited the post for all who might get confused.
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    [Model] - Warrior Model

    That was quick. Okay sir, I edited it to look like what you guys want it to look!
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    [Model] - Warrior Model

    I need help! I need a model that's something like this *Must look like other models of WC3. *Has Blood Mage's Animations. Hope someone will do this model. Thanks in Advance ^_^
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    First Map In Campaign Not Loading!

    I haven't. So follow my steps. 1) Open world Editor's 'Campaign Editor'(F7) 2) Click 'Add File'. A pop-up window will appear. Select your map and click 'OK' 3) Click the 'Loading Screen' tab. On the field, right-click it and click 'Add Button' 4) Set the Chapter, Title, and Map Used. Check the...
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    Spell Numbers

    I thought of that. But I don't want to do it. Thanks.
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    partial bounty gain

    Possible. In the trigger editor, set it in-game that it gives bounty. To set a bounty, it's in the object editor. At stats, go for 'gold bounty base'. To make it permanent, set 'no. of dice' and 'no. of sides per die' to 1. Simple yet effective. Hope this will help.
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    Spell Numbers

    Hey can anyone help me? I need to know how to have more than 5 level-able spells in one hero. Thanks in advance.
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    Passive Slow (like LoA's Frostmourne)

    *sigh* Take any passive slow ability and set its range. If for a melee, 100 or 125 will do.
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    Black Hole Spell?

    Is your request similar to that of Darchow the Enigma's Black Hole? If so I saw in a spell demo of DotA spells including the Black Hole. It may have been posted here. Check it out.
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    MPQ master v1.2.0

    MPQ is that, if you're a Windows User, file that looks like a WMP file but is not. Use this to open it. BTW....THIS ROCKS!!!
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    War3 Model Editor

    I believe that is posted already but oh well....
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    3DS MAX 4

    Im not sure of this! Try on the official warcraft website. If you can't find it there, try using a search engine to find it, like, and :?
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    Help Please!

    Ok I'll give it a shot
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    Help Please!

    Help me I got a problem! I want to know how most mappers manage to reduce the size of their maps by using .slk and .txt files(I noticed this in Moo Moo Town and thought this is why its size aint so big)?
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    I think its best for it to lose the helmet And strangely, the sylanas body makes it good 4/5 for me(because of the helmet
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    JetFang, you rock with these tornadoes! Though you nevr ask, i'll credit you! I got a request. Can you make a tornado of: flowers(i really need this one)
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    mata_bun, I've solved your problem! Change the filepath of the main skin(HighElfWarMage) to 'Textures\HighElfWarMage' So the filepaths must look like this: 1)war3imported\WarMage 2)Textures\HighElfWarMage
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    I'll tell you whats wrong! you are not suppose to change the filepath of all mdl and/or mdx files. there is a tutorial about this so read that.
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    This makes her a bit of an angel but who cares! 10/5! :D And to 'i want to know', import this skin, use custom path and type units\nightelf\herowarden\herowarden save the map, close your editor and after opening, your new warden is there :D
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    My friend saw this skin and told me that she looks old but not me! 100% good :D
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    Is there anyone out there who knows this skin's model? it's so good but i have no idea what skin i should replace it with :cry: