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  1. KaboomMaster

    what do you think of the new lurker

    I could only imagine the zerg player whining that would come from the lurker being added as is to melee in HotS. "It's too weak!" "I'ts a waste for the zerg tech tree!" "Blizzard is nerfing zerg!" It would turn into the exact opposite of the reaper.
  2. KaboomMaster 2.0's Custom Game System

    Premium maps isn't set up yet and as for the editor login, I have definately had to do it more than once.
  3. KaboomMaster

    Disapointments with StarCraft 2?

    Blizzard was completely anal about hacking in WC3 for the majority of its early life and it was only later that hacks became widely unbanned which probably had something to do with Blizzard worrying too much about WoW and SC2. As for achievement hacks who really cares? If little whiny kids and...
  4. KaboomMaster 2.0's Custom Game System

    Honestly I think the part that pisses me off the most is the fact that the publishing system, current hosting system, and editor login are all related to their premium market as ways to prevent people from getting the maps without paying for them and then covering their own asses by saying that...
  5. KaboomMaster

    What is your favorite race from Starcraft?

    Terran because they have pauldrons. Also I love marines and use them en masse any time I can.
  6. KaboomMaster

    Report Of The Current State Of Battle Net 2.0

    Little bit late of a response but I don't disagree with a set having weak cards because it's what balances the set since every pack can't contain rediculous amounts of good cards or it would weaken every card released prior to it. Tl;dr I hold the same opinion as you.
  7. KaboomMaster

    StarCraft II Editor too hard for you?

    I honestly don't understand this lack of a manual thing either because not only does Blizzard not release one but neither do any of the strategy guide publishers. I know for a fact that other games with more difficult editors such as Neverwinter Nights 2 have had editor books released for them...
  8. KaboomMaster

    Disapointments with StarCraft 2?

    Maybe you missed the part about how Activision placed Thomas Tipple to oversee Blizzard and report directly to Activision, and also how it was Kotick who pushed for social networking integration in their games which seems like less than coincidence that 2.0 has Facebook integration...
  9. KaboomMaster

    Disapointments with StarCraft 2?

    This was exactly the stuff I was complaining about that everyone laughed at me for during the beta. Blizzard pretty much just a subsidiary or Activision now and it can be perfectly reflected in Blizzard's current business model. Prior to Activison's "merger" with Blizzard the entire model for...
  10. KaboomMaster

    WOL Decisions affect the other releases?

    Not sure if any of you have read the Ghost Academy manga but I just find it interesting how Nova and Tosh wanna kill each other even though they used to be in love. Damn you Tokyopop release the manga faster so I can find out what happens.
  11. KaboomMaster

    Report Of The Current State Of Battle Net 2.0

    You just reminded me of the time when the MtG devs had to justify to fans why each set needs to have crappy useless cards along with the good ones. I agree that the ladder in 2.0 is dumb as all hell but no matter how much you b*tch about it Blizzard isn't going to change it for one reason...
  12. KaboomMaster

    Report Of The Current State Of Battle Net 2.0

    Dude there really isn't any point because Blizzard isn't going to change it as long as they know people will still buy the game since that's all they really give a sh*t about nowadays.
  13. KaboomMaster

    Disapointments with StarCraft 2?

    No offense Rui but it's a moot point because using all the things you listed in a Sci-fi WC3 game took imagination on the part of the player just as Poot said, and I'm sure there were quite a few people who were tired of seeing "OMG MARINEZ AND RIFELMAN FIGHT THE ZOMBIES AND MUTANTS REDUX...
  14. KaboomMaster

    Why Terran isn't balanced against Zerg.

    I find it funny how zerg players whine about not getting bonuses on their units when that's the entire point of playing zerg. Zerg are not meant to have bonuses because their units are cheaper and faster to produce which is why everything zerg is meant to be massed. Granted maybe Reapers in ZvT...
  15. KaboomMaster

    Unused Editor Models

    I don't remember whether this unit was used in campaign or not but there is a recolor of the medic called medickillteam which can be found in the model editor.
  16. KaboomMaster

    Disapointments with StarCraft 2?

    Whether it sucked or not isn't the issue, PP's point is that back before you guys had everything handed to you on a silver mod making platter people would make custom scenarios in SC1 where the triggers were sh*t, the archers were dragoons, and players actually had an imagination. Basically...
  17. KaboomMaster

    Creating an effect on unit creation

    Bump I'd really appreciate it if someone would help me with this so I'd know how to do it in the future for other projects ect.
  18. KaboomMaster

    Disapointments with StarCraft 2?

    I think the biggest concern isn't that the balance would be lost if a 4th race was added at the start of development but that the addition of a 4th race would have to have an incredibly radical play style to either not feel like a watered down clone of the original trio or it might even degrade...
  19. KaboomMaster

    Disapointments with StarCraft 2?

    Please please PLEASE, stop using trinity to refer to a combination of two things. Trinity refers to three things. Sorry if this seems pissy but you've misused trinity somewhere around three times now and it makes me want to cry. Not exactly. If a 4th race was added Blizzard would most likely...
  20. KaboomMaster

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for trying to help.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for trying to help.
  21. KaboomMaster

    Creating an effect on unit creation

    Forgot to mention I would like it without a trigger so that it saves space for other triggers. Thx for trying to help though Rispetto. It may also help if I mention that there is a drop pod model which I've assigned to a specific actor but I need help linking the actor or model to the actual unit.
  22. KaboomMaster

    Creating an effect on unit creation

    I was wondering if someone could help walk me through how to make a drop pod effect when a unit is trained. I've tried looking off the MULE, Merc building, and some of the merc units but have failed to figure out how to do it. Thx to anyone who tries to help me out.
  23. KaboomMaster

    Disapointments with StarCraft 2?

    Dude face it messy is a relative opinion therefore the editor both is and isn't messy it just depends on what part of it you are referencing and who you ask. However the fact that GE is so much more complicated leaves it with a propensity to be messy seeing as there is so much stuff to keep...
  24. KaboomMaster

    Disapointments with StarCraft 2?

    Uhhh and this is why I shouldn't post when I'm distracted. I don't think anyone can doubt that GE is more powerful than WE however GE is a lot messier than WE if you start getting really deep into it, for example if you look at the MULE it has multiple effects which become a massive pile of...
  25. KaboomMaster

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thx dude.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thx dude.
  26. KaboomMaster

    Removing Unit collision/pathing

    K thx I think I got it. +rep
  27. KaboomMaster

    Disapointments with StarCraft 2?

    I highly doubt Blizzard gives a sh*t especially after Blizzard just announced that you can pay to change your name just like in MMOs except that SC2 is an FPS. source:
  28. KaboomMaster

    Removing Unit collision/pathing

    I'm not sure if this is simple or not but I've been having trouble finding where in the data editor to make a unit not collide with other units.
  29. KaboomMaster

    How to make a campaign

    Blizzard may also allow purchasing slots in the near future seeing as they just said that they will allow paid name changes similar to WoW.
  30. KaboomMaster

    Disapointments with StarCraft 2?

    People whine about the campaign because it felt half-assed most of the time and only vaguely interesting the rest of the time while it's obvious that Blizzard's time went almost entirely into making the competitive ladder which is also why the game is so fast compared to SC1. Honestly one of the...
  31. KaboomMaster

    Disapointments with StarCraft 2?

    I find it funny how people imply that both firebats and medics are useless compared to hellions and medivacs when they actually aren't. If you are going pure barracks build then firebats are better than hellions since they can be healed by medics/medivacs and keep pace with rines and rauders...
  32. KaboomMaster

    Lego Starcraft

    Dude just let it go already, you're starting to look like a whiny kid. Also I think you are missing the point of the video which is JUST to be lego based machinima of Starcraft. No where in the video did I see claim that it was based on gritty hard Starcraft realism, and infact it looks more...
  33. KaboomMaster

    About Lan

    She is Konata from Lucky Star Actually it doesn't since quite a few people pirate games entirely for the single player and even then it won't be long before registry check bypasses and lan emulators are avilable. I mean look at WoW an entirely online game which also has had multiple...
  34. KaboomMaster

    About Lan

    I still find it funny how people think removing LAN stops piracy in any way. Regardless I imagine that the removal of LAN also has to do with the (completely F***ing stupid, in my opinion) new features such as premium maps which Blizzard has added since if you weren't logged into then...
  35. KaboomMaster

    4 Pool's Not Dead

    Well you sure are a dour one. Notice how the video is called Starcraft Amateur Hour and not a serious game cast.
  36. KaboomMaster

    SC2 Beta Usernames

    where do we see our character code because as far as I can tell I don't have one
  37. KaboomMaster

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for fixing it!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for fixing it!
  38. KaboomMaster

    Few units counting as one?

    Ah thank you for fixing that for me.
  39. KaboomMaster

    Imports Question

    That's a matter of opinion. I think it's quite stupid that map names can't be duplicated simply because someone else used it first and it just seems like Blizzard is trying to appease the whiny people who cry whenever someone rips off their map even though it really doesn't matter.
  40. KaboomMaster

    Few units counting as one?

    Yes I'm aware other people know about the SC2 editor however DSG in particular was posting in this topic and I figured he might be trying to help tleno with this. Ya hanger ability is pretty sweet but the only problem with it that I see is that if the main unit dies the whole squad dies and...
  41. KaboomMaster

    Few units counting as one?

    Ok well I tried this and actually got some results that worked where I made a unit called "Marine Squad" then I made another unit called "Marine Member" and used the Brood Lord Hanger ability to bind the Members to the squad. I made the members attackable yet unelectable so that they all act as...
  42. KaboomMaster

    starcraft 2 rated 16 in europe

    Not to sound disagreeable but kids today are actually growing up (in developed countries) slower than ever before. If you look back pre-Victorian there was really no concept of "children" as we know them today instead there was simply working age or not of working age with working age being...
  43. KaboomMaster

    starcraft 2 rated 16 in europe

    Usually if someone reports a post it's for good reason and quite frankly I'm not surprised that you were reported for this thread. All you've done the entire thread was whine about how you might not be able to buy Starcraft 2 and quite frankly I don't disagree with the lawmakers on that. The...
  44. KaboomMaster

    Taking the Galaxy Editor very seriously

    Power is not the issue in this case. The reason custom code work will always be better than GUI is that its more direct. If you had to make a choice between walking either over a mountain or through a direct tunnel through the mountain the tunnel would obviously be more efficient, which more or...
  45. KaboomMaster


    If you've read the mission reviews by various game magazines they talk about how there is a mission where you steal Terrazine from a protoss temple to allow Gabriel Tosh to train Spectres while campaign units and upgrades (firebats, goliaths, ect.) are researched using money gained from doing...
  46. KaboomMaster

    [MAP] Blades of War : ORPG

    Brainstormer reporting! What types of ideas do you need? It would also help the brainstorming process if you had a record of all the current ideas and stuff.
  47. KaboomMaster

    Stunning Starcraft Realizations

    So the a couple days ago when I was playing around in the galaxy editor admiring the beautiful SC2 models I noticed that the missile turret has a terran sitting in a seat targeting and firing the missles. At first I was a bit annoyed because I thought I remembered that in SC the missile turret...
  48. KaboomMaster

    Lowering Braxis Alpha Terrain

    You don't get what I mean dood. Basically I can create a Braxis Alpha map with any starting height (lets say 10 for example) and it only lets me raise the terrain by two floors as is normal for the GE (and plain stupid IMO since WE allowed you to go to max height for raising and lowering). The...
  49. KaboomMaster

    @Anti Bodies At one point I had I believe -20 rep with 3 infractions and was almost banned

    @Anti Bodies At one point I had I believe -20 rep with 3 infractions and was almost banned
  50. KaboomMaster

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for the help

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for the help