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  1. Parrothead

    Buying abilitys

    Buying Abilities Buying Abilities Through Items This tutorial will teach you how to make a system allowing the user to buy a skill from a shop (e.g. Avatar) through the purchase of a temporary item that will give you that skill. This can come in handy in games in which you wish for players to...
  2. paskovich

    Creating some basic abilities

    Creating some basic abilities/spell-types In this tutorial i’ll show how to make some basic, well-known abilities. This is not a step-by-step tutorial, and is not made to beginners, so don’t ask how to use variables and such. I only show a way how to make them to avoid those repeatative...
  3. PiCkstix

    Aquiring Abilities with Items

    I want to just submit this, as it was in one of my maps and I think that it can be quite useful to some, useless to others. This is a system I used to aquire abilities / upgrade abilities through buying items. eg. You buy an item called "Avatar" and you will get it to Level 1 or Level 2 if...