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  1. ap0calypse

    The importance of a Description

    The Importance of a Description 512 Index: Description on the Hive Why waste time on a description? What should I add/avoid in a description? How can I make my description appealing? In-game Description Why add a description in-game if I have one on the hive? What should I...
  2. bounty hunter2

    Various tips for a cinematic maker

    This tutorial is meant for beginners in the terms of WE cinematic making. This tutorial is meant to give you some good tips when making a cinematic. A cinematic can be of two types: A in game cinematic, where after the cinematic ends you play the map (campaign) A cinematic map (a entire map...
  3. Septimus

    The Path Of Proper Map Making - What to do and what should be avoided

    The Path Of Proper Map Making A lot of mappers, especially new ones would probably ask this question. How to create a good map? There are a lot of ways to do so. To start with, I will begin with scripting/triggering. The Importance Of Proper Scripting A lot of people (Especially...