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  1. Homor

    [Crash] Editor crashes when saving a campaign (ver. 1.31)

    Howdy. I'm having a little trouble with 1.31's campaign editor. I try to save a new campaign and the editor crashes with this error Is there a specific thing I'm doing wrong that's causing this? Or does 1.31 just not work with the campaign editor? Will I have to roll back to an older version...
  2. Homor

    [Altered Melee] Simple Naga Race Template

    Hi, I'd like some feedback on this little project I'm working on. Its a race template for an extended version of the Naga, with its own techtree and new units. I'd like some feedback on whether the race is fun to play and if its balanced properly. You can find it here. The gameplay for the map...
  3. Homor

    Model Request: Warcraft Reforged box

    In updated versions of Postal 2, there's an easter egg where you can go to a garbage dump and find a discarded copy of Postal 3, the janky and poorly received sequel. You get an achievement for peeing on it. I think this is hilarious and awesome. Can someone make a simple rectangle, texture it...
  4. Homor

    Reforged Behind the Scenes

    You ever wonder what the hell is going on over at Activision-Blizzard since the release of Reforged? What things were like behind the scenes during development? What the developers and executives are saying to each other? Since Blizzard seems to have adapted the Chinese Government model of being...
  5. Homor

    Bandits with bandanas

    This seems like a simple request, but I don't think I've ever seen it done. I'd like to see someone take the vanilla bandit models (Bandit, Assassin, Apprentice Wizard, Bandit Lord) and put team-colored bandanas on their faces, akin to what undead acolytes wear. I think it would look really...
  6. Homor

    [General] Revolving unit control based on player absence?

    Need a little help with a player system in my newest map. There are four players in the playable force. I want to make it so that if one leaves, the now-empty player is set to treat every other player as an ally with shared unit control. I need to have this work for every single one of the first...
  7. Homor

    [Miscellanous / Other] The Necromancer 2: Beta Build!

    Just (barely) in time for Halloween! Some of you may remember the test build I released a while back. Well now, I'm proud to announce that The Necromancer 2 is finally in a playable state and ready to be unleashed! A giant map with tons of different factions, enemies, boss battles and loot! Can...
  8. Homor

    Ranged Pandaren

    This is a very general request and I assume it's something a lot of people have been waiting for or really need. I really want someone to make a ranged Pandaren unit. It could be a rifleman, spear-thrower, archer, arbalest, just as long as it's ranged. Really appreciated!
  9. Homor

    [Miscellanous / Other] The Necromancer 2 Test Build

    Some of you might remember my map The Necromancer from way back. I've been working on a sequel for quite some time, and I'm really excited to share the pre-alpha with you. It's a simple test build that lets you and as many as three other players stomp around an arena filled with enemies. What I...
  10. Homor

    General Vrykul Units Request Thread

    You know what's absurdly awesome? The Vrykul from WoW. Giant, lumbering viking warriors tall enough to throw an orc from Gilneas to The Barrens? Badass! Sometimes undead, sometimes vampiric, sometimes from hell, the list just goes on and on. They are pretty much everything cool about norse myth...
  11. Homor

    Golden Val'kyr

    With World of Warcraft's new(ish) golden, purified Val'kyr, I think it's time someone helped translate this awesome concept into Warcraft 3. They would be fantastic for some kind of Norse Myth themed map and they'd be a great contrast to the undead Valkyr made the excellent Sellinkso.
  12. Homor

    Firegut Ogre (Simple Ogre Skin)

    This is a request for a simple recolor skin for the normal ogre, the ogre magi and possibly the ogre boss. In WoW, there's an ogre group known as "The Firegut Tribe" who used to fight against the Dark Horde for territory but recently joined it. They're basically just red ogres, sort of like Fel...
  13. Homor

    Adding an Attachment in the model editor.

    Hey, so I know how to add an attachment to a model with an effect or a trigger, but how do I merge an attachment and model together in a model editor? Trying to do this now with the "Villager 40 Animations" model and a rifle.
  14. Homor

    Feral Worgen (Meaty Worgen Units)

    There are a lot of great Worgen models on this site, but a problem I'm having is not a lot of them are very beefy. You mostly see footmen, peasants and spellcasters. You don't see any big, lumbering MFers that can fill unit roles like orc grunts or abominations. That's what I'm requesting here...
  15. Homor

    Villager with Rifle?

    Hi! I have a fairly simple request that may still require a bit of work. I'd like someone to take the ordinary Villager Man model and animate him with a rifle as his weapon. It'd be a nice model to use for modern-day maps with gangs and soldiers and stuff. Plus, it'd go great with beautiful...
  16. Homor

    Dark Iron Gryphon Rider

    I need a fairly simple edit. Just a Dark Iron version of the Gryphon rider. There used to be a version of it floating around on TheHelper but it's long since lost to time. Note: I'm aware of the Dark Iron Mountain King Gryphon Rider currently available, but I want an ordinary Darkhammer unit.
  17. Homor

    Worgen Grunt

    I made a request similar to this before, but it wasn't very specific and didn't have a reference so now I'm gonna try again. There are a lot of great Worgen units on this site, but a big problem is that a lot of the basic attack units are just wolf-y humans. I want a model that captures the...
  18. Homor

    Recruiting AI programmer for Scarlet Crusade Map

    Hi all. I'm here because I need some help from a kind person. I'm the author of "Scarlet Crusade: The Finest Hour." It's a map I'm really proud of, but the one thing I've never been happy with is the lack of enemy AI. I can't do AI for shit, and it would be great if someone would help up setting...
  19. Homor

    [General] General help with my map

    Hi! My current project, Scarlet Crusade - The Finest Hour is nearing completion after several months of work. Now, there are only a few things I (currently) need to fix. 1. The player should be able to build Gryphon Aviary, but when you select the human peasant, the Aviary doesn't show up in...
  20. Homor

    Crafting system

    I'm in way over my head here and I need some help. In my newest map, I'm trying to include a crafting system for my newest map. The idea is that the player puts certain items into a "horadric cube" and a new, stronger item is created. An example would be the player puts a health potion and a...
  21. Homor

    Human mortar team

    Hey, would anyone be willing to a model of a human mortar team? Y'know, for maps where the player wants to have a completely human army.
  22. Homor

    Creating "Heroic Strike" Trigger Spell

    Howdy! I'm working on a map (you can find it in my sig if you wanna try it out) where one of the heroes has a "Heroic Strike" ability. To get it to work, I copied one of the skills from Blizzard's "Extreme Candy War" map. It was converted from the Warrior's "Mortal Blow" skill. Heroic Strike...
  23. Homor

    Worgen Grunt?

    Most Worgen units on this site are either very human-like or very elaborate and meant to be hero units. Is there anyone out there interested in making an orc-style Worgen grunt? Just a simple melee unit for a Worgen race?
  24. Homor

    [General] Dynamic difficulty settings?

    This is less a technical question and more of a general game design one. If you're like me, you hate it when video games have harder difficulty levels and all that changes is the health/attack of the enemies. I want more out of my maps when I add difficulty settings. So what's a good way...
  25. Homor

    [General] Hiding a unit?

    I'm making a map that's supposed to have a final boss appear at the very end. I want to hide him until he's good and ready to show up. How can I make it so the unit doesn't show up on the map initially but after a certain trigger is activated becomes visible and can be fought?
  26. Homor

    [Altered Melee] Gideon: Dog Outta Hell Early Beta

    Gideon: Dog Outta Hell It has been one hundred years after Magnus Gideon led a horrific campaign to merge the reality of Midgard with the Netherverse. After being slain by the champion Arthur Lightbron, Gideon's spirit was cast down into the fires of Inferno, a wicked realm of torment and...
  27. Homor

    [General] Income System?

    I'm working on a map with no way to gather gold from mines or lumber from trees. The idea is, the player will receive income every sixty seconds. They can increase this income by capturing a number of "Control Towers" spread all around the map. The problem is, I have no idea how to do this...
  28. Homor

    Diablo Overlord

    I'd like a model based on the "Overlord" enemy from Diablo. The kind of demon you might remember The Butcher or The Smith was. It should probably use Ogre animations and have big horns. This might all be doable with in-game textures but I don't know. Some reference pics: Any help...
  29. Homor

    Project Recruiting: Terrain Overhaul

    I'm revisiting an old map I made when I was like 16 and I see a ton of areas I can fix/overhaul on my own. The one problem is the terrain is absolutely terrible and needs changed completely. Of course, I'm not very good at making terrain. I was wondering if anyone would like to volunteer to...
  30. Homor

    [Spell] Best Equipment System?

    I've been shopping around, and I've been looking at inventory systems on the site. I'm trying to decide on the best one based on my needs. What I want is: - Heroes can only have one type of item (Weapon, Helmet, Boots, etc) - Generally certain heroes can only have certain weapons (Only...
  31. Homor

    Summoned Skull model

    I was wondering if anyone here had the time/interest to make a model based off of the "Summoned Skull" monster from YuGiOh? Using the Dreadlord model as a base? Pretty goofy, I know, but he looks really cool. I'm not sure how much work it would be, I'm assuming quite a bit. There are...
  32. Homor

    Dark Elves?

    How hard/easy would it be to whip up some basic dark elf models? The Hive's gallery has basically like, none. Seems like it'd be pretty simple, simple just the color palette of the regular elf models a bit. (In fact, that might even be why they're not hosted here - being too simple.) I have a...
  33. Homor

    Kobold Worker

    Hey, why do we have work models for Gnolls, Quillboars, Dreanei and even Ogres, but no worker model for Kobolds? I mean, they're a race of creatures whose only reason to exist in life is to collect, steal and horde gold. Why have we made it all the way to 2015 without anyone ever making a...
  34. Homor

    A [Mod]est Proposal to "improve" the modding community

    For years, Steam has distributed game mods to users on it's service via a feature known as "Steam Workshop." Allowing users to mod their games in a way that cooperates well with the Steam client. The only problem? It wasn't making enough money. So Steam had a f̶u̶c̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶h̶o̶r̶r̶i̶b̶l̶e̶...
  35. Homor

    Some Boss Battle advice?

    (I should preface this by saying that I've read Asomath's tutorial and I found it helpful, but I still need some specifics/details about the stuff I want to do.) I'm putting the finishing touches on a project I've been working on for like a year, and I'm finally almost done with it. I want to...
  36. Homor

    Garithos on foot?

    How do you do? I was just wondering if anyone's ever made a "Garithos on foot" model based on the Paladin. There's already a model of an unmounted Garithos but it's based on the footman and it's... off. If someone could make something like that, it'd be nice.
  37. Homor

    [Trigger] Dialog Won't Appear

    I need some serious help here. I'm in the process of creating my first Dialog button setup, but it won't appear. When I have it set to show the dialog, I'm treated to a blank screen with nothing in it. Here's the trigger I'm trying to get working: Any help with this problem would be...
  38. Homor

    Deep One Model

    I can vividly recall there was a model on this site of a Deep One. A monster from Lovecraftian lore. I've been looking around for it and I can't find it. Was it deleted or removed? Does anyone still have it? I'd really like it.
  39. Homor

    [Import] Attachment troubles.

    I'm having a bit of trouble with attachments right now. I'm attempting to use JK2Pach's Animated Marine model and attach weapons to it, but no matter what i do, the weapons don't work right. I've tried many of Konstrukt's weapon models, but they all tilt widely out of place and in the wrong...
  40. Homor

    [Solved] Object Editor Trouble

    Hey, i'm having a minor problem with the world editor, the object editor, to be specific. I accidentally pressed the wrong key or something, and now categories like "Art" and "Stats" have been shortened "A" and "S". This is a big problem because i can't look at the details of the units i'm...
  41. Homor

    [Solved] Changing Attack Animation?

    Hey guys, i'm using Graber's "Villager 255 Animations model in a map. I'm trying to get the model to shoot as an attack, the shooting animation is "Stand Victory - 41". Is...