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    WarPaint v1.0d

    Couldn't reproduce the issue. 1.0d-r1 on the latest patch with classic graphics still work as far as I can tell.
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    WarPaint v1.0d

    Huh? That's how it works isn't it?. One player draws while the rest of the players take guesses until they guess correctly or the timer runs out.
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    WarPaint v1.0d-r1 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Thank you :)

    Thank you :)
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    WarPaint v1.0d

    Updated the map to work with patch 1.31+.
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    [vJASS] Trigger Handle ID?

    I suspect this is due to your method declaration order. Because the onCollision method is located below the constructor, JassHelper generates a trigger evaluation/execution for your trigger action. This results in GetTriggeringTrigger() in onCollision returning the handle of the generated...
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    [Feedback] Compiled List of Bugs & Issues for 1.30.1+

    Holding down the left mouse button blocks keyboard events from triggering. The middle mouse button no longer fires a down event on 1.30.2 and 1.30.3 PTR.
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    The stuffening.
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    Boom goes the high-explosive anti-tank warhead.
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    Comment by 'Illidan(Evil)X' in media 'Stuff'

    Sure, let's go with that.
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    Unlike JASS2 and vJass, Zinc needs enclosing parenthesis for its if condition expressions. if (<expressions>) {<statements>} if (Rug == "[RG]RugarusVF") {...} Also, the function onColor must return a boolean.
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    Texture path is "Textures\CobraHelicopter.blp". Correct it and restart the editor...

    Texture path is "Textures\CobraHelicopter.blp". Correct it and restart the editor.
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    [Crash] [Help] Cannot find trigger 'CreateTimerBJ' from database when opening .w3m map file by WC3 RoC

    The WTG file isn't corrupted. He's been using a custom trigger function that maps to CreateTimerBJ, probably using an editor extension like WEU. I've stripped the offending function from the map for you and it should now be perfectly openable in the vanilla editor.
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    This thread may be of interest.

    This thread may be of interest.
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    Good catch. Here's the missing texture...

    Good catch. Here's the missing texture: Path is "Textures\RATextures1.blp".
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    [Spell] Is there a rawcode for the Build ability?

    'ANbu' - Build (Neutral) 'AHbu' - Build (Human) 'AObu' - Build (Orc) 'AEbu' - Build (Night Elf) 'AUbu' - Build (Undead) 'AGbu' - Build (Naga) You can find these in the file Units\AbilityData.slk.
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    [vJASS] [Snippet] Mouse Utility

    You very much can. type mousebuttontype extends handle constant native ConvertMouseButtonType takes integer i returns mousebuttontype constant mousebuttontype MOUSE_BUTTON_TYPE_LEFT = ConvertMouseButtonType(1) constant mousebuttontype MOUSE_BUTTON_TYPE_MIDDLE...
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    Widget convert to Unit

    globals hashtable Hashtable = InitHashtable() endglobals function Widget2Unit takes widget w returns unit call SaveWidgetHandle(Hashtable, 0, 0, w) return LoadUnitHandle(Hashtable, 0, 0) endfunction
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    WarPaint v1.0d

    The number of players should not make a difference. All players go through the same exact steps on map initialization. If this was a problem with the map then surely all players would disconnect from the host and not just a few random ones. I strongly suspect this is a issue on Blizzard's end...
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    WarPaint v1.0d

    @Relith96 <3 @Quilnez Thanks kiddo :) @Wareditor Thank you for trying out the map. I'm near fully convinced these random disconnects are due to Warcraft 3 patch instabilities. Never once did I experience disconnects when testing on 1.29.2. Tried a LAN game on the latest PTR earlier and one of...
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    WarPaint v1.0d

    Simply because the author stopped using "Illidan(Evil)X" around 2008. I go by the username "cgsource" everywhere else. Suppose I could change it to "cgsource/Illidan(Evil)X" if it bothers you. That feature's broke as fuck yo. I'm not using any of those assets. Amusing. That was fast. :D
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    [Minigame] WarPaint

    We have a full release guys! VERSION 1.0 • Confirmation dialogs has been implemented for file deletion and overwriting. • Fixed an issue with the brush size slider being active for everyone before the first round had started. • Fixed a thread crash that would occur when a player left a game...
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    WarPaint v1.0c (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    WarPaint v1.0d (Map)

    Description WarPaint is a simple drawing and guessing party minigame for up to 24 players. Gameplay One player becomes the artist and is tasked to draw a sketch that best illustrates the given or chosen subject. As the artist is busy drawing, the rest of the players has to guess the...
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    [Minigame] WarPaint

    This update took a lot longer than anticipated, mostly due to the new UI and file systems. This will probably be the final beta build. BETA R4 • Added loading screen. • Game music no longer starts playing at the loading screen. • Added a save and load system to singleplayer. • Added game...
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    Upgrade Animations being used at random

    There's a spelling error in one of the Sherman's attack animations. Anim "Attack One Upgade First" { ... } The Panzer seems to work fine though.
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    [Trigger] Text Message

    @Chaosy ... Maybe if you tried a player unit event and not a game event? constant gameevent EVENT_GAME_ENTER_REGION = ConvertGameEvent(5) constant playerunitevent EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_UPGRADE_FINISH = ConvertPlayerUnitEvent(31)
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    [Trigger] Text Message

    @Pyrogasm ... It's a player unit event. Triggering player returns the owner of the triggering unit.
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    [Trigger] Text Message

    No, that's literally all there is to it. No setup is required.
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    [Trigger] Text Message

    Shorter triggers you say? Try a hashtable. Upgrade Events Unit - A unit Finishes an upgrade Conditions (Load (Key (Name of (Triggering unit))) of (Player number of (Triggering player)) from UpgradeTable) Equal to False Actions Hashtable - Save True as (Key...
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    [Minigame] WarPaint

    @Sverkerman Thanks! Glad you approve of it. :)
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    [Solved] floating text trigger sometimes work sometimes don't

    You can shadow any number of global variables as far as I know. Use a For Each Integer Variable loop instead of the Integer A one and create a new unique integer variable for it. Let the floating text destroy itself so that we don't have to worry about the Last Created Floating Text getting...
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    [Import] Problem when add Red Glow

    Red_Glow3.blp is a dummy texture from the age of Delete it and the model should work fine.
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    [Minigame] WarPaint

    Some singleplayer interface updates. Saving and loading drawings with chat commands is sooo October 2018. With the new file system in place, I've been experimenting with a viewer and bitmap converter for WarPaint drawings. Mildly interesting stuff.
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    Reforged Warcraft III Reforged - What we know... so far.

    Looks like a screenshot with the classic UI to me. Warcraft 3: Reforged What's Next Panel Liveblog
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    Reforged Warcraft III Reforged - What we know... so far.

    I'm just going to leave this here.
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    [Solved] floating text trigger sometimes work sometimes don't

    @Pyrogasm Not quite. Referencing Integer A in GUI calls a Blizzard.j function which will return the value of the global variable. For this to work you'd have to shadow both bj_forLoopAIndex and bj_forLoopAIndexEnd and read from bj_forLoopAIndex directly inside the loop. Actions Custom...
  42. Illidan(Evil)X

    <SOLVED!> Adding a boolean to this code? Please help!

    Edited. I assume you're using GUI player numbers for the array index, right? Player 1 equals 1 and not 0?
  43. Illidan(Evil)X

    <SOLVED!> Adding a boolean to this code? Please help!

    To the rescue! scope SampleDialogSystem initializer Init globals private dialog array Dialog private button array Button private button array PlayerButton[25][10] private trigger T=CreateTrigger() endglobals private function GetTitle takes...
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    Hi there.

    Hi there.
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    <SOLVED!> Please help! "//" not printed to file, Preloader

    I haven't looked deeply into it, but I believe your setup for the save/load system is wrong. SaveLoadMaxLength is currently set to a maximum of 64 characters, but your generated load codes is much longer. Increasing this value might just solve your problem. I isolated your save/load triggers to...
  46. Illidan(Evil)X

    <SOLVED!> Please help! "//" not printed to file, Preloader

    I did some testing. As theorized, the Preload native seem to have a hard limit of 259 characters (at least on patch 1.29.2). //! zinc library PreloadTest { function onInit() { string chunk = "0123456789ABCDEF"; string str = ""; integer i = 0; while (i < 64) {...
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    [Minigame] WarPaint

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    <SOLVED!> Please help! "//" not printed to file, Preloader

    Not as far as I'm aware. They both accomplishes the same thing; omitting the call to PreloadEnd, which I assumed was done for a reason.
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    <SOLVED!> Please help! "//" not printed to file, Preloader

    I don't see why it wouldn't. Both versions do the same thing (set the tooltip of the ability 'Amls'), so loading shouldn't be affected.
  50. Illidan(Evil)X

    <SOLVED!> Please help! "//" not printed to file, Preloader

    Perhaps a character limit on the Preload native? Just for fun, what happens if you replace the FileIO write preload line with this shorter version? call Preload("\")\ncall BlzSetAbilityTooltip('Amls',\"" + contents + "\",1)\nreturn//")