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    Project Recruitment - Life Of a Terran

    I hear something about the need for ideas? Ideas are my specialty: I would be glad to help. I'm afraid I know too little about the Galaxy editor as of now to accomplish getting much work done, though. However, I may still provide ideas and I am willing (wanting) to get some galaxy help and...
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    Aparently, Starcraft II Version of DotA is comming...

    DoTa wasn't a bad map, it just wasn't to interesting to me. Many others also agreed and so everyone got angry at all the DoTa players because A many DoTa players where trollish morons thus creating a horrible community, and B it took up the entire list and kicked many maps interesting to other...
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    Ability Brainstorming

    I believe the Infested Marine should be replaced with the Infestor seeing as how it isnt really all that big, it could be the spell caster for the Zerg like how the High Templar is for the Protoss. I guess he could have a bit buffed abilities of his melee counterpart and be capable of spawning...
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    Actually it does have a chat system that can be opened at all times and be put in any sort of windowed or minimized form, it just doesn't have large open ones with a name branded on them so they can be called channels.
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    Small Cage

    Fail. Great model by the way, It could be very very useful.
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    Zombie Maps - Who's In?

    I would be, but I'm going for zerg survival first.
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    Apocalypse Simulator

    Introduction If anyone (probably no one) remembers Zombie simulator: This is the sequel! Before, it was one apocalypse, the zombie apocalypse. Now, it can be that, and many more! This thread was created to inform you of its coming, show you the list features/Apocalypses, and to ask for ideas...
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    Spider Bot

    I didn't relate this at all with the immortal, I was thinking more spring/SupCom Unit. I noticed you do play spring; is that where you got the idea? I really like the model, its a tad bit too big; maybe a small rescaling? The rest is perfect!
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    Mind Wars

    I have made a simple concept for a map, I wouldn't call this an actual map, but it does have goals and I believe game play goes nicely too. I wouldn't be able to tell though because I have hosting problems at the moment, and I am trying to fix that. Anyways, here you go if you want to try it...
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    You Suck

    You Suck
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    I think this was a great idea! Now we could use this for some weird makeshift saw blade shooter or a half life remake of some sort.
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    I have now answered your questions Mr.Picky man, and please try everything in the game before you tell me to add stuff already in there!
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    Zombie-Simulator.1.7 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Zombie-Simulator.1.7 (Map)

    Game play: This map is a very unique zombie survival where not only does a player play the zombie he actually only has one zombie... until he decides to break out of his cage and infect the military bases scientists and slip away from the guards with his new army of poorly motor skilled beings...
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    Zombie Simulation Map!

    Yes, I did make the terrain look a little better now. EDIT: Screen shots added.
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    Income system

    Not sure exactly what your talking about, but this series of income triggers that should good for you: Trigger 1 Events: Time - Every 20.00 seconds of game time Actions: Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units of type City) and do (Player - Add # to (Owner of (Picked unit)) Current gold)...
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    Zombie Simulation Map!

    -Zombie Infection Simulator- Oh hey look, its a city... no zombies you say? Hey look its another city, no zombies there either, not even at the farm! A military base... 1 zombie you say? ok now how is that supposed to be any fun with 1 zombie in the middle of a heavily guarded military base...
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    Space Marine: Plasmagun

    You took the words right out of my mouth!
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    Espada de Hielo

    Nice sword, if I where to name it I would give it a icy sounding name. It is a great model, I have seen nothing like it before.
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    Zombie Infection Map: Recruiting Team

    The basic idea: Description: It is a zombie infection simulation where the city is just fine... That is until the first zombie breaks out of its cell, and Infects two entire city's! Human Objective: Run around the city find weapons Including guns and melee weapons ranging from crowbars to high...
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    Simple model needed

    The Model: OK, this is a simple Request I need for a zombie map I am making: A peasant model ( either shirt/type is fine) with Marine animations but no weapon(For attachment weapons) If you please make it I will give credit for it. Here is the map, not all things in this are complete but are...
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    Scavenger Dragon

    Love the wings, hell I love the whole thing! Its a great model, all I can say.
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    Zombie Idea

    well it all depends, I have been getting complaints about it for my map, so any more and I will need it. Also I don't know how to make models, and I don't have the tools to do so anyways.
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    Zombie Idea

    Team colored zombies would be nice, its simple, just a zombie with team colored shoulders or something. I may need this for my own map, people control zombies in this map making it confusing whats theres and whats not.
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    Frostwhisper's Terrain Collection

    Great collection, what model are those serpents?
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    Zombie help

    well zombies spawn from graves making them use birth animation and if you wana know more contact either my aim msn or steam Aim: shapeshifters95 Msn: [email protected] Steam: Warpigg52 (nickname shapeshifters) of course
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    Zombie help

    black arrow the zombie would slowly die i want a solid non expired zombie
  28. 1)arkdemon

    Zombie help

    Never Mind all the zombie Infection triggering Business, I figured for my map it would be a bit over powered seeing zombies mass in numbers already, and main units are melee it would be horribly over powered. anyways all I need are some zombies, and I'll update if need anything else thanks. ok...
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    Nuclear Realms Builder 1.0

    ok at first thought it was ok mean cool models, and great terrain, but then, I noticed a whole bunch of things that just where not right: snipers don't get so close, mortars are meant to attack buildings, and marines don't even get that close. I was just thinking wow this sucks, who makes...
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    Bad ass, but i have one thing to say... Who wears short shorts, I wear short shorts!
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    Troll Raptor-Rider

    cool just wish it had fingers...
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    F. T. F. Light infantry

    i think its good no bodys guna notice in game
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    Keep up the good gnoll stuff it all came just in time for my map
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    Nerubian Flying Bombarder by Burning_Dragoon5

    Love it ill be using it in my map nice work for 2 days
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    sweet model but can you make like a gnoll scout riding a wolf? The old wolf riding gnoll i found didn't look too good
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    Recuiting for medieval unique map

    ok basically shut up I have bad grammar but I need modelers,Jass,Triggering, and just pure help. I am working on a map called Role Builders where you are alowed to choose between Hero and empire but as hero i will need a sort of far out 3rd person camera and also i will be needing help working...
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    Wind Beam Missile

    Not only is it a good model i am glad you added a little video more people should do that i am using it should be good for some magic i in my big project
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    Northrend Undead Building Birth

    Because I need it for some freaky race that wants to freeze everything not turn it into darkness
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    Troll Worker

    I know there was an ice troll builder but we looked for like 30 minutes no dice
  40. 1)arkdemon

    Troll Worker

    Right here am the guy with the need for some models here ill show you the map a little bit later maps still in major work its playable but realy buggy
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    Lindormr Dragon

    i never cared about file size before WOOOO go olof you just made me want to make a whole new race to my map ill give u credit for best model in map
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    Covenant Elite

    he does not need a gun guys if your lazy he does but if your like me you add a hole bunch of different guns to this model
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    Gnoll Brawler

    keep pouring in gnoll models great for my big map project :D
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    What Do You Make in a Map First?

    yea normaly make the terrain and doodads first so your not betatesting on a gay flat map with nothing but grass on it
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    Space Marine

    just keeps getting better and better
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    I know its cool but i mean alot of jeeps are like this and plus it looks so nice needs a driver
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    i guess the only reason this is a model is because custom animation anyways lol
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    i am confused whats what man
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    WOOOT just in time am maken a halo wars type map but now i need a scorpian tank warthog and hornet...
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    Elenai I say you should work on space elves then, I could make a map about the space Orc/Elven war