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    Comment by 'fgundam' in media 'Alliance Main Buildings'

    WHOA where did you get those models! (O_O)
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    Fabricator Tank

    Awesome model but might need to change the dissipate animation from the person to a tank instead!? (O_O)
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    love the models and Favor map! can you add your building models as well?

    love the models and Favor map! can you add your building models as well?
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    the model is awesome!! just need work on the animations.
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    Command Center

    can you make the circular building part of the structure as a first or second upgrade so that it can act as a re-placer for the main structure for any race that any of us will use in our maps?
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    Dieselpunk Troopers

    is there going to be a Steampunk Hero Model soon?
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    Bunker Golem

    is there going to be an icon for it?
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    Comment by 'fgundam' in media 'Knights Of The Ebon Blade'

    who are the other two heros beside the middle one?
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    Dwarven Towers

    are you going to add an arcane version or maybe make it into a tesla version?
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    AWESOME Model!!!! if possible can you add a Hero Glow Version as well?
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    Grey Knight Terminator

    Please add a hero glow version! XD
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    the guys right shoulder clips into the helmet when moving. and can you also add a missile launching animation from the shoulders?
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    Judgment Paladin

    can you add an SSC Icon as well?
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    Clockwerk Giant

    can there be an attack slam animation? want to use this model to replace the taurens. XD
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    what happen to the model?
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    Stone Walls

    these model are awesome but for some reason when using them there are no vertical and diagonal variants! (O_O) i only see horizontal versions (Y_Y)
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    Hive's Simple Edit Resources Thread

    hey can someone edit the vanilla worker units to instead of carrying lumber they carry crystals? and instead of a bag of gold it is a barrel of gas/fuel? will be awesome as an alternative instead of using scv, drone, or probe from starcraft and will be for every race! (O_O) Edit1: if possible...
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    thank you! XD

    thank you! XD
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    Comment by 'fgundam' in media 'Orcs&Goblins'

    @Em! oh ok it is just that the building models are awesome and was hoping to download them for personal use. (O_O) no offense intended.
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    Comment by 'fgundam' in media 'tank attachments'

    cool but i dont see any of such models in the hive (O_O)
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    Comment by 'fgundam' in media 'Tank'

    cool is this model in the hive?
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    Clockwerk Giant

    awesome model!! can you add an attack slam animation to it so that i can use it to replace the tauren?
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    Goblin Bombardier

    awesome model! now can anyone recommend a good female goblin voice for the model?
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    Hero Cyberslayer

    AWESOME model can you add a hero glow version?
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    Comment by 'fgundam' in media 'Orcs&Goblins'

    are the building models available somewhere?
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    Comment by 'fgundam' in media 'Goblins'

    can you add info on where we can find some of the models?
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    Day Laborer

    Awesome model but it is missing death gold.
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    Night Elf Gunship

    awesome model! please add a birth animation to it and maybe add a cabin at the back since it is a aerial gunship right?
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    WC2 Troll Destroyer

    awesome model! can you add attack and birth animation to it?
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    Magni Bronzebeard

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    Magni Bronzebeard

    awesome model but the blood is suppose to be red right?
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    AWESOME Model just hoping that you will add a hero glow and a helmet vizer close version. XD
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    Paladin Judgment_Armor

    Nice model just wondering if you will make a no skirt version?
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    wow thanks! XD
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    the icon is awesome but can you add a scorescreen icon as well?
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    AWSOME model Kofi and if possible can you make it into a 3 tiered structure?
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    nice took a while to search for this model and since it is simple edit of adding a visor i think this should be move to the simple edit forum! XD
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    King Anduin Wrynn

    AWESOME!!! now only if there is a nice BTN DISBTN and score screen to go with the model (Y_Y)
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    Spell Breaker and Derivatives

    awesome! thanks for the model just wondering if there is going to be a human and high elf variant?
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    awesome model! are you going to make a varient to shoot bullets?
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    Beyond the Throne: Tides of Darkness

    for sure i am interested hmm for sure i am interested in these models the gold two gold ship behind the mage and foot men the tank in the image the orc shipyard itself Turtle with canons and the airplane in the corner the cannon tower as well as the building above the...
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    Beyond the Throne: Tides of Darkness

    AWESOME Map! XD just wondering where some of the models are from since i cant seem to find some of them from the hive (O_O)
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    Alliance Dozer

    is there a version with gold and lumber animation?
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    Ujimasa Hojo's Resources Discussion

    sorry i meant custom or edited building models like how you made the "nobby mansion"
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    Tiered modern or steampunk buildings request

    thanks for reminding me. will upload or link pic of desired model.
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    Tiered modern or steampunk buildings request

    hi i am new to the hive and have searched for models to replace the structures and units for the human race in map editor and have notice that there are not much or any tiered modern structures and what i find is only appropriate for non upgradable structures such as the barracks, factory...
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    Ujimasa Hojo's Resources Discussion

    hello Ujimasa Hojo i was wondering if it is possible for you to make a mondern or steampunk faction based on general franks iron empire tanks? since we dont seem to have any tiered structures that are not modernized. please take your time to decide if you want to do it or not.
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    AWESOM! now only if there is an additional attack animation to it as well! XD
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    Hive's Simple Edit Resources Thread

    hey can someone make a simple edit of a model with Friky's bunker skin? its this one Bunker.blp
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    THANK YOU!!! XD but which model is it? cant seem to find it when importing it in the editor. (Y_Y)