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  1. Xarwin

    Wacraft III remastered & Diablo II remastered: on its way!

    Hi everyone! I thought that bringing this would be very interesting for everyone! The chances of a Warcraft III remastered & Diablo II remastered coming are likely confirmed. These findings are based on a certain job they opened up at their website: Senior Software Engineer, Server -...
  2. Xarwin

    Searching for a new "community" name

    Hey everyone. I'm going to start up a new gaming~anime community and merge my old one into it later on. At the moment we're with a team of people that will start it up but we are having troubles with finding a good name. I hope to get some inspirations or perhaps a name here. Preferably with...
  3. Xarwin

    SC 2 Mod: Warcraft III Armies Of Azeroth [Part 2]

    Hey everyone. This is another post about the incredible Starcraft II mod named "Warcraft III: Armies of Azeroth". A new exciting video has shown up after a while and I'm pretty sure people will like it. The whole Warcraft III concept is back with awesome models and animations. If...
  4. Xarwin

    Need some vBulletin coding help..

    Hey everyone. Might perhaps not be the best place to ask but I'm going to give it a try anyway. Recently I swapped from my old forum software SMF back to vBulletin. I was fine converting my design and to make additional changes but I'm stuck at some coding. I'm creating a new, custom...
  5. Xarwin

    Who's still playing HotS (EU)?

    Hey everyone. There have been a few threads about teaming up and so but a bit out of date. I'm checking out with this thread about who's playing the game at EU and who's willing to play with me. I'm an alpha player and ranked 7 however I don't really care much for that. The only add could be...
  6. Xarwin

    SC 2 Mod: Warcraft III Armies Of Azeroth

    Hello everyone. I couldn't really find a similar post to this so I'm sharing this. It looks really beautiful and I hope that they will finish this project. It's a remake of Warcraft III and still WIP but as far as we can see it looks similar and good. Youtube video: Some images...
  7. Xarwin

    Looking for Warcraft III Players (Normal & Custom)

    Hi everyone. Since I'm still lurking around on this website I was wondering if anyone else here is interested in playing normal & custom games (oh yes, I am aware of the weekly event list but this is outside the topic). I'm searching for players who are still into the game since I want to...
  8. Xarwin

    Having your custom map "signed" like Blizzard

    Hello everyone. I am not sure if everyone knows the fact about signing a map, but this is what Blizzard always do with theirs. It gives their map a custom icon that they are the authors and gives them a kind of "check seal" for At the moment I am searching for a way to get maps...
  9. Xarwin

    Apple Iphone 4 vs Samsung S3 - Best Option?

    Hey guys. For once in a while I'm making a post and eventually it's about opinions. I am planning to buy a new smartphone. However, I'm not certain what I should buy. I always wanted to get me an Iphone but now that I heard other things from my friends I doubt if I'd take it. Eventually...
  10. Xarwin

    Can you see what I see?

    I was browsing dat Hive forumz and all of a sudden I bump on something, this: CAN YOU SEE IT? Derp!
  11. Xarwin

    Diablo III Beta has begun.. But not for all!

    Hey everyone! If you're waiting for Diablo III like me you should be happy since it's getting near! However, Blizzard is being lame again and only shares the current beta with family and friends. Isn't that awful? I mean... These companies are being such pain in the ass... You can find the...
  12. Xarwin

    In need of coders/jassers/gui-ers

    Hey guys. Since short I've got enough time to work on Hive's Core again. I've been focusing on the most important area now: the heroes. Like most of you should know, coding/creating gui isn't that easy for every spell. I've been doing these spells alone for the moment, some guys are...
  13. Xarwin

    Confirmation of Hero

    This post is linked back to where users have to confirm their hero. Members which submitted their hero and which aren't moderated yet: Send me a PM to do. This will also give me an idea...
  14. Xarwin

    Hive's Battlefield is still on the move

    Hey guys, Just to let you know that hive's battlefield is still under constructions. News and data will be posted asap. My real life and other things consumed a lot of energy which I hope many of you can understand. I would like to post a note that Hive's Battlefield will co-operate...
  15. Xarwin

    I'm still on it!

    This thread is created to have a clean sight about who is still helping, supporting or observing our work. In the end a lot of people left, joined and left again. I would really appreciate it if you make a post and tell me what you're currently doing around this project. With me: - M0rbid ...
  16. Xarwin

    [Apply here] Project (co)leaders

    Greetings Hivers. I think its necessary that I split command to more people. It will make things more organized and faster done. Please note that I take end descissions, therefor if you want to have an idea approved or disapproved talk to me about it. Currently I need people for these...
  17. Xarwin

    Creation of Hero Spells

    Hey everyone, this is the official thread for spell creation! Any format is welcome since we will attempt to fix it. If you can, please make sure that the spells you create are: (- MUI) - Leakless (most important) - Optimized So, where can I find the spells which have to be created...
  18. Xarwin

    Total Map Status

    This thread has been created to show the current status of the map because we aren't posting it doesn't mean we ain't working on it. In this way people can easily follow it up. Current state: paused (duo me being too busy with other things). Please take a note that I really want to finish it...
  19. Xarwin

    Hive's Core Item Concept Submission

    This thread has been created in order to get various idea's for items in the map. I made this thread so all hive members can think along for some nice, balanced items. In order to submit your idea please follow our guidelines. - Do not spam this thread with massive items and think about good...
  20. Xarwin

    Would you be interested in..

    Playing a specific custom Warcraft III game in order to win a prize? I still got starcraft 2 key prizes to give away. I organized some other tournament(s) which failed. Before I do another one, I'm asking for your interest. No useless posting, thanks.
  21. Xarwin

    Sudden Death Tournament - SC II Key Award Prize!

    Hive Workshop presents: Sudden Death (Free for all) Tournament Welcome to another unique tournament of The Hive workshop! This tournament is only for THW users which can win an awesome prize! This tournament only exists out of one game and can have up to 10(12) players! The game...
  22. Xarwin

    Secondary Melee Tournament - Starcraft II key prize!

    Hive Workshop presents: Secondary Melee Tournament Welcome to this secondary Melee Tournament of The Hive Workshop. This tournament is only for THW users since there will be an awesome reward given by Ralle. Because of the success and massive pm's I received for more playing I...
  23. Xarwin

    2 versus 2 Melee Tournament - Starcraft II Key Prizes!

    Hive Workshop presents: 2vs2 Melee Tournament Welcome to another exclusive Melee Tournament of The Hive Workshop. This tournament is only for THW users since there will be an awesome reward given by Ralle. This tournament has been split out of the dual melee tournament duo some...
  24. Xarwin

    Recruitment Thread

    Greetings everyone. This thread is made for people wanting to help us in the project and eventually join our team. We have a lot of awesome people in our team with various skills. However, we still may miss a few skills and that's why I made up this one thread. We are currently searching for...
  25. Xarwin

    Required In the map

    This thread will contain requests and posts of the things we need beside our coding. The team can check this out once in a while to see if something is available at his position and post that he's on it. Remember to ask information at me! What?TypeUnder constructions byEstimated finishing time...
  26. Xarwin

    Important Note

    Hey guys. Since a while I'm bothered with the way of working. We are doing things so strict and so perfect that it is taking the essence away of this project. The massive amount of idea's and comments may look nice however the map doesn't even has its roots to build on with that. And like...
  27. Xarwin

    Dual Melee Tournament

    Dual Melee Tournament - Starcraft II Key Prizes! Hive Workshop presents: Dual Melee Tournament Welcome to this exclusive Melee Tournament of The Hive Workshop. This tournament is only for THW users since there will be an awesome reward given by Ralle. Two tournaments will be held: One...
  28. Xarwin

    Starcraft II Meet & Share Place!

    Hey everyone. You might have heard that THW is happily chosen for being an awesome modding website and thus received up 100 beta keys to share. Now I think it would be great sharing our account names so we can meet up and game together. Post in this thread your name and realm if you...
  29. Xarwin

    Item Discussion Thread

    Everyone may post and discuss items in here. It is important that we get up decent and very balanced items because most AoS games are ruled by items. Our AoS should take care of that. Submission thread...
  30. Xarwin

    Hive's Core Official Information Thread

    What is this project? Hive’s Battlefield is an AoS map which is currently under constructions. The map is based on the fact that heroes are featured as community members. By this members have the ability to reflect themselves in the form of a Warcraft III hero. The map exists out of four lanes...
  31. Xarwin

    Idea Thread

    In this thread you may suggest idea's for the map "Hive's Battlefield". We respect everyone's opinion however sometimes we may take other decisions. Thanks for understanding.
  32. Xarwin

    What's Going On

    THIS LIST IS OUTDATED AND WILL BE UPDATED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE It is important that we know what's going on and who is creating what. Everything that is under constructions should be reported to me in order to add it right here. This list will be manually updated time to time. Member...
  33. Xarwin

    Project Team Members

    I give my thanks to those which are in my team. Their support and awesome work in a short duration of time did a lot and eventually made it possible getting our project hosted. Below you can find the whole team meanwhile each member his function is named. Member NameWork field XarwinProject...
  34. Xarwin

    Item concepts

    This discussion is meant for idea's around items. Post items with their full status, effect and eventually preferred icon when possible. Item combinations may be posted too!
  35. Xarwin

    Hero Concepts

    Hey guys, Submit hero concepts in here! Rules in creation: First of all, team members are allowed to automatically include themselves. I think this speaks for itself. Secondary, you can create other members. However, perhaps they'd like to have another genre and want to swap/change...
  36. Xarwin

    Hive's Battlefield : Project Team Frontpage

    This group includes all members which are working on the map Hive's Battlefield. Members:Anachron DonDustin krisserz Midnighters MortAr Mr.Goblin Septimus supertoinkz The Reborn Devil WherewolfTherewolf Xarwin
  37. Xarwin

    [Hive's Battlefield] - A community Map

    A community map with member heroes So, what exactly? Hive’s Battlefield will be an AoS based map which features community members as heroes. Each hero has his own special abilities and looks. Customization is one of the main attributes to this map. The plan is making it more outstanding than...
  38. Xarwin

    Blizzard strikes again! Patch 1.24e

    The newest patch 1.24e has been totally updated to beat out all current hacks. It contains the following fixes: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Patch 1.24e -------------------------------------------------------------------------- FIXES - Fixed an...
  39. Xarwin

    Support the anti-hack!

    Greetings everyone. Since a while hackers have been dominating with their tools, bots, maphacks, keyloggers and even more. The warden of (anti-cheat system) is NOT holding them off anymore and we really need them to patch up a lot to prevent hacking on their servers...
  40. Xarwin

    Car Driving, or almost? Check this!

    Hey all. I received a link from a person, which shocked me pretty much. Its about what possibly could happen if you text message and drive at the same time. Please don't post ridiculous posts upon it as it isn't to laugh about. Accidents happen...
  41. Xarwin

    Tattoo --> I need your inspiration!

    Hey everyone. It has been a while since I posted, and now I'm coming up with a post. I'm planning to get a tattoo soon, yet I can't work out my idea. I was hoping that some of you could paint it or help me out creating it. So, the big idea for my tattoo is a sun, combined with a heart. I'd be...
  42. Xarwin

    RAW Code of units in tooltips

    Hey guys recently I came up with something which apparently didn't wanted to work, now I'm not sure if it is possible but like my title said: Is it possible to use RAW data of units in their tooltip? For example : Ziggurat's Armor = <uaod,armor> (doesn't work though). Thanks in advance.
  43. Xarwin

    [Picture] Gundam

    Lol, awesome :D
  44. Xarwin

    Blizzard Entertaiment is still active against hacks

    Original message: Awesome that they're still active on that part yet sad that they tell nothing about the very dangerous bug exploit to launch command prompts. I thought that I'd better share it here for those who missed it.
  45. Xarwin

    [JASS] random x & y from a region

    A simple question but yeh, I just can't find out this one line. I need to get a random x and a random y from a certain region. Posting this would be appreciated, thanks.
  46. Xarwin

    x2o Map Project Team [Recruit]

    Hello everyone. Since short we decided to start a map project on clan x2o with a specific, specialized team. It's supposed to be a great team of members which know their tasks and duty towards the project. As for the maps we are working on? They will vary. We intend to keep the team we have...
  47. Xarwin

    Aura that pulls enemies towards it

    Hey all. I decided to ask some help since I'm sucking at a few triggers/scripting in the World Editor. I requested a spell like this but took my request back since the people of the spell factory are pretty busy. I am going to kinda paste my post in here: So, what I'd need is an aura...
  48. Xarwin

    Something bothers me : Respect

    Okay hello everyone. Lately I feel bad here, on the hive. Behaivor is just so 'outraged' that you're too cool to be reasonable on the forums. In what? well, most of you might have skills in the world editor and around it, fair enough and respect for that. But many of you LACK respect...
  49. Xarwin

    Stuck with operating system choise

    Hey people! Lately I'm stuck with, what operating system I should choose. Now I'm using Windows Vista (lowest version), and I hate it when it crashes. My guess is that Vista cannot handle all the program's I open and use. So now I'm planning to either change operating system or buying a...
  50. Xarwin

    Warcraft 3 Patch 1.22 Information

    As I noticed some people are not following the patch evolution of Blizzard, So I had the idea to post them. Be informed about the patch information which comes straight on from a Blizzard poster. The latest announcement about this patch has been made here, I'll continue the evolution of the...