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    reminds me of the nomads (freelancer) ...
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) shat brix. :D

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) shat brix. :D
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    this is what an icon should look like. appreciated! :D
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) meh simply awesome. worked for blizz? :D

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) meh simply awesome. worked for blizz? :D
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    looks kinda ... well a mix of being pissed off and being very sad.
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    you got 2 posts and 84 rep. why?

    you got 2 posts and 84 rep. why?
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    np :D
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    would you really use that icon for any map? for any of your (future) own map(s)? voted for rejection 1/5
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    please give some creative comments, or otherwise you will deserve negative rep. @ topic: hm ... its blurry ok. improve it and add some more details. i do not want to rate it, cause, well. you can not see what it is. but good luck on your further icons (if you are gonna do some other ones ;D)...
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    lul thats nice :D i kinda like it :D
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    ok let me do the first step: rating it. 1/5 until you delete it.
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    Quote: "An eye that is confusing some one" it actually does.
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    the cup itself is a bit blurry :/ try to add more details and sharp it a bit ;-)
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) deserves some rep.

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) deserves some rep.
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    the axe/blade itsself needs more highlights and shadings, as mentioned above. and try to make the handle look like a real handle, cause the current one looks very flat :/ try these ones:
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    emm, you should rework the disbtn. its horrible. and zoom out a bit, would look better.
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) quote: "cool you starting on the humans" - model name:"ElfLumberMill" -...

    Reputation (+1): (Post) quote: "cool you starting on the humans" - model name:"ElfLumberMill" - LOL :D
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) some rep for ya

    Reputation (+1): (Post) some rep for ya
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    which one is better?

    k thanks for your quick reply, i look forward to do so.
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    which one is better?

    ok first thanks for ya reply, but which color/etc. should i use ?
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    which one is better?

    hey there i am gonna release my map "TV-Total: Seal Hunting" (i hope this is the right translation, if not well... :D) as i mentioned above, i made 2 map previews and i wanted you to choose the better one (or just give me some creative comments on it :D): #1 #2 note: i made this in gimp...
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    man thats good!
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    you should fix those borders - especially the DIS ones look horrible :/ offtopic: 200th post :grin:
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    you should recolor that pins, cause black pins and a black doll do not look that good. but i like the face, good work 4/5
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) sweet and useful ...

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) sweet and useful ...
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    sweet ... +rep
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    wow nice work!
  30. ...


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    [Trigger] Actions that can be executed at map initialization

    hey there, i often noticed people having trouble with the "map initialization"-event used in GUI, so i wanted to create a list containing all actions which can be executed at map initialization. +rep who helps :thumbs_up...
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    well, simple and blurry; you should fix that, but otherwise its ok
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) perfect.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) perfect.
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    Hashtables and MUI

    damn useful! thanks man, +rep for sure ;-)
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    [Trigger] What is wrong with this?

    If - Conditions (Life of Unit[A_Index[3]]) Less than 0.01 i am not sure, but i think this condition would not work, cause a unit always has at least 1 hp, not 0.01 or something like that. you could replace it with If - Conditions Unit[A_Index[3]] is alive = true i do not...
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    oh you got rid of paint, eh? nice icon 5/5 and +rep EDIT: cnp o.O ? that deserves negative rep ... EDIT2: and try this tool to rework the borders:
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    wow i like the whole collection
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    looks pretty good, i like it.
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    Jacketh'sTD v1.1

    amazing terrain.
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) epic.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) epic.
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    DMMOD: Forest of Wander

    again a nice template, but it needs more doodad/landscape variations. 3/5
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    looks pretty good, could be useful 4/5
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    spent more time on any of your ressources. please.

    spent more time on any of your ressources. please.
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    AoS Frozen Silver

    Review - Triggers - everything is ordered, categorized and clearly shown GENERAL: - you created cheats. anyone can enter them without opening your map, cause they are VERY easy to guess. - everything leaks - remove these 0.01 waits - remove "do nothing"-actions (cause they...
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    you must highlight the mug. it looks too flat at the moment :/
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    my suggestion: BUY SOME GLASSES and rework it. the entire ... thing.
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    i just suppose you to get another program, gimp for example (its free):
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) *sarcastic smile*

    Reputation (+1): (Post) *sarcastic smile*
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    what the ..? thank you for adding a title to it, cause i can not see anything.
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    oh my god o.o i see its freehanded (the only positive aspect); rework the whole thing, cause that is nothing which can be approved at the moment. --> look at this image and spent more than 2 minutes on your future icon(s):