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  1. Bannar

    [Solved] Problem starting with Wurst

    I've been invoked! @HerlySQR @Daffa why hello there @Frotty long time :D If issue persists after all help from Frotty, it is advised to provide reproduction steps - step by step what you do to encounter the issue.
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    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thanks for feedback

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thanks for feedback
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    [Snippet] RegisterEvent pack

    @GhostHunter123 your reply is much appreciated. Unfortunately, both GetEventPlayerChatString and GetEventPlayerChatStringMatched are intended to work with TriggerRegisterPlayerChatEvent rather than TriggerRegisterPlayerEvent - this is implicitly suggested by the very location of mentioned...
  4. Bannar

    [Snippet] New Table

    You do not need Warcraft3 installed to do compilation checks. I'm working via VisualCode with vJass and Wurst both. And only when required, I'm injecting .j code into the map and testing. Even wrote a tutorial about this.
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    Reputation (+4): (Post) Your feedback is much appreciated.

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Your feedback is much appreciated.
  6. Bannar

    [Snippet] RegisterEvent pack

    @AGD thanks for your feedback, this complements latest addition of UnregisterNativeEventHandler() nicely. RegisterNativeEvent: Return triggercondition handle on event register has been pushed to github repo. Opening post has been also updated.
  7. Bannar

    [Snippet] RegisterEvent pack

    @AGD I believe you want me to update both of the following, yes? function RegisterIndexNativeEvent takes integer whichIndex, integer whichEvent, code func returns nothing function RegisterNativeEvent takes integer whichEvent, code func returns nothing Given the existing return type - void...
  8. Bannar

    [Snippet] New Table

    @Bribe, thanks for taking time into updating Table resource. Could you provide output of 'git log -p -n 1' for your update? Would be so much easier to review.
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    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thanks for feedback leading to good improvements.

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thanks for feedback leading to good improvements.
  10. Bannar

    [Snippet] RegisterEvent pack

    Following has been pushed to github repo: RegisterNativeEvent: Add UnregisterNativeEventHandler. Opening post has been updated to reflect the change, thank you for your feedback.
  11. Bannar

    [Snippet] RegisterEvent pack

    Well, that changes things, thanks for sharing @SinisterLuffy . So, I don't see anything wrong with adding unregister function. Hope you didn't wait for my update and instead modified library by hand in your map ^)^
  12. Bannar

    [Snippet] RegisterEvent pack

    @Bribe, please correct me if I'm wrong, but removing conditions did not yield expected results in the past. In order for one to be truly sure about event-handler being removed, one had to destroy trigger handle and re-add all the conditions except for those which are to be "removed". Has this...
  13. Bannar

    [Snippet] New Table

    @_Guhun_ Thanks for your input. In general, releasing new resources that cover base/primitive subjects which fuel high-level stuff above (e.g. spells and effects) should be avoided. Bribe brought you a all-around resource which has found many extensions and usages such as Vector<T> and List<T>...
  14. Bannar

    [Snippet] RegisterEvent pack

    @SinisterLuffy and others, could you provide a more elaborate explanation? After all this time, I still believe the library feels complete as is. Perhaps I'm wrong. And thus, a life example (actual need, not a nice-to-have) would help - all of us.
  15. Bannar

    [Snippet] String

    On hive meet people from many different IOT and programming domains, and more often than not, from none at all - hobbyists. Each group has their own preferences, and one cannot possibly satisfy them all. Provided naming is biased towards c-syntax rather than the java one. Thanks for your input.
  16. Bannar

    [Snippet] String

    Thanks for report @SinisterLuffy . Don't hesitate to provide PR at: crojewsk/war3libs.
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    Thanks man!

    Thanks man!
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    @SinisterLuffy just bumping so that you know your comment has been noted. Since the launch of Reforged I haven't been working with WE, really. Compatibility with existing WE version would have to checked first, then status of custom functions that I'd added - see if some aren't deprecated...
  19. Bannar

    Tree Revival

    Thank you for reporting this. Updated the resource as per moderator request.
  20. Bannar

    Hmm, don't remember any patches left that have not been approved. I'm quite busy with linux...

    Hmm, don't remember any patches left that have not been approved. I'm quite busy with linux kernel, but if you provide me the link, I'll take a look.
  21. Bannar

    I'm sure I'll do some more updates for wurst in future, maybe even near one ; )

    I'm sure I'll do some more updates for wurst in future, maybe even near one ; )
  22. Bannar

    ITT dev team pretty much did nothing since my last pull request. You can check discord history/...

    ITT dev team pretty much did nothing since my last pull request. You can check discord history/ github history. No posts, no tests no pull requests. They do not even test changes because they are too lazy. Got ownership of of soundwire within linux drivers/ and co-ownership for sound/soc/intel...
  23. Bannar

    [Containers] List<T>

    List<T> already defines front/ back and first/ last. "Mandatory" is a very subjective term. History shows that successful jass collection snippets were small. Range of utility functions you've posted out there won't be used by 98% users. Professional approach is to wrap such utilities within...
  24. Bannar

    [Containers] List<T>

    I'd suggest these being implemented in some kind of extension/ plugin lib. Afterwards, static-if could be added for List<T> that would implement code of such plugin lib.
  25. Bannar

    If you speak about collections, then non-generic versions are available in plenty. E.g.: Nes'...

    If you speak about collections, then non-generic versions are available in plenty. E.g.: Nes' github has both non-generic and semi-generic collections. I'm happy with my solutions, which after some time became popular within community due to them being easy to use and jass-friendly (cascade)...
  26. Bannar

    [Containers] List<T>

    You better get used to it or switch to wurst where 'both returns' are available due to cascade operator.
  27. Bannar

    [Containers] List<T>

    .erase expects argument of $TYPE$Item type. Your example compiles only because vJass is not type safe. I've added .removeElem method for conveniency some time ago. It will be renamed to .remove in nearest future - deprecation period slowly comes to an end.
  28. Bannar

    [Containers] List<T>

    exists: find(...) != 0 get: find(...) no indexOf per se. You see, the initial version had dozens of methods much like its c++ inspiration. However, after brainstorming for a bit and reading some feedback from my jass bros, I've decided to strip container libs (both, vec and list) from most of...
  29. Bannar

    [vJASS] Evaluate Code

    To me this looks like sophisticated "event". Something similar can be achieved with typical event library: init: - register event handler later: - retrieve event trigger - evaluate trigger Both are "lightweight in implementation".
  30. Bannar

    [Containers] List<T>

    Thanks @IcemanBo for providing the examples! I made that mistake in the past, should have added different method for pop/pop-cascade. Didn't remove it for compatibility reasons. I could start deprecation process now, like I did for several methods in multiple libs, although.. JASS world...
  31. Bannar

    [Snippet] ConstructEvent

    It uses newest RegisterNativeEvent library already - RegisterPlayerUnitEvent requires it. If I'm missing something, please, quote code part so I can fix it. START / FINISH - obvious. FINISH is mainly for the sake of completeness. CANCEL - intentional construction stop event e.g. ESC press...
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    Reputation (+4): (Post) Stay happy!

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Stay happy!
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    [vJASS] BuilderTrack

    .. It's a quote I was told so many times. No offense towards you man, c'mon :D
  34. Bannar

    [vJASS] BuilderTrack

    I've already explained why safety/ accuracy is needed in my snippet's thread and shortly here. My snippet is a work not only of my own, but also @Troll-Brain's. I've expanded on TB idea and validated more cases. None of the math included in ConstructionEvent is made by mistake or could be easily...
  35. Bannar

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thanks for feedback.

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thanks for feedback.
  36. Bannar

    [Snippet] RegisterEvent pack

    I leave this to William. He will provide sufficient update in appropriate time. Some hints from our wurst irc chat ^)^ @AGD Thanks for feedback, will consider.
  37. Bannar

    [Snippet] RegisterEvent pack

    Even if so, I'd probably add it as extension snippet rather than append new code to existing one. RegisterNativeEvent is supposed to provide one simple functionality without any real overhead in form of blizzard-like streamlined api. Anything that comes after is what I call the noise. Idk if...
  38. Bannar

    [Containers] List<T>

    ListT core should be left as simple as possible. If jasshelper properly eliminated constants and unused methods then it would have been an entirely different case. And btw, I don't care about optimizer, this job should be done on compiler level. Back to the topic. getRandom implementation for...
  39. Bannar

    [System] StatusHandler

    There is InstanceDummyCaster instead! Replacing DummyCaster usages with the newer package should fix your problem.
  40. Bannar

    Reputation (+4): (Post) thanks for feedback!

    Reputation (+4): (Post) thanks for feedback!
  41. Bannar

    How's Wurst?

    C# is Java done right. Wurst is vJass done right. @MyPad I don't use Wurst at all. Kappa.
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    @Cokemonkey11 First things first: thanks for your feedback, appreciated. In general you want a better documentation. I haven't noticed any code changes per se that you would like to see. - Ingredient list does not have static size of 6, the size is arbitrary. See the 'test' methods again. This...
  43. Bannar

    Missile Engine

    I believe we do not approve uncompatible resources. You can leave such subjects in The Lab. You cannot expect users to use outdated software. Most users moved to new patch already. Even Chinese ladder did. Ask a mod to move the thread or close it.
  44. Bannar

    [vJASS] ItemEvent

    As stated earlier, both item-related libraries cannot be approved. In any case, one would have to ungraveyard older scripts and grayveard these instead. Until Blizzard folks fix all the issues, subject is closed.
  45. Bannar

    [vJASS] ExtraEvents

    Please ask a mod to move your thread from The Lab to Submissions subforum and delete this one. By creating new thread you've negated all the topics and issues take have been discussed and addressed in previous thread. Let's keep the history of this subject coherent. One cannot ask for more...
  46. Bannar

    [vJASS] SmoothItemPickup

    If what you say is true, then the order of execution and event fire is different in 1.26 than in patches 1.28+. Currently, order "stop" that will be auto invoked for unit attempting to pickup item with full inventory will happen BEFORE artificial move is triggered. The only exception for the...
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    Wurst package overhaul. For vJass library history, please check war3libs. Updated test map, fixed code tags.
  48. B

    Test Map (Warcraft 3 Map)

  49. Bannar


    Wurst package overhaul. For vJass library history, please check war3libs. Updated test map, fixed code tags.