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  1. DMN Carry

    ORGRIM DOOMHAMMER (Film version) by Aeonux

    Thats really nice! I hope you'll make durotan film ver. Too
  2. DMN Carry

    Guardsman Kul-Tiras HD

    Well goodluck! see that :-)
  3. DMN Carry

    Guardsman Kul-Tiras HD

    Cool bro! But I suggest replace the helmet using his lordearon hd footman and shoulder pads too.
  4. DMN Carry

    Guardsman Kul-Tiras HD

    Can you make lordearon version of this?
  5. DMN Carry


    Varian with twin blades please :((
  6. DMN Carry

    Rifleman Lordaeron HD

    Remake peasant too with axe for gathering trees like on reforged.. hd peasant please...
  7. DMN Carry

    Trundle, the Troll King

    Make more!
  8. DMN Carry


    Sh**t! Heres my vote
  9. DMN Carry

    Righteous Guard

  10. DMN Carry

    Kobold Race Pack

    Building please
  11. DMN Carry

    Medieval Building Icons

    Downloading it again and my vote
  12. DMN Carry

    My 'Stalfos' Race

    Cool bro!
  13. DMN Carry

    Medieval Tactics Europe

    Appreciated bro!
  14. DMN Carry

    Hero Draenei Paladin

    Make Tauren with armor and hammer too like in cinemathic
  15. DMN Carry

    Burning Rage

    Make bleeding Effect too,.like darius passive
  16. DMN Carry

    WotLK- Bolvar Fordragon

    Well done, waiting for LichKing:grin:
  17. DMN Carry

    Ephemeral Slash

    Wow! Epic!
  18. DMN Carry

    Gilneas Structures

    Great buddy! I love your towers..
  19. DMN Carry

    Footman Lordaeron HQ

    Nice update! :vw_love:
  20. DMN Carry

    Tauren Buildings

    Make for orcs plz with your version
  21. DMN Carry

    Reaper's Claws

  22. DMN Carry


    Are you planning to make varian too?
  23. DMN Carry

    Kultiras Buildings

    Very useful
  24. DMN Carry


    For classic plz:ogre_rage:
  25. DMN Carry

    Comment by 'DMN Carry' in media 'Yasuo Skill Imitation (Update) - YouTube'

    @KuroNigi thanks for sharing :-)
  26. DMN Carry


    Come on, fix this and make yasuo icon please!
  27. DMN Carry

    Arthas Menethil (Frostmourne) HQ

  28. DMN Carry

    Arthas Menethil (Frostmourne) HQ

    Ahmn.. @Asssssvi i guess his hair is still blonde when he aquired the frostmourne in the campaign.. =)
  29. DMN Carry

    Arthas Menethil (Frostmourne) HQ

    You are great moderl! I love humans but i love orcs too.. can you make atleast grunt?
  30. DMN Carry

    Uyy JC!

    Uyy JC!
  31. DMN Carry

    Lethal Twist

    Nice! Looks like bladestorm
  32. DMN Carry

    Coup de Grace

    I love the blood
  33. DMN Carry


    Oh, hammer
  34. DMN Carry


    This bfa tauren cinematic - Google Suche
  35. DMN Carry


    Can anyone do this model?! bfa tauren cinematic - Google Suche
  36. DMN Carry

    Kargath Bladefist (first war)

    Wow sirs! Are you planning to make kilrogg?
  37. DMN Carry

    T-Virus Zombies

    Cant wait for female!:vw_love:
  38. DMN Carry

    Warden Strike

  39. DMN Carry

    exclamationsign (dota 2 ping map)

    Wow, useful
  40. DMN Carry

    BFA Tauren Model Request

    Im requesting to anyone to create a Tauren model base on BFA cinematic - armored tauren - with weapon(maybe hammer) Also the troll with shield and (maybe dagger) Hope you do this =)
  41. DMN Carry


  42. DMN Carry


    Explode animation?
  43. DMN Carry

    Web Cocoon

  44. DMN Carry


    For classic please!..:grin:
  45. DMN Carry

    SC2 Blademaster

    Omg! First time to saw a good and detailed blade master model... im so happy:ogre_love:
  46. DMN Carry

    Colossus Smash

    Twin blades plss
  47. DMN Carry

    Battle For Azeroth - Sylvanas

    Can you add shout animation and wings for alternate form please!:necry: