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  1. ILH

    Spanish Cavalry

    Nobody expects the Spanish.. cavalry! Works in-game. Approved!
  2. ILH

    Bathroom Kit

    Fine additions of modern decorations. Works in-game. Approved!
  3. ILH

    Ancient Ships

    A nice set of ships. Works in-game. Approved!
  4. ILH

    Bathroom Kit

    Please fix the extents for the Bath model.
  5. ILH

    Kitchen Set

    Could be useful for modern maps. Works in-game. Approved!
  6. ILH

    Ancient Ships

    After taking a look in-game, the quinquereme model has the sail and the hull kinda "twitchy" on Walk, Attack and Spell animations. Could you take a look on it?
  7. ILH


    A pretty nice idea for a hero model. Changes made. Works-ingame. Approved! I'd however, suggest adding the custom texture path to the description. Otherwise please make it shorter :P
  8. ILH

    Kultiras Buildings

    Please add a Birth animation for the shipyard and fix the arcane effect that appears in every animation for the Tower.
  9. ILH


    Jurassicly appealing! Nice animations and variations. Although, for the undead unit I'd suggest adding a collision sphere due to how thin it is to be selected in-game. Changes made. Works in-game. Approved!
  10. ILH

    Diablo 3 Dropped item beam effect

    Sorry, I'm inexperienced in using Reforged assets (nor that I even used HD mode anyways). You might wanna make a new thread or ask someone else, bud ^^
  11. ILH

    Polish infantry

    Similar with your russian pack, Medic and SMG don't have death sounds. Some of the infantry units doesn't have their Lights shown properly during attack animation. This is because the Light nodes are on Z=0, making it disappear beneath the flat ground.
  12. ILH

    Russian Additional Units

    Nice pack, but here's a couple thoughts: The truck's portrait is kinda off Medic has no death sound Some of the infantry units doesn't have their Lights shown properly during attack animation. This is because the Light nodes are on Z=0, making it disappear beneath the flat ground. T-70's...
  13. ILH

    Shield Buff Pack

    Useful buff. Works in-game. Approved!
  14. ILH

    Void Rift Pack

    Now that's a dope looking portal ;O Works in-game. Approved!
  15. ILH

    Crystalsong Tree

    An interestingly bright tree. Works in-game. Approved!
  16. ILH

    Arthas Templar

    Changes made. Works-ingame. Approved!
  17. ILH


    Nice amount of variations that suit the user's needs. Works in-game. Approved!
  18. ILH

    Cage Cart

    Hmm... Apologies, apparently I made a mistake by overlooking a few problems. Please fix: Portrait planes appearing on Decay Flesh animation Recalculate extents so the cage is selectable in-game.
  19. ILH

    Bridge Repair Hut / Utility Hut 2.0e

    A useful building model. Works in-game. Approved!
  20. ILH

    Bridge Repair Hut / Utility Hut 2.0e

    Nicely done. There's a small issue though, the new birth particles that you added seem to stay during Stand and Portrait animations. Please fix that ;D
  21. ILH

    Bridge Repair Hut / Utility Hut 2.0e

    No, you don't have to add any fire particles. The sprite attachments serve as locations for flames to spawn on, whereas the fire models are already implemented in-game. The more the building gets damaged, the more the flames spawn, which uses up to 3 attachment points (Hence the Sprite First...
  22. ILH

    Bridge Repair Hut / Utility Hut 2.0e

    Nice! Also those were just my suggestions, you are free to your own preference. However, I forgot to mention that buildings specifically also require Sprite First, Sprite Second, and Sprite Third attachment points (for damaged state). Sorry, I hope you don't mind including those on the next...
  23. ILH

    Bridge Repair Hut / Utility Hut 2.0e

    Please add attachment points for the building and kill the particle emitters as soon as the death animation ends. My personal suggestions: Add team-colored parts. Rotate the building to a natural-looking angle.
  24. ILH

    Bridge Repair Hut / Utility Hut 2.0e

    Regarding your description, the original developer of MDLvis, as far as I know, was Алексей (Alexsey).
  25. ILH

    Steam Faction Machines/Engines

    Alright, I just noticed that the helix's model have its camera portrait at the wrong height. Once it's fixed I'll approve it ;P
  26. ILH

    Steam Worker/Militia

    Interesting model. Finally the peasants have leverage to carry their stuff around! Changes made. Works in-game. Approved!
  27. ILH

    SteamPunk Paladins

    Great set of steam punk warriors! Love the monocle and the hat. Wrappings are neater than before. Changes made. Works in-game. Approved!
  28. ILH

    Cage Cart

    Very useful. Changes made. Works in-game. Approved! A little bit suggestion though, the model may be moved backwards so that the horse is at the center of the origin/pivot point. This may fix the 'stiffness' when the unit make turns in-game.
  29. ILH

    Grunt Models (Pack)

    Neat variations of grunt models! Works in-game. Approved!
  30. ILH


    One of the best looking SFX I've seen so far! Great amount of variations and creative use of materials. Works in-game. Approved!
  31. ILH


    Eyecandy! Those lens flares. ;O Works in-game. Approved!
  32. ILH

    Warchief Thrall (Dismounted)

    Nice variations. Works in-game. Approved! Although to be noted, the Tauer's animations version have its sound events not working. #Changes made.
  33. ILH

    Charge Effect

    Useful, and the variations are nice. Works in-game. Approved!
  34. ILH


    Neat custom attachment. Works in-game. Approved!
  35. ILH

    Cage Cart

    Please recalculate the extents so that it's properly selectable in-game. ;)
  36. ILH

    Hayden the Demon Hunteress

    A badass hero model! Bonus kudos for the Dissipate anim. Changes made. Works in-game. Approved!
  37. ILH

    Steam Faction

    Please fix the Unshaded parts. ;)
  38. ILH

    Looking forward to play it! ;D

    Looking forward to play it! ;D
  39. ILH

    Chart a Course

    Useful set of special effects! Works in-game. Approved! For the variations, I'd suggest adding frames/borders for the map. ;D
  40. ILH


    Neat custom unit models. The variations are appreciated. Works in-game. Approved!
  41. ILH

    Canon Turret (New)

    A lovely set of cannon defenses. Works in-game. Approved!
  42. ILH

    Thunder Tower

    Neat looking tesla tower. Works in-game. Approved!
  43. ILH

    Ogre Gladiator

    Nice looking gladiator. Works in-game. Approved!
  44. ILH

    That gameplay looks epic. Is that a map of yours? :O

    That gameplay looks epic. Is that a map of yours? :O
  45. ILH

    Paladin (Sword)

    Outstanding custom-made model and texture! Fits with Warcraft's style. Works in-game. Approved!
  46. ILH

    Malevolence Aura (1.32)

    Eye-candy incantation! Works in-game. Approved! Not sure about the shape being billboarded, though. Probably just me :P
  47. ILH

    Steam Worker/Militia

    I don't think so, the Militia's legs are still Unshaded. ;P If you test it in-game and set the game time to night, it's very visible.
  48. ILH

    Steam Worker/Militia

    The 'tinker hands' part on the back are still unshaded. Please fix ;)
  49. ILH

    Generic Canister models

    A bundle of items that is greatly useful for modern-themed maps. ;D Works in-game. Approved!
  50. ILH

    Core Hound

    The hounds do really bite hard ;D Works in-game. Approved! Additionally, I also suggest to reduce the amount of flames on the back.