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  1. shinji

    Writing a script for a game: Am I doing it right?

    So, I have been working alone on this project of mine for more than a year now. It involves writing a very long story line for 5 characters interacting each other. Because I have been working on it on and off, I have to leave some memo to continue writing the script for the game. Since the...
  2. shinji

    Weird noise while recording

    I've searched everywhere in the internet but I have no idea what this noise is that the mic is making while I'm recording. I don't even know what this noise is called. Can someone help me please? Example: EDIT: Added a photo showing how it looks in a video editor. EDIT2: I just noticed that...
  3. shinji

    A problem that must be solved

    I've been alive in this world for almost 20 years but even after all the training I can't get over this one particular problem. I can't stop getting hurt by what other people think of me. No matter baseless they are. If they are constructive criticisms the sure I should care about them...
  4. shinji

    Game creator carrer

    Since I used to make stupid stuff here back when I was 13 years old, I kinda thought it would be good to start practicing game development (indie style) in WC3 modding. What do you guys think?
  5. shinji

    Item with a lot of abilities

    I'm creating items for my RPG and just realized that items can only have 4 abilities. Which is a problem because the items will have a lot of attachments. So, I think I'm going to have to use triggers to add the abilities to the hero when they have the item. But there's a problem. The heroes...
  6. shinji

    Campaign shared custom sound set

    I'm trying to import a sound set for a hero unit in my campaign. I imported the sound set in the "Custom Data" tab of the campaign editor and set the path correctly so that it would replace the original sounds. But it's not working. Is there any other way to import it other that clicking...
  7. shinji

    ability bug

    I've made some custom spells but there is a weird bug. Let's say I have two abilities A and B. When I cast A or B, both of them gets casted. I fixed this problem by changing the order string. However now there is a new problem. When I learn only A for the hero, there is no problem. But when I...
  8. shinji


    Was it allowed here to post campaign maps that are voiced in Japanese but have English captions?
  9. shinji

    jass spell import help

    I'm trying to install this spell. However even though I've copied dummy units and changed all the raw codes to the correct ones, the map won't even start. All I did is copy and pasted it. I don't know what else to do. Please help.
  10. shinji

    [General] Shared Stuff in a single Campaign

    I want to create a trigger that is shared throughout a campaign (Spell triggers) Is that possible? I haven't seen any detailed tutorial on creating a campaign. Please help.
  11. shinji

    The Bible

    Let's debate whether the bible is true or wrong. My Sunday school teacher claim that the bible is true. I want hear your thoughts.
  12. shinji

    Whoever had the worst nickname wins.

    Let's compete who had the worst nickname ever. Mine was "black-pig" because I used to be fat. And I was often burnt by the sun. (My Japasese friends have an extreamely bad taste for giving nicknames. Lol) I know there are worse nicknames out there. Please tell me yours!!!
  13. shinji

    [Template / Terrain] GUI - AI (Copy and paste)

    It's been a long time since I created my GUI AI System. I've been inactive because I was so busy with studying. I would like to remake my GUI AI to make it easier to use for people who are new to triggers. Also, I would like to improve the system overall. So, I would like some ideas what...
  14. shinji

    Someone help me learn video editing!!

    I've been making some fighting video and I would like some feed back so I can improve my skills, I'm sure there are some video editing pros here. Link to my latest video
  15. shinji

    Please help me with GRAPHIC CARDS!!!

    Hello. I recently bought a new PC. And it had graphic card with PCI Express2.0/PCI Express x16 Interface. Now I trying to buy a better graphic card. But there's a problem. It's PCI Express2.1/PCI Express x16 Interface and I'm not sure if it will work because it's a little different than my old...
  16. shinji

    I can't scroll down with my mouse in Warcraft3. WTF?

    I was trying to take a video using Fraps. Afterwards I noticed that I couldn't look down in warcraft. All side expect for downwards work. What the hell is wrong? It's really annoying.
  17. shinji

    This is really STUPID but...

    Um... I think most people know DotaHotkeys. Well... I was playing X Hero siege in battle net. The host bot was BGN. I got bored and I press the F6 key. (Which makes you chat "-clear" a lot of times.) Then the bot kicked me for spamming. Now, I can't join any games that BGN hosts. How do I get...
  18. shinji

    Warcraft 3 Total War

    I was testing some triggers and I was able to make some system that is "Rome Total War"ish. I have the ideas of the triggers and stuff but before I go on, I would want to ask everyone if you like this idea.
  19. shinji

    Video Card

    I'm planning to replace my crappy video card. I found some 2 GB video cards. The problem is, one 30$ and the other is 450$. I want to buy it in the lowest price. Is there any difference between a 30$ 2GB and 450$ 2GB video card?
  20. shinji

    Huge world news - A Japanese junior high school student gets bullied and killed

    As you all heard from the media, a Japanese junior high school student died because of being bullied. THAT'S not the important part. The big news is that the student was killed a year ago. The teachers and the mayor and the police tried to hide it. Isn't this stupid? It isn't only this. The...
  21. shinji

    How to get rid of flamers

    Any good ideas to stop flamers from flaming?
  22. shinji

    Fade filter bug

    When I use the fade filter, the tooltips won't appear. Any way to prevent this from happening?
  23. shinji

    Imported fade filter becomes black

    I've imported a fade filter and it becomes black. It doesn't show the texture. It was something with crosshairs but it becomes black in game. Please help. EDIT: Solved.
  24. shinji

    How to change the projectile of the Blizzard skill +Rep

    Is it possible to change the projectile of the Blizzard skill??? I want to change it to bullets. So it will look like bullets are falling from the sky.
  25. shinji

    DOTA Tournament in the Hive

    I heard that some people wanted to have a DotA tournament. We will have to gather teammates first. Once we have enough teams, we will start. Known Teams (Tell me if you want to add your team here.) • SSAFR (Took the first letter of our names.) : shinji, sonofjay, Adiktuz, Fire Eagle...
  26. shinji

    What tools do you use and where did you get it?

    I want to start modeling. But there's a problem. I can't find the right tools. I have magos but it doesn't work properly for some reason. If you have good tools for WC3 modeling or you can teach me how to make the Magos work properly, please tell me.
  27. shinji

    Warcraft 3 : Infinity Blade

    This is just an idea. If there's a good animator and a coder, it will be possible to create this game. My ideas Use arrow keys to attack and the other hot keys to dodge and block and magic (This will be the problem.) and Super. What is Infinity Blade? Here's some screen shots. More coming soon.
  28. shinji

    The scariest game you've ever played

    What's the scariest game you've ever played? And how long could you not sleep after playing it? Mine was "Hunted house" (The name of the game is pretty common.) I couldn't sleep for a week.
  29. shinji

    [Trigger] Why does this bug?

    If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions (Number of units in g) Equal to 0 Then - Actions Else - Actions Unit - Set the custom value of u to ((Custom value of u) - 1) Unit - Make u face ((Facing of u) +...
  30. shinji

    [General] Tile set???

    I modified the tile set and it's not applying.... How to fix this problem?
  31. shinji

    [Animating] Villager man

    I need a edit version of this. That has an animation sitting on a stone bench. And cheering animations while sitting. I'll give Rep and credits.
  32. shinji

    Warcraft 3 1.26 update

    My brother downloaded too much files and he's computer died because of viruses. I reinstalled Warcraft 3 in his computer. The problem is I can't find a proper update program. I googled for like an hour but the stupid HOT FILE thing is just annoying. Please help me. I need version 1.26.
  33. shinji

    The hive workshop iPhone app

    Do you think this will be good? I want to hear what everyone thinks.
  34. shinji


    I heard that there's a JASS function to create a missile instead of a dummy unit. What is it?
  35. shinji

    What do you think about Warcraft 4?

    Do you think that blizzard should make Warcraft 4? I think if they make Warcraft 4, it will be cool.
  36. shinji

    [JASS]Help me with installing!!

    I decided to do JASS coding. I was able to install JNPG. But I could not run the Jass Helper. The error message said "cannot find file bin\SF mpq.dll"
  37. shinji

    Need help with a trigger +Rep

    Is there a custom script or a trigger that creates an item and give it to hero then move it to slot X ?
  38. shinji

    Host bots

    How are they used exactly??
  39. shinji

    [Trigger] Camera Bounds

    I'm using this trigger. Camera - Set the camera bounds for Player 1 (Red) to Region 000 <gen> Is there any custom script or something that changes the mini map scale when I use this? Also sometimes it doesn't work properly. Any solutions?
  40. shinji

    Problem with import

    My friend needed an AI System for his map. And I used my system. For some reason the AI won't move. I tried but they really won't move. Is trigger copy and paste some times bugged??
  41. shinji

    [General] Copy and Paste without changing the doodad's hight.

    I think most terrain makers know that you can rise and lower doodads by using "Ctrl + Page up" or "Ctrl + Page Down". When I try to copy and paste, the hight will be reset. Is there any way to copy and paste without canging the hight? EDIT: I selected all the doodads and rased them at once...
  42. shinji

    The Dark Colosseum 3

    The Dark Colosseum 3 Ok. Since I was done with "The Dark Colosseum 2" and needed a lot of improvements I decided to remake it insted of updating it. Because if I apply the changes the whole game will change. This time I would want to hear what everyone wants for the new version. So I don't have...
  43. shinji

    What is the funniest thing that happened to you?

    What is the funniest thing that happened in your life?
  44. shinji

    [Solved] Does Floating text leak?

    Yes. Does floating text leak? Do I have to destroy it? Or just set the life span?
  45. shinji

    Item level bug?

    I'm using this trigger and it's now working properly. Is it because the max item level is 8? I set the item levels by pressing "shift" in the object editor. Int Events Map initialization Conditions Actions Set Item[0] = Dagger Set Item_Cost[0] = 50 Set...
  46. shinji

    [Solved] Trigger won't work

    IB Events Unit - A unit Sells an item (from shop) Conditions Actions Game - Display to (All players) the text: hi Item - Set the custom value of (Sold Item) to (Player number of (Owner of (Triggering unit))) Hero - Give (Sold Item) to Gladiator[(Custom...
  47. shinji

    Shop Selection

    I have a problem. How do I make a shop that only the owner can buy from it? Only the owner can buy item from the shop, allies can't buy. How do I do that?
  48. shinji

    Model Attach

    I'm trying to attach a shield model to a unit and I want to attach it to the right arm. But when I attach it, the shield is facing the wrong side. How do I flip shields?
  49. shinji

    How to hide "shop share" skill icon from shop

    Yes. As the title says. I need to hide the shop share ican. How do I do that?
  50. shinji

    A quick question

    I added a skill to an item. But in game, I can't click the item to use the skill. How to fix this?