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  1. Xelos

    [SD/Modeling] Slime model

    Hi guys, i work on new project is about custom melee altered race called Trade prince force, and i got model without ani animations, bones, that i need for that map. is enough when you give it to him classic voidwalker attack animation there is not need for move, stand or magic animations just...
  2. Xelos

    Problem with sanity tester which can no longer ignore

    Hi, friends As the name suggests sanity tester start to have bug\problem which can no longer be ignore. 1.As the first problem with sanyti tester start cca 30-32 days back when your upload model with custom texture. If custom blp have part like for example war3mapImported\ model will be black...
  3. Xelos

    2 head ogre with same heads (solved)

    Hi friends, can please somebody replace 2 heads ogre 1 head with other head and created 2 head ogre with same heads, And created then 2 ogre models with same heads. you can use model here. + rep
  4. Xelos

    non-clickable model

    Hi, as the name suggests got model with weird bug, its imposible to click on him, so i turn for help here if somebodi can please help me, maybe it's just a simple bug, i made video where your can see what i mean.
  5. Xelos

    view in 3D and sanity tester is slow

    Ehm, i apologise if its not in right, but i find one bug when i looks model in view in 3D everything is so slow same with sanity tester
  6. Xelos /solved/

    Hi, can somebodi share original wc3 reforget material . Im on patch 1.26 and need this one. If somebodi use reforget please can your upload that here. You can find them in Units\Creeps\Salamander\
  7. Xelos

    Broken undead batrider /solved/

    Hi, can somebody please fix this model, bug like this i cant fix myself. i now that is probably bones linked on 2 verticles or somethink like that.
  8. Xelos

    howl of terror with polymorf

    Hello, i work on altered melee map with custom race and i looking for trigger like this: units cast howl of terror or silence and enemies afected with this spells will by slowed or polymorfed, cursed or crippling, or just sleeped. so can please somebody created this trigger ?
  9. Xelos

    model problem /solved/

    Hi, i got problem with this model, he dont show in game, and i dont now why, tried to fix it myself but still not show. can somebody please fix it.
  10. Xelos

    spell for hero

    Hello, is there way to created spell like this? : when hero cast spell roar, friend units instead of bonus attack damage they will have kritikal strike or bash or cold attack or ability of orb of corruption.
  11. Xelos

    2 model into 1

    Hi, is possible to get together this 2 models please, that it does not cause the error of the animation controller's health bar ?
  12. Xelos

    change flag

    Hi, can someone change flags on this model into kultiras flags please. I tried to do it myself but not works with custom doodads0.blp.
  13. Xelos

    model with missing head

    Hi, i have a problem with this model is shaman model with grunt head, but in my map only shows up with body without head, i tried optimization, optimizer but nothing work, can somebody deal with this problem ? thx + rep
  14. Xelos

    targets where the bomb hit

    Hi, I'm working on altered melee map, and have problem with custom ability. Ability is abou bombard target area with rockets, but before the rockets hit target area it should be shown, but shows only one target, can somebody help ?
  15. Xelos

    Model with problem (complete)

    Hi, i have problem with this model. This model have one error after i use sanity tester and deleted error EventObject 5 "UNNAMED" Zero keys model not crash game but his head is dark. in warcraft viewer looks good but in game not. i dont now what to do can somebody help please ? i post here...
  16. Xelos

    Naga theme

    Hi, can someone show me how change for example night elf theme for naga theme ?
  17. Xelos

    Ruin catalupt/naga

    Hi, can someone could help covert this skin into functional blp. Is from here Naga Catapult
  18. Xelos

    Broken model

    Hi, can pls somebody repair this models one is invisiblySteelaxe Siegebreaker and another is crashing game Norse Hunter . thanks + rep for each model
  19. Xelos

    ingame texture

    HI, can someone please change hidralisk texture with mirmidon/royal guard texture ? i need him for my new map.
  20. Xelos

    Spell problem

    Hi, i created from dragon hawk cloud ability, hero ability and change cloud efect with rainbow efect. But rainbow is too small and i dont now have made him bigger cuz in middle of battle is almost invisible. can somebody help ?
  21. Xelos

    Approved models with problem

    In model section i find 2 models with big bad issues, 1: model missing face in game link Madman [Ingame Textures] 2: model crash/error game link Archnathidian Assassin can somebody pls repair it or removed from approved section,
  22. Xelos

    model with issue

    Hello, when i import model into the map on which I work, map crash, can please somebody now where is problem. Thanks
  23. Xelos

    Little help

    Hello all, i have problem with this model when i import him he crash game or world editor, but in model editor or model viewer shows good, i dont now where is problem, model dont have blp, can somebody help please