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  1. TheBarmyBrit

    War3 Model Editor

    So useful, love it!
  2. TheBarmyBrit

    Cheers for the follow!

    Cheers for the follow!
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    Spectral Treant (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  4. TheBarmyBrit

    Spectral Treant (Texture)

    My take on a treant based loosely on a maple tree as well as adding a spooky flair to the model. Replace units/Creeps/CorruptedEnt/CorruptedEnt.blp for best results
  5. T

    Shadow Puppet Daemon (Warcraft 3 Model)

  6. TheBarmyBrit

    Shadow Puppet Daemon (Model)

    A character of my own design and a test for models to come. I plan on coming back to this model as well if there is more interest/fixes that I may have missed. Feedback very much appreciated! Edit - Updated the animations and texture of the model
  7. TheBarmyBrit

    Model unable to animate, please help

    I am new to modelling for Warcraft 3 after years of experience with Blender. I managed to import the model just fine, however, I am unable to transfer animations to the model, nor work out how to animate it from scratch. Can anyone please direct me to how to do either of these, please assist me...