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  1. uyarrr

    Bone Guard

    Imo its pretty useful and looks good!
  2. uyarrr

    Goblin sorceress

    I think she looks pretty good but in walk animation there are a white line and a dot under of her feet in model viewer, I guess something is wrong.
  3. uyarrr

    Brick Tower

    Pretty useful
  4. uyarrr


  5. uyarrr

    Emperor Thaurissan

    By the power of RAGNAROSSSSSS!!! I HAVE THE POWERRR!!! :ogre_datass::ogre_datass::ogre_datass::ogre_datass::ogre_datass::ogre_datass::ogre_datass:
  6. uyarrr

    Assault the Throne (1.5.2)

    Really solid and cool map worth to give it try! :infl_thumbs_up:
  7. uyarrr

    Predator Drone

    I love it and its size is ... PERFECT!
  8. uyarrr

    BUMP After 8 Years!

    BUMP After 8 Years!
  9. uyarrr


    Its super useful and incredibly cool wow. Like always perfect! :ogre_love::ogre_love::ogre_love:
  10. U

    BTNGreymaneAlternative (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  11. U

    BTNGreymane (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  12. uyarrr

    BTNGreymane (Icon)

    Cropped from Heartstone card Greymane. I needed that icon in my map and I think it can be useful for others.
  13. uyarrr

    Charge Effect

    Looks good
  14. uyarrr

    Ancient Workshop

    I don't know why no one commented to this but this is really useful like your other ancient building models. However I didn't like stand work animation. I think you can add yellow glow comes from inside of the doors like in default wc3 buildings, barracks etc.
  15. uyarrr

    Thunder Tower

  16. uyarrr

    Ancient Storage

    Really useful model
  17. uyarrr

    Core Hound

    Extremely useful model! Looks really good.
  18. uyarrr

    Ice Shard

  19. uyarrr

    Star Wars - Stormtrooper Pack

    Useful stuff
  20. uyarrr

    Malevolence Aura (1.32)

    Another awesome model, what can I say.
  21. uyarrr

    War of Races v0.74

    First, none of them have 5 talents. Max 2 for now. Secondly, about exp nerf... It wasnt nerf! It just made the game more fair and balanced! Before that, I never touched exp rate of any units so that means, reaching super high level with heroes is not intented at all! Exp System rework balanced...
  22. uyarrr

    War of Races v0.74

    Special thanks to you for rating 1 stars while you are playing for a "few months" :infl_thumbs_up: And I see you just opened an account for voting 1 star here lol.
  23. uyarrr

    War of Races v0.74

    First of all it's nice to hear and thank you for your feedback ^^ Malfurion: Range of the root is same as melee map. I agree Malfurion is strong, it's really hard to balance these things. I'm not focused on the heroes for now. Poison: Well they are really good against big targets yes but however...
  24. uyarrr

    War of Races v0.74

    War of Races v0.74 Changelog
  25. U

    War of Races v0.74 (Warcraft 3 Map)

  26. uyarrr

    War of Races v0.74

    Version 0.73 Changelog
  27. uyarrr

    War of Races v0.74

    Thank you for your comment! It's nice to hear :)
  28. uyarrr

    War of Races v0.74

    Version 0.72 Changelog
  29. uyarrr

    War of Races v0.74

    Version 0.71 Changelog
  30. uyarrr

    War of Races v0.74

    Version 0.70 Changelog
  31. uyarrr

    Burning Rage

    Again, excellent work.
  32. uyarrr

    War of Races v0.74

    Version 0.69c Changelog
  33. uyarrr

    War of Races v0.74

    Version 0.68a Changelog
  34. uyarrr

    War of Races v0.74

    Version 0.67a Changelog
  35. uyarrr


    Another awesome model really. Deserves even more then 5 stars.:ogre_love::ogre_love::ogre_love:
  36. uyarrr

    War of Races v0.74

    v0.66 Changelog: - Prism, Mortar and Flame towers level 3 and higher now requires atleast 20 techs. - T3 Town Halls do not give movement speed bonus anymore. - New Gameplay Mechanic: At the Gates; Now town halls have 2000 AOE range Aura which grants 30% movement speed to enemy units. - Demon T.T...
  37. uyarrr

    War of Races v0.74

    v0.65 Changelog: - No more unit spam. Unit train time is removed. Units will be trained instantly when bought. However each unit type have maximum 10 unit stock for each barracks and stocks take 60 seconds to refill 1. Each upgrade will refill all stocks. - Now Special Weapon requires atleast 15...
  38. uyarrr

    War of Races v0.74

    v0.64a Changelog: - All Pick mode reworked! Its awesome now!!! - All Random mode reworked. - Now War of Races can have more then 12 races. - Nogoldmine command removed. - Fel Orc T2 Unit Pillager armor type changed. (Small -> Medium) - Bandit Barracks model changed with something optimized. (It...
  39. uyarrr


    Sorry my bad for the first one I guess, well I'm working on something else and tech requirement would be awesome for me. I think it will be cool as another feature.
  40. uyarrr


    This is really cool but I have a question. 1) Can we add tech requirement for heroes? I saw we can add 4 type of requirements right now. Tech requirements would be really useful. 2) Is function HeroSelectorEnablePickPlayer really works? I tried everything but still players can pick. I'm calling...
  41. uyarrr


    Great icon, really useful for headshot. Using it in my map right now. 5/5
  42. uyarrr

    War of Races v0.74

    v0.63 Changelog: - New Murloc AGI Hero! - All Races Armor upgrade changed. HP per Level: +20 -> +5% Max HP. - Human T.T Massive Boulders replaced with Stronger Artillery. (Grants 10/20/30% atk speed and 50/100/150 dmg to catapults.) - H.A Rain of Fire buffed. (Wave amount: 5 -> 4, Base Damage...
  43. uyarrr


    Looks awesome
  44. uyarrr

    War of Races v0.74

    v0.62 Changelog: - New Murloc INT Hero! - H.A Howl of Terror tooltip changed. (Not included pit lord anymore.) - H.A Hogger Smash and Heavy Strike nerfed. (Damage per level: 150 -> 125) - H.A Archer Squad buffed. (Tyrande's Archers now have 100 bonus range and doubled mana regeneration when...
  45. uyarrr

    War of Races v0.74

    v0.61 Changelog: - Units RGB colors fixed. (Weird bug happened after reforged release.) (It's mostly affected gnoll and ice troll race.) - Fel Orc T.T Fel Magic Body fixed. (Damage now scales properly, so it's actually buffed.) - Demon T.T Cloaked by Fel Flames fixed. (Damage now scales...
  46. uyarrr

    War of Races v0.74

    v0.60 Changelog: - Titans changed. Base Armor: 10 -> 5, Base HP: 3000 -> 5000, STR Per Level: 20 -> 15, Starting STR: 30 -> 60. (Basically reduced titan scaling a bit, but increased their base strength to reduce power difference a bit between high-low level titans, which means players can train...
  47. uyarrr

    War of Races v0.74

    Hi, well I disagree on your "ultimate weapon" sentence. You can easily counter it with teching masonry which is way more cheaper when compared to rushing it. For Menag, it's getting some nerf in next patch its true. For hero attack air, it's bug and yeah it will get fix soon.
  48. uyarrr

    Give me the crystals Map Designer!

    Give me the crystals Map Designer!
  49. uyarrr

    MM20 Stormforger

    Awesome :ogre_datass:
  50. uyarrr

    War of Races v0.74

    v0.59 Changelog: - H.A Bounty Hunter unintended bugs fixed and nerfed. It not activates when any allied hero or titan dies, or even self. Works as intented, only enemy heroes and titans. Gold amount reduced. 150 per level -> 100 per level. - H.A Fire Circle buffed. (+30 Base Damage) - H.A...