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  1. wester

    [Role Playing Game] Warlands - The Westmarch (Alpha)

    Sounds kinda cool. I hope you won't give up this sweet piece
  2. wester

    [Role Playing Game] Warlands - The Westmarch (Alpha)

    Screenshots look badass, i'm very interested. How is it going?
  3. wester


    Beautiful bamboo model. Small size, great concept. I suppose that is 5/5.
  4. wester

    Ashenvale - Bush #0 (Beta)

    dat weight man o_O
  5. wester


    Sweet shield. Nice concept, love steampunk. Looking forward to see new stuff from you.
  6. wester


    Sooooo cute :3 5/5!
  7. wester


    Looks great. More attaches plz :P
  8. wester

    Uplander Battle Sword

    great one
  9. wester


    It's very good actually
  10. wester


    Destructibles are good stuff, please make more!
  11. wester

    Team Colored Shield

    One of the best shields
  12. wester

    Sunken City v2.4.7

    Love this map. But you shouldn't use wow models. They don't fit the others.
  13. wester


    looks like blevota
  14. wester


    Nice, finally a troll not on a raptor
  15. wester


    Best claymore
  16. wester

    stag man

    He looks like a faun, i like the idea, but it still needs some work
  17. wester


    This is worse than original.
  18. wester


    Nice for Sub Zero's ice clone.
  19. wester


    Diablo forever :) Very nice effect. 5/5
  20. wester


    It's too big.
  21. wester


    As sweet as chocolate I'm eating right now.
  22. wester

    Night Elf decorations pack

    You stole this pack.
  23. wester

    low poly orc shield V4 This one is better with nearly the same size.
  24. wester

    Mosin-Nagant 91/30 PU

    Cool, but i think it's worthless. It's а VERY beatiful model, but no one will see it in game.
  25. wester

    looks cool

    looks cool
  26. wester

    Diseased One

    Can you make a simple hq zombie model? (modern) It would be awesome.
  27. wester


    Nice! Why didn't i see it before? But you really should edit mess, because its back looks too plane.
  28. wester


    omg awesome
  29. wester


    Wow, i dunno wut is wortling, but this is awesome
  30. wester

    US Mortar Soldier

    611 kb for this shit? No, thanks.
  31. wester

    US Mortar Soldier

    this is ugly..
  32. wester

    Advanced White Shield

    Needs metal version.
  33. wester

    Advanced White and Metal Heavy Armour

  34. wester

    Advanced White Helm

  35. wester

    Advanced White and Metal Pauldrons

    Finally, brutal metal version
  36. wester

    Advanced White Helm

    and... metal version?
  37. wester

    Improved White Shield

    All your shield are cool.
  38. wester

    Metal and White Pauldrons

    can I edit its colour?
  39. wester


    very creative
  40. wester

    Giant Demon or "Risen Fatass"

    He's cool and badass
  41. wester

    Spike Shield

    looks cool
  42. wester


    looks like a merc from the second town of Diablo 2
  43. wester

    Orc Lich

    i like it
  44. wester

    Diseased One

  45. wester


    awsome 5/5
  46. wester

    Diablo 3: The Barbarian

    Wow, it has great quality and small size, cool concept 5/5
  47. wester


    i like it. Looks brutal
  48. wester

    Mitochondrial Stalker

    I really like those bugs, but the walk animation is a bit strange
  49. wester


    not more yhan 3/5 because texture is shabby or smth
  50. wester

    Dune Scorpion

    i like it very much. thanks 5/5