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  1. RiotZ

    Animate Tree?

    Would it be possible to add stand - hit, and death animations to this tree?
  2. RiotZ

    [Trigger] DDS Probs

    Occasionally, when my DDS detects damage from AoE and this function runs, and it appropriately kills squad members once a certain hp threshold is reached for the leader, the leader dies but isn't replaced. Any ideas on why? Removing Units Events Game - DamageModifierEvent becomes...
  3. RiotZ

    [Trigger] How to add offset?

    Order Squad Leader Events Unit - A unit Is issued an order with no target Unit - A unit Is issued an order targeting an object Unit - A unit Is issued an order targeting a point Conditions ((Ordered unit) is A structure) Equal to False...
  4. RiotZ

    [Solved] Damage negation problem

    If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions DamageEventTarget Equal to TempUnit DamageEventAmount Less than 99999.00 Then - Actions Else - Actions Unit - Cause DamageEventSource to damage TempUnit, dealing...
  5. RiotZ

    Patch 1.28.6

    Doodad limits are broken with WEX now, anyone know a workaround?
  6. RiotZ

    Looking for Beta Testers

    I've spent about 5 years developing a map called "Black Winter" it's gone through thousands of builds, according to World Editor I'm on build 6059 just on this particular version. It's been canned, resurrected, canned and resurrected again about 4 or 5 times, and it's finally at the point where...
  7. RiotZ

    [Trigger] Optimize My Triggers?

    This might be better suited to Requests, but I'm not sure. Basically I've done a large portion of work on a squad system where, the members of the squad are locusted and cannot be selected, this of course removes their health bars and makes it difficult to decipher how much health is left in...
  8. RiotZ

    Killing a Unit w Triggers

    I want to kill a unit with a function but be able to set a killing unit that can be referenced. The normal GUI function to kill a unit would work if it returned a killing unit. Is it possible to do this with custom script?
  9. RiotZ

    [Trigger] Relative Movement for Squads

    Alright so, this is kind of awkward to explain, so let me give you a picture. I've got a bunch of units in my map that are locusted and/or won't hold formation for whatever reason (also won't hold formation when you attack move) and I want them to, instead of clump in a single point, surround...
  10. RiotZ

    Indexing Questions

    So I'm doing a squad system, all of the information pertaining to each squad type is saved in a table like so: Squad Setups Events Map initialization Conditions Actions -------- Chaos Marauders -------- Set GLeaderIsDifferent[1] = False Set...
  11. RiotZ

    SFX no longer visible

    Special Effect - Create a special effect at (Position of (Triggering unit)) using war3mapImported\NewDirtEXNofire.mdx This doesn't do anything. Using TempLoc for the location also doesn't do anything. However attaching it to a unit still shows the special effect. Excuse my language but what...
  12. RiotZ

    Damage in a Narrow Straight Line?

    How would I do this, hypothetically, using any method from pure triggering, to a dummy caster using abilities. I want the damage to be dealt instantly which is obviously not how crushing wave and carrion swarm work. Using a dummy caster also seems to cause problems with angles and whatnot (the...
  13. RiotZ

    Geomerge a Mesh for Me?

    I made this symbol of Khorne into a mesh with 2 geosets in MDLVIS, but I don't have the tools or the know-how to attach it to a pole or add it to a flag, etc, could somebody do this for me? Roughly what I'd like for it to look like ^ minus all the pointy branches Sidenote: extra kudos to...
  14. RiotZ

    Armor Ignoring Attacks

    This seems like it should be simple but I'm not sure where to begin. I have a DDS in my map and what I want to do is, when certain units take damage from other certain units, I simply want to ignore their armor value (not armor type), for example a unit could have 12 armor points and that could...
  15. RiotZ

    Chaos Helmets

    Need helmets like this, they can be slight variations of each other but I'd like if some were more dramatic than others and they don't need to be quite this dark. ++++Rep
  16. RiotZ

    [Trigger] Specific Simple Immunity

    How can I make units resistant to very specific things without making them resistant to others. Ex. How can I make a squad immune to slow or poison, but not immune to magic in general. This is an extremely broad question but I haven't been able to think of a way to do it yet. I have...
  17. RiotZ

    [Trigger] Unit Group & Heal Event help

    I'm using Bribe's healevent to detect when a unit gains health. When the unit gains health and the conditions are true (the number of units in the unit group is less than the maximum number of units allowed, and the HP threshold for adding units back to the group has been crossed), a unit is...
  18. RiotZ

    [Trigger] How Do I Make This More Efficient?

    Once you get enough units fielded (maybe 20-30 for one player) this starts lagging like ass, it works exactly as I want it to, it's just not scaleable. How can I make it more efficient. Or completely rework it so it doesn't need to work with a loop at all, (I know I can use a dds to detect hp...
  19. RiotZ

    [Trigger] Simple Damage Redistribution

    I have a squad system, the members of the squad are unselectable and locust units via a system I created with the insight of Fingolfin. It's a standard squad system, all units are tethered by their custom values. Ie, the leader has the same custom value of all members. I want to...
  20. RiotZ

    [Defense / Survival] Selecting Beta Testers for "Black Winter"

    I'm interested in getting some people together to test my current, main project, Black Winter, it's a zombie survival, with a slew of new systems. It's a rare thing, and I'm only going to allow a very small group of |TRUSTED| people test. Cut to the chase, here's a link to the old map thread...
  21. RiotZ

    Save/Load Alternatives

    I'm working on a major release, with a whole slew of new features implemented into warcraft 3, but it currently has an archaic save/load system based on typing -save, writing down a code on screen and typing -load (your numbers here) to load the code in a future match. I'm aware Nestharus found...
  22. RiotZ

    Pathing Problems

    I made an ability that allows a unit to jump a short distance. I designed the coding to check if the area was pathed, or if it was taller in cliff height than the cliff height where the unit is standing. Cliff Height 0 can't jump to Cliff Height 1 or 2, etc. That part of the coding works...
  23. RiotZ

    [Trigger] Detecting Pathing and Stopping Attack

    I have a projectile system, obviously it makes it, where you can't shoot through obstructions, mainly pathing blockers and line of sight blockers, which is what most of my terrain consists, a good 90%. A problem occurs, when the unit wants to fire at a target on the other end of the obstruction...
  24. RiotZ

    [General] Flat Bonus for Armor

    Is it possible to make Warcraft's armor work like Starcraft and give a flat bonus? Using an example to clarify, 2 armor would reduce incoming damage by 2, not by a percentage.
  25. RiotZ

    [General] Custom Tags w/o Lag

    So I was thinking, warcraft 3 has so few tags that can be detected, i.e., mechanical, ancient, suicidal, undead, organic, etc. I was wondering if through a DDS we could expand on this by using dummy abilites, like an invisible ability called "Light" which would classify a unit as light, and...
  26. RiotZ

    [General] Randomizing Regions

    So I run a trigger that spawns shit in a region, then, when someone enters said region, it triggers a bunch of stuff. What I want to do, is make said region, random, so that, you don't go to the same region every time. There are two methods I know of, both of which, do not work. If (All...
  27. RiotZ

    Short Story Contest BLABLABLA

    It's really pretty depressing that no one on THW has proposed any new Short Story Contests, and the last one got bombed, because the judge dropped off the face of the Earth I guess? Honestly I think it's time to start them back up. Anyone have thoughts on this? Am I missing something; it's not...
  28. RiotZ

    [Spell] Building a Building With Another Building

    Casts Build Menu Chaos Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Build Menu (Chaos) Actions Set ResetAbility[(Player number of (Owner of (Triggering unit)))] = Build Menu (Chaos) Set HQ[(Player...
  29. RiotZ

    [Trigger] Weirdest MUI/GUI Glitch

    Casts Build Menu Chaos Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Build Menu (Chaos) Actions Set ResetAbility[(Player number of (Owner of (Triggering unit)))] = Build Menu (Chaos) Set HQ[(Player...
  30. RiotZ

    Missile Speed Won't Change

    Alright, I have a hero, he picks up items, which have channel as an ability, when he casts/uses the items/channel abilities, he is given an orb effect corresponding with the item/channel ability he used, orb effects have different missile art, missile speed, missile arc, and damage values, all...
  31. RiotZ

    [Solved] This doesn't work quite right

    The trigger below makes it so that once a gun is equipped, it cannot be unequipped, and if you try to equip a gun that isn't your currently equipped gun nothing happens... But here's how it works right now... When I equip a gun, the item becomes undroppable, but if I equip another gun while a...
  32. RiotZ

    [Defense / Survival] ▬▬▬ Black Winter ▬▬▬

    ▬▬▬ B l a c k W i n t e r ▬▬▬ Introduction Black Winter is a map project I've been working on for several years and through several totally reworked versions, finally to reach this point, a nearly finished map with some exceptionally nice features, one of which, no other maps have, a...
  33. RiotZ

    My Lighting Is All Blocky

    So I'm doing a zombie survival map. I removed the DNS completely, so there is 0 ambient lighting. The only lighting comes from flashlights, lamps, gunshots, fire etc... But it looks all blocky, like this... How to fix it?
  34. RiotZ

    Creep Attacks

    All I want to do is make a way for creeps to spawn, and chase down a random hero, owned by an active player, it won't work at all though, the way I'm doing. The creeps stop, and start moving, they don't move constantly... Even though there are no looping orders. I simply order them to attack...
  35. RiotZ

    Possible to Transfer Anims?

    Can someone transfer the animations from this mesh -> to this mesh -> Thanks in advance. I know transfers are a pain in the ass.
  36. RiotZ

    [Strategy / Risk] Northland - RPG RTS - Customizable Armies - High Quality Terrains

    OVERVIEW It had dawned on me a while back to have an rts map, where customizability would allow you to create an army in your image, one that could aspire to be whatever you desired it to be, a dps-dishing ranged extravaganza, or a heavily armored, bruising, assault force. So I began work...
  37. RiotZ

    [Trigger] Inefficient System Needs Pimped

    Weapon Events Unit - A unit Acquires an item Conditions Or - Any (Conditions) are true Conditions (Item-type of (Item being manipulated)) Equal to Woodcutter's Axe (Item-type of (Item being manipulated)) Equal to Witch...
  38. RiotZ

    Retarded AI Is Retarded

    I'm working on an altered melee kind of RTS, called Warhammer Reign of Terror, available for download in the map's section, and anyway, I've got 2 AIs, for 2 races in the map, problem is, the AIs don't really follow any of the build orders I gave them, let alone the attack orders... Primary...
  39. RiotZ

    [Trigger] Detecting Current Training of a Unit

    Reset Queue Events Unit - A unit Is issued an order with no target Conditions (Issued order) Not equal to (Order(stop)) ((Owner of (Triggering unit)) Food cap) Less than or equal to (((Owner of (Triggering unit)) Food used) + ((Point-value of...
  40. RiotZ

    Glitched Shield?

    This shield appears black at certain angles in game, and from direct view it looks perfectly normal. I imagine this has something to do with the texture blending. Let me know what was wrong with it if you figure it out, and post the working model here. Or I may be able to fix it myself if you...
  41. RiotZ

    Spellbreaker's Head

    Can someone grab the Spellbreaker's helmet for me, simple request but, I know you may have to fiddle with the polygons to get it to work right.
  42. RiotZ

    [Solved] Detecting Corpses

    How can I detect the type of corpse that I cast an ability on, and then summon the dead unit, just like raise dead, but for single targets.
  43. RiotZ

    [Trigger] Damage Detection Crash

    Anyone know why this crashes my game? Giantslayer Thing Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions (Level of Giantslayer for (Attacking unit)) Greater than 0 ((Triggering unit) is An Ancient) Equal to True Actions If (All Conditions are...
  44. RiotZ

    Easiest Way to MUI?

    What's the easiest, and/or most lightweight way to make a spell 100% MUI? Using GUI with custom snippet if necessary...
  45. RiotZ

    [Picture] WHROT04

  46. RiotZ

    [Trigger] Locust Units Bah

    Locust units don't seem to accept move orders, even after they've been changed with Chaos... So when a unit spawns in my group system, the leader wanders to the rally-point completely alone and the other squad members don't follow, any ideas on a fix. Train trigger. Group Train units...
  47. RiotZ

    Possible to slap a nice texture on 'ere?

    Could someone apply a texture to this, but make 2 separate versions, just something fancy, that will retain some team color, (so you can tell who's unit it is). On the texture I'd like to have something resembling this...
  48. RiotZ

    [(-2-)] World Editor Problems

    Okay, I've got two, minor problems, that are just moderately pissing me off. The first one is, my workers will not follow through with shift commands, you could shift command 3 structures, after placing 1, and they will just finish one of them, and the rest of the structures disappear from...
  49. RiotZ

    Palisade Corner

    I'm look for wall corners like the ones in this picture, without the flag of course. Preferably in game textures... Or if there is anything like this around link me. Thanks.
  50. RiotZ

    Hunted Down - [Looking for Help]

    I started terraining a competitively inclined survival map a few days ago, and I quickly realized I wasn't going to make this map on my own, so this thread is for recruitment purposes, I'll detail everything about the map, and what I'm looking for in team members. The background is, annually...