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    Honestly, I'm probably not back for long, but I like to drop by every once in a while and see...

    Honestly, I'm probably not back for long, but I like to drop by every once in a while and see what's going on. I'm doing some research into creativity these days, so I figured I would drop a line in Medihv's tower and see what kind of responses I got back. How are you doing? How are things here...
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    The Internet and the Ethic of Creation

    Does the internet stimulate or stifle creativity? Are modern digital media opportunities to innovate and share our ideas, or do we end up just rehashing and regurgitating the same hackneyed ideas over and over, passing them from one person to another? In my mind, the Internet is a great...
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    DD Universal Pack v5.1c

    With the one that shoots the frost orb (Frost Explosion?), the ice model remains even if are kill the units while they are frozen. This may have been your intention, but just wanted to let ya know. Good work on these though....
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    Hey bud. Welcome to Hive. You'll like it here...

    Hey bud. Welcome to Hive. You'll like it here...
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    Valley of Tears

    Revamped terrain (added doodads), added a new race (demon; check 'em out!), redid hotkeys, fixed a minor spelling error, and uploaded. Whew!
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for all the ideas!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for all the ideas!
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    Valley of Tears

    Thanks so much for the ideas. The random creep spawns are already in progress (that's what the northern pass and the waterways are for). The balancing system is a good idea, though I'll have to think of a way to do it without making a single player too powerful. The random missions are an...
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    Valley of Tears

    Thanks for all the input. I'll look over hotkeys and work on the other suggestions. I left the terrain kind of devoid of decoration for file size purposes, but I suppose a little bigger can't hurt much (esp. since it's only like 250 kb!). As for tiers, I'll probably be working on a demon tier...
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    Valley of Tears

    I dunno what happened with the AI. Looks like it was corrupted during protection or something. Re-imported the .ai and updated the map, though, and it seems to be working fine. Sorry about that. In regard to making it different, I tried to use elevation as a variance. I also made lots of...
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    Valley of Tears

    Yes I know what a hotkey is. I thought you were saying there was a single hotkey that was mis-labeled or not working (i.e. for a spell or something). Please elaborate on what you mean by "inproper hotkey," as to the best of my knowledge, all hotkeys are working and are easily used. Done. Once...
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    Valley of Tears

    Which hotkey? Additionally, as noted in the above description, this is single player (7 AI players) for moderation only. Upon approval or request, the full 8-player version will be made available. Thanks for the input!
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    Valley of Tears

    Thanks for the input! Spellweaver's Cloak fixed. There will be a lot of things to separate it from DoTA and other maps; this is just the preliminary version. I'm hoping to add a few weather effects, and there will be a bunch of random, periodic events that stimulate gameplay and provide for...
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    Valley of Tears (Map)

    A footmen-frenzy-type map wherein each player (8 total) takes control of a hilltop war camp to destroy oncoming enemy onslaughts. Base units spawn periodically, and heroes can be purchased to augment one's forces. -Teams of two players each -25 heroes, each with unique skill sets -Lots of...
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    Valley of Tears (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    [Trigger] Revive hero - Trigger

    Uhhh... I think this works. I'll have to test it... Unit - Order (YourBuilding) to Revive Hero (Triggering unit) EDIT: Works. Make sure, as noted below, that you allow adequate time for the altar to be able to revive. This order is under Unit - Issue order targeting a unit. Good luck!
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    [Trigger] Need Help about attaching and detaching attchment

    If I'm not mistaken, I think he's saying that the attachment granted by the item (as you suggested) disappears after having used metamorphosis.
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    Phoenix Trial #4 - Weapon and Armor Upgrade Sequences

    Haha don't think so... He said it was troll armor, so I would assume it's some kind of troll voodoo mask. Notice the eye and nose holes?
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    Hero-Reviving Trigger Help

    Events Unit - A unit Dies Conditions ((Dying unit) is A Hero) Equal to True Actions Wait 15.00 seconds Set Point = (YourDesiredLocation) Hero - Instantly revive (Triggering unit) at Point, Show revival graphics Custom script: call...
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    "Hate Crimes"

    For African-Americans, the word "nigger" carries with it the connotations of years and years of bondage at the hands of Whites. And in the dictionary, the definition, "a black person," is clearly preceded by a note that makes all-too clear the derogatory nature of the word. 1: usually...
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    [JASS] Get Built Unit

    I think it was just a miscommunication. No worries. You were right; no need to get worked up over it.
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    [Trigger] heyyy i need help

    I would think that the second if-then is superfluous. If you have only two teams, you might as well do this: Victory Events Unit - A unit Dies Conditions (Unit-type of (Triggering unit)) Equal to King Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then...
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    [Trigger] Need Help about attaching and detaching attchment

    I haven't done anything like this in a while, and I didn't have time to test (will later), but this is what I was kinda thinking in terms of actions. There are a couple of small quirks, like that it has the potential to rearrange your items if you have blank slots, but this could be averted if...
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    [Trigger] Need Help about attaching and detaching attchment

    Couldn't you store the item type prior to the metamorphosis, and then use that stored value to do as I said above? Maybe I'm just misunderstanding your intent, but it seems to me like that would work just fine...
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    [Trigger] Need Help about attaching and detaching attchment

    You could maybe try just using triggers to take away and then give right back the item after metamorphosis is done. I would think that that would accomplish the same thing as dropping and picking it back up...
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    [JASS] Get Built Unit

    You can use either of these to reference the unit. It is, as I suspected, still being constructed, even though it's build order is initiated by an ability... For this: Events Unit - A unit Begins construction Use 'Event Response - Constructing Structure' as the ref. This will let...
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    Victory if computer has no units left

    Right you are. Sorry about that.... Thanks for catching that. Corrected in trigger above.
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    Victory if computer has no units left

    I personally would go with something like this, as it is more customizable, and it doesn't have to be player-specific: Trigger Events Unit - A unit Dies Conditions Actions Set UnitGroup = (Units owned by (Owner of (Dying unit)) matching (((Matching unit) is alive)...
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    [Trigger] Perodic Spawning

    You'll want to use something like this to avoid leaks. This also allows your building's rally location to function normally, though it is optional: Events Time - Every 1.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Set UnitGroup = (Units in (Playable map area)...
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    Killing another person

    Perhaps, in light of the fact that this thread hasn't gotten very far in terms of meaningful discussion, we could steer it a different way. I propose that we claim absolute support for or absolute detestation of murder and then seek to justify, reasonably, our stance. That way it's at least...
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    Good to talk to you. Hopefully I'll c ya around!

    Good to talk to you. Hopefully I'll c ya around!
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    Capitalism or Communism

    Lol? Libertarianism basically IS laissez-faire economically, unless of course you are referring to left-libertarianism and egalitarian distribution of resources. And America's debt is not the result of laissez-faire economics, either, as we haven't really practiced them for like 200 years...
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Amazing work! I don't usually rep, but when you see something that...

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Amazing work! I don't usually rep, but when you see something that great, you have to rep!
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    As Global Warming Continues

    Regardless, that's not the matter. That was a small point that I was making to bring out a larger realization...
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    As Global Warming Continues

    I assumed people knew that. What many people don't know, however, is that it destroys atmospheric chemicals that aid in the break-down of other greenhouse gases, thus intensifying the problem... Don't forget the fact that man can do naught to stop the vengeance of the Earth.
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    Constitutional Laws?

    I think this is not a matter of should we: it's a matter of how. Two-hundred fifty years can bring about a lot of change, but the fact of the matter is that we would have no capacity to rewrite the Constitution if we wanted to preserve any semblance of order. The U.S. Constitution was written by...
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    As Global Warming Continues

    Personally, I tend toward the idea that global warming is a natural-occuring phenomena to which humans have done little to contribute. Obviously, our production of greenhouse gases, chloro-fluorocarbons, etc. has adverse effects, but it seems that the whole idea of those as a cause for global...
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    Capitalism or Communism

    Really, I'm for either, as long as they are in their pure forms. It seems that we have somewhat of a tainted view of both, though Communism seems to have departed most from it's true values. Communism and Capitalism are founded on two directly opposing principles: absolute denial of the self and...
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    Creating some basic abilities

    Ya pask, you may want to add something like this. If you want, I have an old but effective basic one of these. I'll post it, and you are welcome to use/modify it if you so wish... The Sanctity trigger is triggered by a warstomp-type ability. It basically picks all enemies within a defined...
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    [Trigger] problem with a spell

    I'm thinking it's probably something to do with this line. Can the illusions even register as having Passive MI? I was under the impression that illusions lost the abilities of the base unit. Maybe I'm wrong, b/c I haven't dealt with this stuff in a long time, but you might want to try checking...
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    Texturing Competition #9 Poll

    Just stoppin' by for a quick visit, but I couldn't resist commenting. As before, please take no offense at any statements made: I come off as really rude and abbrasive... I tend to agree to some extent with Sansui's criticisms, but nonetheless... Mr.Goblin: Fairly good technically, but I...
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    Replace leavers with Bot

    Ummm... already answered that....
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    Replace leavers with Bot

    Don't you have to have a computer player to run an AI script?
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    Replace leavers with Bot

    Hey guys, long time no see. My question could go under a number of different help areas, but in any case, I find myself unable to solve a problem: I've recently learned to make AIs, and while I have no problems with this, I can't figure out how to make a computer take over for a leaving...
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    I am ultimately and forever free, in every aspect imaginable. Granted, I face the consequences of my actions, but I am free to choose whatever path I prefer. People seem to think that because we have laws, etc. that we are bound by those laws. But really, laws only have power within our own...
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    Night Owl or Early Bird?

    I put switch, although my schedule is fairly set: Go to bed around 2:00 am, wake up for school at 4:30 am. Weekends I wake up at 6:30. Dunno how I function normally... ..then again, I guess spastic twitches aren't very normal.:grin:
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    I didn't take the time to read over much of the previous stuff, but it seems to me that he who says he has no fears is really he who has not found the strength to recognize those fears.
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    Ideal Economy?

    Au contraire... Everyone has unlimited freedom, but everyone also realizes what is best and therefore chooses to take that course of action. It is not that they are limited in their freedoms; they simply have an understanding that allows them to exercise that freedom in the most mutually...
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    Ideal Economy?

    Exactly. You see, everyone has to fully accept his/her role in society and be completely content with that role. Each person must recognize the importance of not just his/her own role, but also of the equally important roles of everyone else, from the rocket scientists to the poop scoopers...
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    Ideal Economy?

    The idea of true communism is that you don't have to hand them a belief, as everyone has risen to an equal plane of understanding. They each preceive things in the same way, and so there is no possiblity for dispute concerning religion, etc. The way of one is the way of all...
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    Ideal Economy?

    So, take the nation closer to a state of communism, right? I'm not implying that that is a bad thing, but really, the FDA and other such organizations are just communistic in origin. First we abhor, then we tolerate, then we embrace...