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    To the Bitter End

    I played this awhile ago and I must say, it is awesome.
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    Seth's Reign v3.4

    Excellent gameplay and designs.
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    The Essence of Magic

    Not bad.
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    Battle for Souls 5.5 Eng

    Not bad at all.
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    This map sounds epic. Gonna try it right away!
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    Shadows in the Night - WATB Demo 1

    Love this for the character sounds.
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    The Night Wish

  8. Voidheart by EspenG

    Voidheart by EspenG

  9. EspenG


    By EspenG
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    The Dawn of Battle AoS v2.42

    Awesome map.
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    Barbarian Uprising 1.0 Beta

    I like this.
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    JFA (Last Version)

    Great map 5/5
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    War Of The Kings 1.2

    It's not bad.
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    TFOD v.1.19c

    Terrains okay, so is items and skills. Played it solo on beginner and is fun so I give it a 3/5
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    Neutral Hostile Extreme v6.32

    So far, everything is good, except after I die, I need to pay to get revived. Can't you get a counter or sth for auto-revive based on your lvl? Sure I never run out of money but when I play alone,I can never get beyond the amount of 500 gold or so.
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    Naruto World Wars 3.1.0

    It's not bad but can you develope an AI system? Sometimes my friends are busy doing other things.
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    ZombieLand v.1.2C

    Rejection. This map doesn't even reach basic level.
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    Undead Assault II 2.0 beta 3

    Awesome game. Too bad the first time I played it, it was on single player. I got pwned when I went to get the villagers in the woods. T_T Anyways 5/5
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    Cataclysm AoS v1.17

    Great map. Give 5/5