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  1. Marcraft22

    Extended Hotkeys ( spacebar etc! )

    Has anyone managed to get this to work as of the current patch? I put the .slk file in the Units folder (W3 root folder) but the hotkey metadata is still a character, not a string :(
  2. Marcraft22

    Custom Music Lists

    @Tasyen I just want to point out that this tutorial no longer works as of version 1.32.3 Hope it can be fixed since it was really useful
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    I'm a bit late but thank you ^^

    I'm a bit late but thank you ^^
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    Patch 1.31 announced

    Will Lua integration mean the possibility to have a mouselook function like the one from the Starcraft 2 editor?
  5. Marcraft22

    Warcraft III - Patch 1.31 PTR

    Will we ever have a native mouselook function like the one from the Starcraft 2 editor?
  6. Marcraft22

    Looking for bnet Alpha testers (The Culling ARPG conversion)

    (EDIT: Already got them, this thread can be closed)
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  8. Marcraft22

    Patch 1.30.2 Update #2

    Will custom campaigns be uploaded in the cloud as well?
  9. Marcraft22

    [Feedback] Compiled List of 1.30 / 1.29 Bugs & Issues

    Hi TriggerHappy, I have saved the map with the version 1.30 (6061) and it keeps disconnecting. However, I've just tried the map on the PTR (also 1.30) and it works perfectly. All computers I'm using for testing use the same version of the game.
  10. Marcraft22

    [Feedback] Compiled List of 1.30 / 1.29 Bugs & Issues

    Good afternoon people, Today I tested my map in LAN but everytime joining players got the message You were disconnected, something that didn't happen in 1.29. So I tried to: deactivate all triggers and test again (failed, same message), play other custom maps (failed), play melee maps (failed)...
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    Warcraft 3 Legacy Installer (1.21b - 1.27a)

    I was about to ask the same. I've tried to rollback from v1.30 but the switcher doesn't even detect the game, so...
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    you're welcome ^^

    you're welcome ^^
  13. Marcraft22

    Warcraft 3 Legacy Installer (1.21b - 1.27a)

    Hi people, This year is being a very special one since Blizzard has shown renewed interest for the Warcraft 3 community, making up new game updates as well as giving continuous support for both the core game and the editor. Unfortunately, Blizzard does no longer distribute old versions of the...
  14. Marcraft22

    Warcraft III - Patch 1.30

    I'm overwhelmingly interested to know more about this. Are we finally getting a native mouselook function? Could someone elaborate please? EDIT: Somehow the loading screens have potato quality again, as in pre-1.29 game.
  15. Marcraft22

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Incredible work! Thanks!

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Incredible work! Thanks!
  16. Marcraft22

    Matrix Eater 3D Model Editor

    Hi Retera, I was in my finals so I couldn't answer before. Thank you very much for the result, it is exactly what I was looking for :D
  17. Marcraft22

    Simple Model Workshop

    Hi, Can someone transfer the footman animations to the marine model (without the default rifle weapon)? I've tried it with multiple tools but the result always display errors in the world editor. Thanks.
  18. Marcraft22

    Matrix Eater 3D Model Editor

    Hi people, It happens I need a marine-like model with the footman animations for my map, specially the 'defend' one. I've used the AnimTransfer app (with the default War3 marine model as base), the result looks great in the model editor but it doesn't work in the world editor, no matter what I...
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    Fresh concept, well executed and tiny file size. 10/10
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    What's your favorite game at the moment?

    Damn you Crusader Kings II, stop wasting my life!
  21. Marcraft22

    [Poll] What's the point of a contest?

    50% of both, gaming without fun is pointless in a stressed life (half-time job + career).
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    [OLD] What is your favorite song at the moment?

    Venom - The Evil One
  23. Marcraft22

    The Custom Game Night Primer! - Next Night: CANCELLED because 1.30 instability

    Made my submission for the tomorrow session, hope it gets approved :)
  24. Marcraft22

    [Capture the Flag] [Isometric Shooter] Parsec: Orcs vs Humans (Alpha Released)

    Parsec is a multiplayer class-based 10v10 capture-the-flag game which takes advantage of the last features introduced in the patch 1.29, like the native mouselook function (instead of the traditional point and click gameplay), in order to create an unseen isometric shooter experience where skill...
  25. Marcraft22

    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) Top quality explosion model.

    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) Top quality explosion model.
  26. Marcraft22

    Pandaren UI - Widescreen version

    Nope, they aren't. I've just tried it, but it seems that black bars are still engine-forced or something.
  27. Marcraft22

    Warcraft III - Patch 1.29 PTR

    Wow, I returned to Warcraft 3 modding/mapping two weeks ago and I find this, now that's a gift!! :D Does anybody know if Blizzard is planning to introduce a full mouselook function in the comming patches? Like the Starcraft 2 editor's one, it could be one of the biggest bombs ever dropped on...
  28. Marcraft22

    [Shooting / FPS] WH40K: Dark Millennium Battlegrounds

    Stay awhile and listen, a long long time ago back into the olden days of Hive (like 10 years or so) a user named xXx-Tricky-xXx surprised the whole community by releasing his renowned map Sharpshooter Online, a masterpiece of Warcraft III GUI triggering that literally converted the game...
  29. Marcraft22

    Porting WarCraft 3 models to StarCraft 2

    Hi people. Everytime I try to convert and import a model from another game: the editor crashes. I know some models are corrupted, bugged or may close the tool but in my case every model I try to import shuts down the editor. I even tried with some models which are known to work (like the...
  30. Marcraft22

    Quake Project [Model Request]

  31. Marcraft22

    100% Dark Night (Menu)

    Hi :) I'm making a suspense styled map and I'm using the call SetDayNightModels("","") script to make a deep dark atmosphere. The problem is when I access into the ingame menu all the screen gets revealed ruining the experience. Any solutions? Thanks.
  32. Marcraft22

    Quake Project [Model Request]

    Hi people. I'm making a project about the great universe of Quake (set on the second and fourth games era). By now I just need a model, I'll report other needs in the future. Of course everyone who helps me is going to have credits and +rep. The first challenge is that beauty: The...