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  1. zapper19

    Announcement: Gaias final 1.2C(9) release and future Map Expander releases

    tldr : i added this so that top tier players can have pretty items and a slight advantage
  2. zapper19

    Announcement: Gaias final 1.2C(9) release and future Map Expander releases

    ofcourse it is a understatement even if zwieb is wrong u still side with him but thats besides the point. oh so theres this good item and it only looks pretty oh but it is good? nah fuck you its just a littttttttttttttttttttle bit better.
  3. zapper19

    Announcement: Gaias final 1.2C(9) release and future Map Expander releases

    To say the least u and kam are siding with "him" or atleast defenending him. I have enjoyed WOW why? I keep playing mainly because of how happy I am when getting new gear and atleast the raid boss gear or whatever u call them arent shit. Also note that when I farm fb its the era where bag item...
  4. zapper19

    Announcement: Gaias final 1.2C(9) release and future Map Expander releases

    So there u go :) wasted my time and effort for a shitty ass wep. Its no surprised that bag...... I'm not going to continue with that. First rpg to have this kind of legendary wep to be bad. A rare item that only increases dps slightly and would not impact the speed of killing bosses. Wp zwieb...
  5. zapper19

    Announcement: Gaias final 1.2C(9) release and future Map Expander releases

    I'm only getting 1 extra hit using that skill plus the stats given by flamebringer is still the same or weaker than executioners axe. So i farm for this wep and this is the only benefit I get. Rofl great reward of farming for this shit wep
  6. zapper19

    Gaias Bots

    lel a bot named gaias-orpg-sea added me as friend must be someone trolling :)
  7. zapper19

    Announcement: Gaias final 1.2C(9) release and future Map Expander releases

    flamebringer still shit and its gonna stay that way
  8. zapper19


    illuminati konfirmed
  9. zapper19

    Gaias bot, please autostart with 3-4 players.

    u complaining bro? my timezone is GMT+8 and i dont even have players in the afternoon :)
  10. zapper19

    [Suggestion] Decrease the levelling speed

    how long exactly?
  11. zapper19

    Why i quited

  12. zapper19

    Why i quited

    i was simply asking who are u lol.. Anyway farming for bags aint worth it. Even a legendary item is worse than a item that is store bought.
  13. zapper19

    Why i quited

    lel i dont even know u...? or do i.
  14. zapper19

    Why i quited

    lel u are not the only one who "quit"
  15. zapper19

    An ORPG Player's Guide to the Universe of Maps

    damm @Arcisal im waiting for you to review forlorn rpg! I dont know whether its good or not
  16. zapper19

    Top 10 RPG Maps Ever

    u didnt check my player profile on lunaghost?
  17. zapper19

    Top 10 RPG Maps Ever

    meh i kinda 50/50 agree with u cuz i dont play that anymore.
  18. zapper19

    Drop List - Whitepine Mountains

    wheres dat fb buff?
  19. zapper19

    Release of 1.2C(5) - The Secret of Blackfire Deep

    pls give zerks 2h weps, its just make zerks like crusaders..... in the blackfire deep dung.
  20. zapper19

    How to hire more mercenary?

    damm zwieb should allow 4 mercs when theres 6 players , would not be op at all =)
  21. zapper19

    Help with Psion

    1. Troll zerk for party OR melee skeleton for solo. 2. Its obvious to pick psions talent except for the one talent that decides which spell u can absorb 3. I prefer copying mend(healing) , tank? and crippling curse for damage (frost cage for zharo)
  22. zapper19

    Monster Master RPG

    Drizzt u play this also?
  23. zapper19

    Whitepine Crafting Bag system issues

    lEl meh why do i kare im already out of this g _ _ e
  24. zapper19


    Agreed , the ability cant even 1shot a lvl 6 bandit. I also think the store bought axe looks better.
  25. zapper19

    roll button on gravestone

    ^ 1 word , selffish
  26. zapper19

    1.2C drop list

    Can u tell me the stats of hopebringer?
  27. zapper19

    1.2C drop list

    Then where is hope bringer ? I could not find it when i was farming yeti, zharo and seer in single player.
  28. zapper19

    Ideas for skills!

    Don't get me wrong but are u saying hunter is more like a support class? If that's the idea then i have nothing to say.
  29. zapper19

    Ideas for skills!

    Hunter DPS buff She does not need more dps huh , the dps is so laughable and furthermore not even test bosses and foothill bosses are even begging for hunters need to be there. I mean like if u see all the bosses , all the adds (like BM and garg adds) are easily killed by sin , bish(with aoe...
  30. zapper19

    Ideas for skills!

    what we need is a MASSIVE AP buff for hunter. Removing feline reflexes is HUGE dps debuff imo.
  31. zapper19

    Turtle Mount Fan Club

    lol dgd the best colour is PINK. pink is always the best colour
  32. zapper19

    The road to 1.2C

    100% good stats? Do u mean that every time i get a red soul i would get good stats or atleast they compliment with each other?
  33. zapper19

    The road to 1.2C

    . Again it kinda depends , its either u want to waste a tonne of time farming rock hard polished made of diamond with plated enhanced rock armor boss with a good soul drop compared to farming a boss with fish gear and be sliced thru easily but has a chance of a bad soul. I would take the boss...
  34. zapper19

    The road to 1.2C

    still be grinding the same bosses
  35. zapper19

    Old Account

    . You might have time but i do not ) it is better hanging out with my friends than playing gaias/other games )
  36. zapper19

    Old Account

    Time is golden. wasting 1 second is like throwing a dollar away.
  37. zapper19

    How u know? (reap)

    How u know? (reap)
  38. zapper19

    2° Job Skills

    Btw ty for the feline or flame arrows change. I really like that i cannot pick feline ^^.
  39. zapper19

    Updating Playgroup List

    im noob I only have 5 level 50s" with no items, does that count?
  40. zapper19

    1.2b(14) bugs

    serpent staff recipe gives you a bottle of whine? well when i tried to replicate that serpent staff bug into bottle of whine , didnt work. I only wanted to know how to do it. Instead i got a balanced longword.
  41. zapper19

    Gaias Retaliation ORPG v1.2D(5)

    Gg rip my red items from d3 Well GG all my red items are riep . have to get them again:(((((((((((((((((((((
  42. zapper19

    Gaias Retaliation ORPG v1.2D(5)

    OK so maybe i didnt explain what "timezone luck" properly. What i meant by "timezone luck" was that players played after 7PM in my time (GMT +8) and i could only play from 2-7PM . What i mean by timezone luck was that people from other countries could play at their preferred time where there are...
  43. zapper19

    Gaias Retaliation ORPG v1.2D(5)

    It really sucks to not find any games when my time is GMT +08 and i only play from 2pm to 5pm (sometimes till 7pm) . It also really sucks to have a new players and have the time zone to play with other people , having to get all their characters to 50 faster than someone who played longer than...
  44. zapper19

    Is euarchangel a admin for gaiasbots?

    Is euarchangel a admin for gaiasbots?
  45. zapper19

    Gaias Retaliation ORPG v1.2D(5)

    I was hyped by this map reviews but when i downloaded it and play .Warcraft 3 just became unresponsive in the loading screen and i had to manually use the task manager to end it. I did not encounter this problem before with other maps . Anyone can help me with this problem?