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    Hunter's Magic Arrow

    The tooltip sais "For every target drained, the caster replenishes 4 Mana." Which means, if there are 2 mobs with mana (for example the 2 Gnoll Mages at the trading route) it should replenish 8 Mana, correct? But it replenishes only 4 Mana if u hit both targets. If I'm totally wrong in...
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    Pic sais more than 1000 words...
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    Hey there

    Hello, I am Lipton, maybe some of you know the godly Ice Tea which tastes even better in this hot summer =) I really enjoy to play the WC3 map Gaias Retaliation. The reason for my registration here is to find groups to solve that map which is only possible with good teamwork. Also this is...
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    Question about the sword Phoenix

    Hey guys, my Berserker found that sword "Phoenix" in d3 and i'd like to know what exactly it's effect is. What does that short information mean: Fire dmg: 7, 85% / 145, 4% I noticed there are some kind of meteors raining from sky, maybe that helps. Thx in advance for your answers =)