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  1. The_Holy_Raider

    Autocast Spell does not activate trigger

    I don't need the spell to be MUI, only one Hero has this ability. As for the trigger tags I don't understand how to do that :S And I would like to know... If anyone could explain I'd be grateful (trigger (here paste triggers) /trigger. Keywords 'trigger' has to be between [] like: , I tried but...
  2. The_Holy_Raider


    great pack, very nice and detailed, looks very blizzard-ish :P great job!
  3. The_Holy_Raider

    Autocast Spell does not activate trigger

    Okay, thanks, I'll try it out and see how it goes.
  4. The_Holy_Raider

    Base Armor Increase Ability

    Ugh. Silly me, that was too simple. Thanks a lot dude :)
  5. The_Holy_Raider

    Base Armor Increase Ability

    Okay what I did was: unit learns ability, ability equal to X, create dummy that has can research Y, order it to research it. Is there a better way to do it? It might sound stupid, but it annoys me that the minimum research time can be 0 but actually takes one second... as a result a second has...
  6. The_Holy_Raider

    Autocast Spell does not activate trigger

    Hey thanks, I'll try it out soon enough. But couldn't I also try something like: Event: Unit - Issue order with no target Conditons: (Issued order) Equal to (flamingarrows) Actions: Set Dude=TriggeringUnit Turn on [trigger2] And in trigger2 (which would be initially off): Events: Unit is...
  7. The_Holy_Raider

    Base Armor Increase Ability

    Wow... that's a lot of... Jass :D But either way, the bonus armor is applied as a +X. I'll try Kino's idea now.
  8. The_Holy_Raider

    Base Armor Increase Ability

    Okay, this should be simple. I'd like to create a passive ability that increases your armor. Kinda like devotion aura, but on a single unit. Problem is, I don't want the armor to be bonus. I want the extra armor to be given to the unit's base armor. Which means, if the ability gives 2 armor and...
  9. The_Holy_Raider

    Autocast Spell does not activate trigger

    Hi, I'm making a spell based on searing arrows that deals bonus magical damage equal to the caster's strenght at the target when activated. For this I simply used: Event: Unit Starts the Effect of an Ability Condition: Ability equal to Searing Arrows Actions: Set -Caster- = Triggering unit...
  10. The_Holy_Raider

    [Spell] Spells Activated by Movement

    Eeh, haven't gotten into JASS yet. Thanks though... guess I'm looking forward to that GUI-friendly thingy now.
  11. The_Holy_Raider

    [Spell] Spells Activated by Movement

    Okay, so what I'm trying to do is create a couple of passive abilities with an effect that is only active while moving. For example, one of the spells I'm trying to create is an Evasion that only works while you're moving. That means whenever you move, there is a chance for your opponents to...
  12. The_Holy_Raider

    [Spell] Add attribute to damage

    What if before placing Cause damage I added a Wait for X seconds, with X being equal to the attack animation time of the unit?
  13. The_Holy_Raider

    [Spell] Add attribute to damage

    Thanks to everyone for answering. What I think I'll do afterall, will be a variation of Elite Slayer's suggestion: make a trigger that whenever a unit starts the effect of my ability, add an ability to it with it's level equal to the casting unit strenght. I'm not sure this will work, but if I...
  14. The_Holy_Raider

    [Spell] Add attribute to damage

    First of all I would like to thank utha for his comment, but unfortunately what I was thinking of was different... I don't want the spell to cause damage in an area or a target with the damage derriving from the attribute value... instead what I meant was to add bonus damage to that unit by that...
  15. The_Holy_Raider

    [Spell] Add attribute to damage

    This should be simple... but I'm not quite sure how to do it since I haven't started tweaking with attribute-triggering-stuff yet. I want to create a spell that adds one of your attributes to your damage for a specific period of time. For example, when the unit starts the effect of the...
  16. The_Holy_Raider


    Amazing icon. Fits the model perfectly. Love those blue eyes :D 5/5!
  17. The_Holy_Raider


    The shield is a bit blurry and could use some more details. Apart from that it's an AWESOME skin. 5/5 ofc and best captain skin I've ever seen.
  18. The_Holy_Raider


    5/5, best skeleton skin I've ever seen.
  19. The_Holy_Raider


    5/5 with no hesitation at all! Amazing skin! GJ! :)
  20. The_Holy_Raider


    Very original! GJ! :) 5/5
  21. The_Holy_Raider


    I'll give it a 4/5. Sure it's not Blizzard-ish, but it has some pretty nice orginality and detail in it; best one of your "berserker's [item]", imo.
  22. The_Holy_Raider


    This is TOO awesome. 5/5.
  23. The_Holy_Raider


    Pretty cool, 3.5/5 :)
  24. The_Holy_Raider


    Very nice shield, 4/5 :)
  25. The_Holy_Raider


    Love it! Best one of your shields, imo. :D 5/5!
  26. The_Holy_Raider


    Ehhh pretty cool in general but I'm not really into those eyes.
  27. The_Holy_Raider


    Pretty cool. 8/10, imo.
  28. The_Holy_Raider


    Just amazing. 5/5, hands down.
  29. The_Holy_Raider


    Very nice and very useful. Will definately use it in my map. :) I'll give it a 4/5 though, since it's not that original and creative.
  30. The_Holy_Raider

    Berserker's Call (Taunt)

    I wish to create a spell (similar to Berserker's Call from DotA) which when casted, forces units in a specific area of effect to be forced to attack the spell caster for a specific duration. I thought creating it would be just some small modifications of Taunt, but turns out it ain't that...
  31. The_Holy_Raider

    Active Feedback

    I want to make an autocast ability (e.g. using Searing Arrows as a start) that burns enemy mana with each attack. So when activated, in addition to the normal hit damage, burns away a portion of enemy mana. I want that portion to be equal to a % of the damage dealt by attacking. The ammount...
  32. The_Holy_Raider

    Help me create these abilities!

    First of all, I would like to thank anyone for even paying attention to my post, and not simply ignore it. Secondly, I would like to reply to Mallaboro. I will agree with you 100%, and please, believe me, I am trying to take the time to learn all these things; truth is, I've been using the...
  33. The_Holy_Raider

    Help me create these abilities!

    Hey, I'm need of some help here. I'm trying to create two custom abilities for my game and I need some help with them. The first spell is called Bloodbath. I need someone to create it for me. It's pretty simple: Gives your attacks a 5x(level of ability)% chance to score a 100% lifesteal hit...