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  1. lachferagh

    Help with Transferring Hero to next map (Campaign)

    Hi, I've already read about Game Caches and I've tried applying it but I might have done something wrong in the process. Basically I'm trying to create a campaign and I want the Hero stats/items to be carried forward to the next map. Problem is it's obviously not triggering and I don't know what...
  2. lachferagh

    Attack waves like campaign?

    Hi guys, So what I'm planning to do is set up attack waves on the player by the AI. The problem is that it isn't from an AI base but just from an enemy barracks, so I'm just wondering if this would still work through an AI editor? Will they operate when they only have a barracks (and a couple of...
  3. lachferagh

    [General] Removing building certain buildings/units?

    Hi all, You know how in warcraft campaign, in the first few missions, the worker unit won't have access to all the buildings and the barracks will only be able to train just the first tier unit? How do we go about doing that? Or am I supposed to just create a worker unit that has access to...
  4. lachferagh

    [General] Not sure what I pressed but my Object Editor fields changed

    As you can see, all my fields have become numerical and I'm not sure how to return them to normal
  5. lachferagh

    [Spell] Help with Level 6 spell

    So what I'm looking for is the hero unit to jump forward a short distance and land on the ground, dealing AoE damage and stunning. So sort of like a war stomp, just that he jumps and crashes downwards. How would I go setting up the triggers?
  6. lachferagh

    [Spell] Help with triggers for spell?

    I'll start with the complicated one first: I wish to try and implement a chain lightning that stuns. Gamewise, the Hero is supposed to throw the shield that bounces through targets, stunning each unit hit. So either basing it on Chain Lightning that can stun or basing it on Storm Bolt that...
  7. lachferagh

    [Spell] How do I do this ability? [SOLVED]

    My concept is a passive ability where everytime he is attacked, he gains 1 Strength for 5 seconds. So like a warrior - the more people attacking him, the more strength he gets. So I want him to get this skill when he learns the spell: in this case as a test, its the devotion aura. But it's not...
  8. lachferagh

    [Spell] Abilities with triggers

    Hi all, After fiddling around with custom abilities, I thought I'd like to try making abilities through the triggers. For my first idea, I'd like to try create the Defend ability but instead of just reducing damage from piercing attack, I'd like to make the user take reduced damage from all...
  9. lachferagh

    Help with restoring Hero in next map?

    Can you guys help me see what I'm doing wrong? I'm basically trying to create a campaign, but the problem lies for me in trying to carry the hero from the first map to the next. I've loaded other people campaign to see how they do it, and I feel like I have done it correctly but I still can't...
  10. lachferagh

    Chapter Two not restoring Hero

    Hi guys, I'm currently creating a campaign and I've already the first map and started on the second map. But I just wanted to make sure I was doing it right in restoring the Hero from the first map into the second map. However it's not showing up. I'll post my triggers in hopes you guys can spot...
  11. lachferagh

    Disable builds and upgrade

    Currently working on a campaign and was wondering: how do you disable the worker from not being able to build certain buildings? From example, in the original RoC campaign, peasants in the 2nd mission can only build 1st tier buildings like barracks, farms etc but unable to build Arcane sanctum...
  12. lachferagh

    Units to disappear during cinematics

    You know how in the warcraft campaign, when Arthas or other characters move into cinematics, only Arthas will be available even though we have some footmen following him? I'm trying to imitate that so I wanna know what are the triggers to have the soldiers following a player disappear, and when...
  13. lachferagh

    [General] Creating a custom campaign

    I recently played the custom campaign, the "Legends of Arkain" following the Human, Undead and Orc campaign by Shar Dundred and I've been inspired to create my own. Problem is, when I open his campaign and view his maps to see what he has done, there are lots of things I don't know. Basically...