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    what is this? (windows os Q) (screenshot included)

    Ok, well, Windows XP, lemme see..... I don't remember that OS having that ability, but Windows 7 has a Snap ability, which when you drag-and-drop a window to the side/top/bottom of the screen, it will become half of the screen. I wonder if you can configure this to do it so that it will only...
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    what is this? (windows os Q) (screenshot included)

    Ah, is that Windows 98? Or... what? xD (sorry, by the look of the windows, it looks a little out-dated :P)
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    My Campaign!

    Ok everyone, I am making a WCIII campaign, which is based off the video-game that I will be making when I have professional knowledge of programming and design. It will be called THE BATTLE OF THE FRINGE. Like the name? Oh, who cares, here's what it is about. We have seven main GOOD...
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    Item models dun work :(

    @feistaghelm: IT WORKED! xD ty for all your guys help.
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    I need Custom campaign help

    I based it on Troll Headhunter--- Troll berserker upgrade
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    Item models dun work :(

    It's even harder when that was a spell, not a weapon :P And, it didnt work
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    I need Custom campaign help

    Oh no errors, just a lack of knowledge. But thank you for your insight
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    I need Custom campaign help

    Ok, so when I create custom units for my custom campaign, it says that they are not in use, and therefore they are unable to be used in game? Any ideas what's going on here? Also, how do I create a trigger so that the enemies will attack a certain place, after a certain objective. Help...
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    Item models dun work :(

    Yes, but how do I do that? What do I alter in the object editor?
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    The Lich King

    Great work bro! Will work well in my map, thank you. +rep
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    Item models dun work :(

    Ok, when I go to apply my item models, it will only show up as the model, and no body of the person I want the item on :( help please?
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    Great work! 5/5 +rep
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    Chaos Marauder

    This is a great model! Will do great for my maps/ campaigns! Thanks Dion! 5/5
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    Could you provide an icon?