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  1. TheJP3372

    Zombie Assault Force v1.03

    This map is great! IT is almost Finishable in singleplayer except for when The City or army base gets destroyed a Giant Zombie Comes and kills me o_0
  2. TheJP3372

    Combat Zone 3.7

    nice map :D its fun to watch people get bombed by Ai XD
  3. TheJP3372

    Looking for zombie maps!

    how about zombie assault force? The map is loaded with custom things like realisitic terrain, reloadable guns, Custom models (for buildings guns etc) Drivable vehicles and physics and much more. (i forget) Heres the link if you want it...
  4. TheJP3372

    Final Frenzy

    not for the faint hearted :D
  5. TheJP3372

    Zombie Assault Force v1.03

    WoW, this maps doodads make me feel like i am playing a real horor game! *claps*
  6. TheJP3372

    WoW RISK Pandaria .3beta

    epic map *drools*
  7. TheJP3372

    W40k weapons

    Konstrukt marines?
  8. TheJP3372

    Combat Zone 3.7

    this map is EPIC but for some reason, there is no ground AI. Is this a glitch or is there no ground AI?
  9. TheJP3372

    Space Orc Tribe Wars v(8)

    i think activating too many AI's cause it to crash.
  10. TheJP3372

    First Person Camera Demo

    then i guess the only way to get it of is REJECTION which will come soon
  11. TheJP3372

    First Person Camera Demo

    how do i delete? :0
  12. TheJP3372

    The Real WarIII TFT v. 0.1

    maps like that, even though it does not look much, it takes time to make abilities and custom units, i made a map like that but the triggers sudently had a RED X on it for some reason.
  13. TheJP3372

    Tree Tag (ralle) v1.02d

    well, from all tree tag maps i played which is alot. Maybe if theres a ai version that will stand out because that will be the first. I mean there is kodo tag vs vampirism ai so why not tree tag?
  14. TheJP3372

    First Person Camera Demo (Map)

    FIRST PERSON CAMERA DEMO This map is a demonstration of a 1st person camera view system. The map is made purely for showing how the system works. You may feel free to use the maps first person camera system but just put me in the credits. As for the rest of the description the...
  15. T

    First Person Camera Demo (Warcraft 3 Map)

  16. TheJP3372

    Azeroth Wars LR 1.67b

    the zombies are apearing after every unit you spawn! its impossible to win as elves!
  17. TheJP3372

    Gnoll Race Pack

    you don't 'put' the race. You import them then create a new unit in object editor
  18. TheJP3372

    Castle Stairs

    but do people even notice? People don't notice things often.
  19. TheJP3372

    Medieval Buildings: The complete collection.

    yay! love the age of empire-ish theme
  20. TheJP3372

    Left4Dead Versus 0.95e

    a boy Zoey? :0
  21. TheJP3372

    Death Front v1.2

    Hi! i have tried your map and it was pretty fun. But you could die easily. So when i tried it with a friend we still ended up dying. So my suggestion is, maybe if possible, add a AI? To even the odds incase theres only 2 people playing?
  22. TheJP3372

    my CPU opponents just stand there? check again cause they move and fight

    my CPU opponents just stand there? check again cause they move and fight
  23. TheJP3372

    Warcraft Lands

    you buy a ship from a goblin shipyard?
  24. TheJP3372


    you just got me 1 step closer to my starcraft melee! 5/5 dude! :D
  25. TheJP3372

    W40k weapons

    this'll be extra awsome for a war map were marines hold different guns!
  26. TheJP3372

    War3 Model Editor

    yeah now i can view models FULL SIZE! :)
  27. TheJP3372

    Super Smash Bros. Battlefield 1.13

    how much time did you acctually spent on this map becasue some of the names arent changed lik link is named "default string"
  28. TheJP3372

    Warcraft Lands

    if this map is succesful i might try to add extra races
  29. TheJP3372

    The World of Warcraft - The Alliance

    well this whole thing is going to the bin. I just cant get ideas....
  30. TheJP3372

    Warcraft Lands

    please post any suggestions to me so i can improve this map to its full potential. Also i am a newbie and don't know how to add screenshots and videos.
  31. TheJP3372

    Warcraft Lands (Map)

    Wow. My 3rd map. It might not end up like the other 2. I hope this is 10x more thrilling and balanced than the other 2. It is a melee map and ENJOY! ~Story~ Legends has it that once, there was a great war and nations were sperated from there homelands. In a unknown envoiroment with nothing...
  32. T

    Warcraft Lands (Warcraft 3 Map)

  33. T

    The World of Warcraft - The Alliance (Warcraft 3 Map)

  34. TheJP3372

    The World of Warcraft - The Alliance (Map)

    This is a RPG map. Its is based on the Alience from WoW. This map has customizable weapons and armour for more fun gameplay. This map content and triggers are free to use, but just put my name on it please. My buddy Nelson (i can only put his first name) also helped me make the map and some...
  35. TheJP3372

    Original Pokemon

    wow, a new map and already a few downloads. unlike mine 0
  36. TheJP3372

    Vampirism Meltdown v1.8.6m

    this has AI?
  37. TheJP3372

    Gear Wars

    that reminds me of this map i scraped
  38. My Maps

    My Maps
  39. TheJP3372

    1st person view Melee Map

    this map is still early and is my 1st map so dont hate me if it sucks (which it wont)
  40. T

    1st person view Melee Map (Warcraft 3 Map)

  41. TheJP3372

    1st person view Melee Map (Map)

    This map is simply a Melee map that is modded so that you can View 1st Person to experience a life of a soilder. Its a melee so you can build and etc but the 1ST person is what gives it taste. It also has AI for melee games. Gameplay: -able to switch between 3rd and 1st person view -AI...