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  1. MaraBackman


    I'll use this as an alternative (and better) furbolg-model :D
  2. MaraBackman

    Human Gladiator

    Reminds me of one of the characters in Soul Calibur2
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    This would be perfect as a wall-ornament in the temple of some evil cult
  4. MaraBackman


    That's really cool. Looks a bit like a beafier version of the HEs seen in WoW
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    These guys have for a long time been my favourite Star Wars-aliens. Very good job, especially the texture round the eyes
  6. MaraBackman


    not as shamans but as spearmen
  7. MaraBackman


    This is perfect for maps where you play with Old Horde- orcs (either before they allied with trolls or after they split from Thrall's group).
  8. MaraBackman


    Finally a one-headed ogre without the horn. This'll make it easier for people to make Warhammer-themed maps
  9. MaraBackman


    DB has never been my thing but the model itself is very promising and offers many re-skinning possibilities, so good job
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    K, sorry. Looks good
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    This is probably a stupid question but, what have you edited on it? Is it the exact same thing you uploaded before or has it anything new?
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    I'd gladly see this skin on a grunt
  13. MaraBackman


    I love the skin but I'd prefer him with 2 arms
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    Could be used as a Deva in a D&D-map
  15. MaraBackman


    I really like the face :D
  16. MaraBackman


    Ooooh yeah! The felguard model has always had potential to be used as an orc hero and with these much-needed changes it looks mah-vellous!
  17. MaraBackman


    Cool idea. Blizz really should have made something similiar
  18. MaraBackman


    These Valkyrie-like models of yours are really cool
  19. MaraBackman


    nasty :twisted:
  20. MaraBackman


    Hot damn! The model-makers here are getting more and more talented
  21. MaraBackman


    That's really cool. Since I know nothing of the anime it's from I'll re-skin it probably as an orc or something else for a map I'm working on.
  22. MaraBackman


    I've always thought of furbolgs as druidic, mainly because of the visuals. It's usually feathers & beads = druids and hides & fangs/claws = shamans. There was also a rather convincing article at on why a tribe of Ogres might be the next race.
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    Perfect! He looks like all the clichés about evil maniacs were put into one guy
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    "Draenei: I have written entire topics just on this. They have no connections with the Alliance other than "LOLZ, WE H8 ORCZ". They're shamanistic, quite the opposite of the Alliance's lifestyle. They are mostly on Draenor, which isn't open yet and will be opened in the expansion. The few who...
  25. MaraBackman

    WoW / Warcraft3 model hybrids

    I know the title sounds like a bad 50s horror flick, but what I'm requesting is just that: models with mixed parts from both WoW and War3. I know it sounds like a lot of unnecessary work, but I think this is a bit better than just using imported WoW-models with many useless anims plus they take...
  26. MaraBackman

    Removed unit-models

    Some of the old models that never made it to the finished version of Warcraft3 were very cool. The old warlord model's various incarnations looked brutal and fitting of the Old Horde and the DoT's old form was delightfully sinister. It'd be very much appreciated, not just by me but by many...
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    Cool, thanks. I'll try it.
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    I've been wondering if it's possible to add video clips with the world editor to the opening of a campaign, like with the main campaign-cinematics? It'd be really sweet to put proper cinematics to the beginning and ending of a campaign. So, does anybody know if it can be done, and if so how?
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    Man, prehistoric animals were so cool...
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    Looks a bit like Ookla the Mok :lol: . Cool
  31. MaraBackman

    GoblinBuilder by Burning_Dragoon

    Wow, this is just what I needed for a project!
  32. MaraBackman

    Suggestions asked for a WH40K campaign

    After some thought I've decided to forget about the campaign and focus instead on 1 or 2 free-standing maps just to see how it would work. Rather foolhardy of me to think about creating an entire campaign :roll:
  33. MaraBackman

    B & W

    There are a lot of monsters that could by simple re-skinning be transformed into the creatures seen in B&W. A gnoll could easily be used as the Wolf by alphaing out the weapons and by otherwise making it more canine in appearance.
  34. MaraBackman

    Suggestions asked for a WH40K campaign

    Wow, this is serious. Thanks for letting me know. I'll make sure nobody mistakes this for the genuine stuff. I only intend to put things in the campaign that fit within all the established rules and background, but as for the appearence of certain units I need to make small adjustments (i.e I'll...
  35. MaraBackman

    Suggestions asked for a WH40K campaign

    Mainly the first option but also a bit of the second. Obviously, I can't make everything like it is in the miniature game so you can expect some changes amongst especially Tyranids and Orks. The story is divided into several small or medium sized maps that each give a small clue to what is...
  36. MaraBackman

    Suggestions asked for a WH40K campaign

    That's a generous offer. Thank you. I've thought of making both, actually. Right now I'll try 40K because I feel inspired by all the new stuff GW has produced recently. Cool skins btw.
  37. MaraBackman

    Suggestions asked for a WH40K campaign

    Let me clarify: I have never played Dawn of War and besides screenshots I have no idea what the damn game is like. I'm making a campaign set in WH40K-universe, taking bits and pieces of the story elements and simplifying many aspects of it. Converting the table top rules suitable for Warcraft is...
  38. MaraBackman

    Suggestions asked for a WH40K campaign

    To Sansui: I'm not buying the game, because I have no interest in it. Plus, what is wrong with making a tribute to someone else's ideas? It's a rip-off only if I use their stuff and claim it was my own idea. To Mechanical Man: I've thought about that, but I prefer the music in Warcraft II.
  39. MaraBackman

    Suggestions asked for a WH40K campaign

    Good point, but it's still in the planning stage, so I'm experimenting with various ideas. When I've made significant progress I'll post some screenshots for you. That might take some time because my dayjob is rather exhausting and time-consuming.
  40. MaraBackman

    Suggestions asked for a WH40K campaign

    Har, har. Tongue-in-cheek comments are also welcome. But seriously, what about music suggestions or anything else? I've half-heartedly thought about using music from Warcraft II and Conan the Barbarian. Any wails of protest?
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    Suggestions asked for a WH40K campaign

    I'm working on a small campaign set in the WH40K universe and I'd like to get some suggestions if you have any. First of all, it's not going to be "the full Warhammer 40,000-experience" or anything like that; I'm merely using anything that even remotely resembles the stuff Games Workshop has...
  42. MaraBackman

    Some requests for a Warhammer 40K project

    I'm making a small campaign set in the WH40K-universe (though more warcraft in style) and I'd need the following models: -a raider on a motorbike (like the ones in the warcraft racing map) with the same attack animations as the original -for a Chaos Marine I'd suggest both a War Golem and a...
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    I'll reskin it and probably use it as a dwarf priest. It reminds me especially of a Dark Iron dwarf.
  44. MaraBackman

    Ghoul master

    really creepy... 4/5
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    Strangely enough, this reminds me of the Gummi Bears :lol: . 5/5
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    Holy Mary mother of Jesus! That's really, really creepy! Wish I could give more than 5/5
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    I'll be surprised if anyone (even Wormskull) complains about this
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    Since it's almost completely freehand you can't say anything bad about it
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    I agree with Pins