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    Tome of Mana?

    Hi there, i have been searching the forums a lot for this, and i also have been trying out stuff for ever. But without results. All i want is to add simple tomes of mana to my map which works exactly as tome of health, but instead it should gain my heroes max mana instead of max health...
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    Floating Text Critical Strike

    Is there anyway to disable showing this perhaps? Since i use my own damage detection triggers, this makes it look all messy. If there is any manner to disable it.. let me know plz :mwahaha: Thanks in advance!
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    Problem with Custom Item Table. Plz Help!

    Hey there! I have been working on my own rpg game for quite some time now. I really enjoy working on it, but i stumbled into this lame problem. I added many custom items into my map. Currently got 56 custom items. But for some reason whenever i try to add a new one now, and i want to...